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Investment Review Chart 
Phase I

Investor Phase I Investment Review
Company Name: NewCo      
Investor Classification:    Web Site URL: if available
City / State: Fairfax VA, Hoboken NJ, 
NY NY, etc.
Industry:  i.e. internet software or 
B2B e-commerce, etc.
Product / Service Description  (problem solved)
Describe the product the company intends to deliver and "what problem it solves".



Technology Differentiation Factor  (secret sauce)
Describe those product or technology or "secret sauce" aspects that truly differentiate this company's product from competitors, include patent protections and barriers to entry.



Target Market  (preliminary TAM)
Describe the scope and size of target market the company is intending to initially enter and capture - preliminary TAM.


List key competitors and describe their market share and potential impact onto company's prospects.


Management Team
List senior management and their prior affiliations/qualifications/titles/experience (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, VP Sales, etc).


Customer Example and / or  Notable Partners
Describe a specific example of a product implementation at an existing customer site, or if unavailable, describe a potential case.


Potential Investment Rationale
Describe the return and risk parameters defining the company’s prospects.


Revenue Info -1Y 0Y +1Y
Trail. and/or Plan. Revenue:

if available

Capital Requirements / History
Funding Sought: $8M Funding to Date: $3M
Proposed PreMoney Valuation: $25M Noteworthy FBR, Allied, Chase

 Source: Lighthouse Consulting

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