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Lazard Technology Partners 
Corporate Due Diligence
Check List


Indicate N/A if unavailable

Date Received By Lazard TP

Management, Officers, Directors & Employees

  • Key Management: include resumes & 3 business references
  • Directors & Officers of the company: include contact information
  • List all Employees: include job title, base salary, options/equity
  • Current Organizational Chart


  • Capitalization Structure: include a description of any rights attached to preferred shares
  • List any Non-Employee holders of any options or rights to purchase securities including warrants

Business Description

  • Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Investor Presentation

Marketing & Sales

  • Sales Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Company Marketing Materials and Brochures
  • Historical Sales Data
  • Customer Sales Pipeline for next 6 months
  • Sales Literature describing Product Features & Applications
  • Describe Sales Process


  • Pricing Model and Current Price List
  • Provide Complete Customer List

- Detail on 10 biggest


- Detail on 10 medium


- Detail on 10 smallest

  • Provide contact information for top 5 customers for product/service review

Target Market Sizing

  • Provide any Third Party data supporting # of customers in US eligible to purchase Product/Service

Indicate N/A if unavailable

Date Received By Lazard TP


  • Please complete attached Lazard Competitive Matrix template


  • List of Top 10 Suppliers: include contact information
  • Organizational Chart for R&D
  • Development Calendar for next 12-24 months

Information Technology

  • List Proprietary Technology & Patent references
  • Technical Literature describing Product Design and Functionality
  • Key Information Technology (IT) Suppliers
  • List any Third Party Embedded Code
  • Provide Graphic Layout of Technology Platform

Financial Information

  • Latest Financial Statements
  • Latest A/R Aging Schedule
  • Revenue/Sales Projections & Budget
  • Capital Expenditures Budget for next 12 months
  • Create a Win/Loss Report

Intellectual Property (Patent, Trademarks, Copyrights)

  • Schedule of Patent Registrations/Applications identifying each patent by title, registration number, date of registration & status
  • Schedule of Trademark Registrations/Applications identifying each mark by title, registration number, date of registration & status
  • List any Licensing Agreements and/or Merchandising Agreements relating to Patents, Technology, Trade Secrets, Trademarks and Copyrights

Contract & Strategic Partnerships

  • List any Joint Venture or Strategic Partnership Agreements
  • List Legal & Accounting Firms: include contact information

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