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what you don't know can hurt you:
email marketing

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Mr. Nolan: My name is Michael Nolan of There was a question before about HTML versus plain text email. Do you know of any sources that tracks that kind of information, such as how many people use Eudora, how many people use email signatures, etc.?

Ms. Resnick: I'm not sure if there is any one source that has all the information, but I would check out Jupiter Communications ( and Forester Research (

Mr. Arnowitz: Before we take the last question, we have Diane Strahan, Vice President of Marketing at Career Builder, with our final case study.

case study 3:

Ms. Strahan: I'm going to talk to you about a success story we've had using push email technology that has enabled us to develop a very proactive and long-term relationship with our customer base. CareerBuilder matches employers and job seekers online. We wanted to develop a product that would serve both as a communications method, allowing us to constantly engage the job seeker in the search process, and simultaneously increase candidate flow to the employers that are posting jobs to us.

What did we do? We enabled the job seeker to come to our site and fill out a very quick "dream profile." We collect very few elements of information from them-their email so we can communicate to them, what kind of job they want, where they want to live and the approximate salary range. The seeker receives job notifications sent to their PC via email from a personal search agent with technology we developed in house. It gets the people engaged, allows us to be proactive and gets them involved every single day in the job search process. Many of us are passive job seekers. We're okay in our jobs, so we're not going to go to a career site every day to look for a new one. And for those who can't have plastered up on their screen when the boss is walking by, it offers more confidentiality and other customization features that are built in through email technology.

Basically, it enables us to continually serve up a value proposition which the job seeker told us she wanted, in a way she wanted to view it and only what she wanted to see. You answer three to five questions, click to submit it, and the next day you're receiving personal search agent information. It's also very easy to unsubscribe, with every single email we send out offering directions at the top. We send about 15 million of these a month.

We also are involved in sending out newsletters. This week we started putting out an HTML version, so we're excited about Lisa's experience at National Geographic. My advice: Keep it personalized. Enable your candidate or your customer to put in and receive exactly what they want because that's the value proposition to keep the engaging relationship that you want. Target your offer and target your creative work.

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the audience & guests: questions, answers & case studies continued...

Mr. Arnowitz: Diane, thanks so much. You bring up some great points. We have heard a lot of terms tossed around today. To help with that, we've put together the Email Marketing Resource Guide (, including glossary links. Keep in mind that email marketing is not only selling something. When direct marketers talk about conversion rates, it could be a download, it could be filling out a form, it could be giving them your email address.


Mr. Casse: I'm Dave Casse of Applications Alternatives, and I currently have a proposal from your firm on my desk.

Ms. Resnick: Cool.

Mr. Casse: If you have a Web site, how do you get on these browser lists, like Yahoo!, and how much does that cost?

Ms. Resnick: That's what our Postmaster service was about, and the good news is that there are a ton of services like it that will post you with the search engines for absolutely no charge. Link Exchange ( has a suite of tools for small business owners to promote their sites on the Web, most of which are free of charge. Check that out first before you actually go and pay for anything.

Mr. Arnowitz: Thank you very much, and Rosalind, thank you very much. We have learned a lot this morning and I hope you all have a great day. Thank you.


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