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Lazard Technology Partners 
Technology Due Diligence
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Date Received By Lazard TP

1. Company, Product and Service Documents 



  • Product Documents



    • User Manuals [including Installation Guides, etc.]



    • Reference Manuals



    • Architecture/implementation



    • Product Design Documents



    • Brochures, Product Fact Sheets



    • White papers



    • Industry Analyst Articles



    • Corporate and technical management biographies



    • Case studies / User Stories



2. Product Maintenance Information



  • Problem Reports:



    • details by Customer, severity, resolution - past 6 months



    • trend report monthly problems by product version, severity - preceding 1 year



  • Product Release Documentation



    • Release documents for previously shipped 2 product versions/releases



    • Release planning documents [upcoming versions/releases]



    • Post-mortem documents on latest production release



3. Plans and schedules



  • Project plans & schedules for current development projects



  • Project plans & schedules for maintenance releases in progress



4. Customer reference information 



  • Customer technology testimonials, articles, papers, etc. 



5. Process (Method) Documentation



  • Development process



  • Quality Assurance / Testing process



  • Configuration Management process



  • Change Management process



  • Information Development (Documentation) process



  • Packaging and/or Distribution process



  • Client Support process



  • Maintenance process



  • Project plans & schedules for maintenance releases in progress



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