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Stars of Telecom

Part 4: Closing Comments

MARIO MORINO: A Unique Opportunity. A Unique Time. A Unique Place.

First, I want to give our speakers a fantastic thank you, because I hope you realize you got an advanced graduate course in business and entrepreneurship from these people tonight. Thank you very much. There were so many things that rang solid. I just kept shaking my head the whole time. I learned a lot tonight and hope you did as well. I want to recap a few things that were so cogent and vivid and I can’t emphasize enough how important they are.

Brian talked about the importance of great people. Never, ever underestimate that one fact about who you are going to war with and how you are going to build the company. David talked about the importance of passion; what he described as being irrationally driven. Mark spoke of the need to find your niche, and be one-off. Great advice. John spoke of the optimism necessary to overcome barriers. Morgan had a great comment about the need to be grown-up, recognizing life for what it is, not trying to do something that is beyond your control, outside your reach entirely.

Morgan also had a point that I’m a firm believer in. You have to have compelling knowledge. If you are into space, no one can know more than you or they are going to eat your lunch. It’s that simple.

Brian talked about the need to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. This is no longer an option; it is an absolute fact of life. It is the staple of how you have to exist today.

Morgan spoke about execution. It’s not just ideas or dreams. One piece of advice he gave you: Quit talking about stuff. Go do it. Boy, do we say this over and over again.

And finally, John talked about the issues of unrelenting perseverance. And you heard it from everybody: Don’t quit. Don’t quit. Keep on going.

But the thing that hit me hardest—I have heard it over and over again, and now to hear these five all say it—listen to how many times the word opportunity was used tonight. They talked about a unique opportunity, the evolution that it’s creating. Whether it’s AT&T’s changeover, deregulation, innovation—it’s about massive change and change creates enormous opportunity. You have unique opportunity at a unique time and you are in a unique place. As David said, we are lucky to be here, now, in this situation.

Thank you and good luck.

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