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Part Ten: WRAP UP

MS. SMITH: The winners of the David Gladstone autographed book are Richard Maynard, President, Maynard and Associates; James Galvan, Cool Credit Union On-line, Sharon LaVallee; Sterling Software; Philip Abrams, Philip Abrams; and Errol Unikel, Unicorn Technologies. Thank you again so much. I want to reintroduce Mario Morino—spearhead of the Netpreneur Program and this whole idea—who has a couple of wrap-up comments.

MR. MORINO: Well first of all, to everybody thank you. Thank you David Gladstone, to my friends up here on the stage and my friends in the audience who helped to give us some comments in the finance area. I want to make a point of reality. Entrepreneurship is really tough. And I think this meeting had a different tone than all the ones we've have had so far. All the ones we've had so far have been very motivational. And tonight you hit an entrepreneurial speed bump. You faced reality.

It's just as important in these meetings to convince people who maybe shouldn't be entrepreneurs to stepout of the game, and to make those who are very determined push harder. It is not going to come easy. You face one of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship today, getting somebody to believe in you to invest in your firm. It was a hard discussion. I can tell by some of the faces, I could tell by some of the sighs, there were some things just not "clicking." That's the nature of the game. Don't let that discourage you. Keep faith in yourself, and keep pushing until you find the person that believes in you. And keep making sure that you yourself have the fortitude to continue. Realize that the Netpreneur Program is for you. It is about you, and it is you. Help us on meetings like this. You asked to bring these groups together, we've brought them together. Let's use this to build relationships. Let's use this to learn from. Tell us how we should take this further. Very sincerely—from all of us, from April, from the entire team, thank you very much. Let's network.

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