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The Netpreneur Program is excited about partnering with The Smithsonian Associates to present Networking with the Netpreneurs, a program featuring four of the region's up and coming digital age entrepreneurs. In June of 1997, we hosted Barons of the Beltway and introduced you to the likes of Jim Kimsey, founder of AOL and Bill Melton, founder of CyberCash. Think of our March 11 panelists as Barons in Waiting – netpreneurs who are taking their businesses to the next level of success. They are making a presence, not just for themselves, but for the Greater Washington Region as well, as it emerges as a center of research, innovation and netpreneurial businesses.

Wed., March 11, 7pm

Netpreneurs, the new entrepreneurs who are transforming the World Wide Web into the marketplace of tomorrow, are taking the business world by storm with revolutionary concepts and new communications formats. The results are electrifying and the reach global. Netpreneurs must move faster than their more traditional counterparts as seismic shifts in technology and market dynamics shape the ways we will conduct business in the near future. And the Washington area is emerging as a leading Netpreneur zone.

In this town hall-style presentation, learn how Susan DeFife (founder/CEO of Women's Connection Online), Raul Fernandez (founder/CEO of Proxicom, Inc.), Nat Kannan (founder/CEO of University Online Publishing), and Rob McGovern (CEO of NetStart, Inc.) are putting their ideas into action. Hear about their triumphs and challenges, and their views on the World Wide Web as a place to do business and make money. And ask questions about launching your own ideas.

The evening's summary is provided by Mario Morino, chairman of the Morino Institute, a business leader, social entrepreneur, and leading adviser on information technology. This networking forum was developed with the Potomac KnowledgeWay Netrepreneur Program, a virtual and physical community for Washington's digital-age entrepreneurs.

This event is SOLD OUT.

Baird Auditorium
in the National Museum of Natural History, 10th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W.

The Article

The Transcript


Speaker Bios

Susan DeFife

Raul Fernandez

Nat Kannan

Rob McGovern

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