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mava/netpreneur survey results Q1/2002                                                                           
survey two: the entrepreneur's view

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Visit the companion page to see the Investor's Survey Results.

1. How many companies have you previously founded?

2. How many venture-backed companies have you previously founded?

3. Industry Sector

4. Financial projections for 2002

5. What sources of funding does your company already have?

6. What percentage of your time is spent seeking funding?

7. How would you classify the round of funding that your company is currently seeking?

8. How much money is your company currently seeking?

9. How long have you been actively seeking your current round of funding?

10. To how many venture capital firms have you spoken about your company?

11. As of February 1, 2002, where do you believe the Mid-Atlantic region is in the decline/recovery cycle of private equity?

12. When do you think that the IPO market will come back?

13. Preliminary data indicate that over 60% of the $1.9 billion of VC investments in 2001 came from firms outside of the Mid-Atlantic region. Why do you think that is?















Visit the companion page to see the Investor's Survey Results.

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