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The transcript to the April 30th event is now available! Recap on all of the valuable wisdom provided by our special guests and panel members and gain insight on how to position your company for Early-Stage Financing.

Notable Quotes:

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Honesty is one of the characteristics that every investor looks at. You have all seen people who have cheated and lied and made lots of money. But an investor or venture capitalist is not interested in that and they are going to find it very difficult to invest in your company if you are in any way dishonest.
-- David Gladstone
Author of Venture Capital Handbook
and Venture Capital Investing

There is a good chance that not only did somebody else have the idea, there are probably ten people ahead of you.... The key is moving on your idea, getting a prototype and getting out there fast into that market so you can get to a customer, try it, adapt it, make it successful and execute.
-- Mario Morino
Founder and Past Chairman
Legent, Corporation

...a seed or early stage company really cannot get venture capital from venture capital funds. Most of the companies ...come to us because they think they are venture-capital ready, and they are not... So what do you do?...You've got to put in your own money, you've got to bootstrap. You get operational as fast as you possibly can. You avoid spending money as much as possible.... You barter and you look for anything that will bring in cash as quickly as it possibly can.... And more than anything else, you have to network.
-- Charles Heller
Director, The Michael D. Dingman Center
for Entrepreneurship, University of Maryland

You are not building a product. You are building a team first and that team will be people who complement your skills, who do things you don't.
-- John Burton
Updata, Inc.

The reason we'll say no is because you don't understand the market, you don't show us the business model.... It's the operating plan that you are going to be held to, not the business plan.... It's execution, not an idea that makes things work.
-- Jack Biddle
General Partner
Novak Biddle Venture Partners

What we're really looking for is the entrepreneur who can put the team together. Remember, we're looking for entrepreneurs, and not for people that want their hands held. Come to me with your team, and show me what you've got. Show me what you can do to get our interest, because we've all been entrepreneurs. We've put ourselves on the line, we've taken risks ourselves. And we're looking for people who want to do the same.
-- Steve Ritterbush
Managing General Partner
Fairfax Partners

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