Lighthouse Consulting’s 
An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising 
Private Capital

September, 2000

(c) Copyright 2000, 2001 Lighthouse Consulting. All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Introduction--Section Table of Contents

10 Myths of Raising Capital

10 Myths of Raising Capital (cont.)

Debunking the Myths

Why the Process Often Fails

Goals of the Guide

Phase 1

Getting Ready

How the VC Industry Works

The Capital Food Chain

Readiness Assessment

Probability of Success

Readiness Assessment

VCs Invest at Different Stages

Distinguishing VCs

Entrepreneurs Should Ask …

Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment (cont.)

The Realities of Raising Capital

Preparing to “Go to Market”

Preparing to “Go to Market” (cont.)

The Investor Presentation

You Should Answer …

Preparing to “Go to Market”

Dangers of Proceeding Unprepared

Tracking With the VC

Phase 2

Generating Interest-- Section Table of Contents

Fund Raising Objectives

Segmenting the Market

The Investor Lens

Techniques in Fund Raising

Starting Off on the Right Foot

How to Read VC Signals

Tracking With the VC

Phase 3

Validation of the Business-- Section Table of Contents

Market Validation

I.D. the Dark Side Questions

The Reality of the Term Sheet

Tracking With the VC

Phase 4

Term Sheet to Closing-- Section Table of Contents

Understanding the Term Sheet

Term Sheet Pressure Points

Tracking With The VC

Avoid the ‘Hot Spots’ Event – Potential Conflict - Solution

Guide Summary and Resources


Resource Guide

Additional Resources

Author: Lawrence V. Robertson, III

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