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MAVA Lighthouse Consulting Lazard Technology Partners

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to 
Raising Private Capital

(c) Copyright 2000, 2001 Lighthouse Consulting. All rights reserved.

Appendix Summary List By Section of the Guide

Getting Ready
How the Capital Food Chain Works

How Venture Capital Works
The Capital Food Chain

Readiness Assessment - Business
Probability of Success
Positioning Your Company
Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask
Readiness Assessment - Target Audience

VC Investment Stages
The Investor Lens
Distinguishing VCs

Preparing to Go to Market - Preparing the Tools

Starting a Business Checklist
Investment Review Chart – Phase I
Investment Review Chart – Phase II
Questions to Answer
Top 10 Questions from VCs 
Sample Business Plan Outline
Sample Financial Page/article

Generating Interest

Segmenting the Market

Resource Guide
10 Ques
tions You Should Ask VCs

Validation of the Business

Corporate Due Diligence Check List
Technology Due Diligence Check List

Term Sheet to Closing

Next Layer of Due Diligence

NASDAQ Due Diligence Checklist
Understanding the Term Sheet  

Sample Term Sheet
Glossary of Terminology

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