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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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a quick guide to netpreneur services

Welcome to the Netpreneur Exchange website, the communications center and virtual community for entrepreneurs in Greater Washington and beyond. This Quick Guide will step you through the many tools and resources available both here and offline, including Netpreneur newsletters, discussion groups, content, databases, meetings, and more.

Start by registering. As a registered user of Netpreneur Exchange you’ll find it much easier to manage your Netpreneur subscriptions and register for events. Registration is required o access the site’s premium content, including many of the services described below. Registering is free and only takes a few moments. Click here to register now.  

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1. News and updates

2. Knowledge and information resources

3. Discussions with colleagues and experts

4. Connections

5. Help on the funding trail

6. Events and networking opportunities


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Now that you are a registered user, you can visit your personal My Services page at any time to update information, subscribe or unsubscribe to Netpreneur email lists, and otherwise customize your use of the site. You can go to My Services now, or continue with this page to learn more.



1. news about the program and community

If you live in or visit the Greater Washington region, you should also subscribe to Netpreneur Calendar, the most complete calendar of technology and business-oriented events in the region, including events produced by Netpreneur, as well as those from scores of other groups. If you did not subscribe during registration, click here to subscribe now. Each Friday, the email delivers a weekly roundup of upcoming events, and you can also visit the Calendar database at any time to search for upcoming events by date, topic, type, location, sponsor, and more.  


2. knowledge & information

 Netpreneur Exchange offers a wealth of content resources where entrepreneurs can find answers to their questions about growing a business. In the Netpreneur Corner, for example, you’ll find links on topics such as news sources, market research, public relations, and more.


The Advertising & Marketing area has been built around and by the hundreds of members of Netpreneur’s AdMarketing email list. This area of the site collects much of the wisdom of the group as well as other resources on a variety of topics and in various forms. Among other offerings, you’ll find tips and recommendations from list members, publications like the Email Marketing Products Guide, and you can subscribe to the weekly AdMarketing Summary.


Netpreneur’s Event Archive collects summaries, transcripts, resources, and streaming video from dozens of Netpreneur events on a wide range of topics and featuring leading experts and personalities such as Marc Andreesen, Ted Leonsis, and Guy Kawasaki. Site registration is required to access the transcripts and videos.



3. discussions

Netpreneur features three primary email-based discussion lists:


Talk-The-Talk is for entrepreneurs only, and subscribers must be approved before joining. It is a virtual meeting place to connect with colleagues, ask questions, and discuss the common (and uncommon) challenges that early-stage tech companies face.


Netpreneur’s AdMarketing list is one of the Internet’s most vibrant and respected discussion groups about online marketing. Members include experts, practitioners, gurus, and newbies exploring a wide range of marketing-related topics and technologies. Much of the wisdom from these discussions is collected and made available in the Advertising & Marketing area of the Netpreneur Exchange site.



4. making connections

Netpreneur Search is our database of hundreds of Internet-centric and other tech companies in the Greater Washington region. As a registered user of Netpreneur Exchange, you can search for colleagues and possible partners by company, sector, or location. Be sure to add your firm to the database so others can find you.


And, one of the best ways to make connections is by attending the many regional events produced by Netpreneur and other groups.



5. the funding trail

Netpreneur’s Funding & Finance area collects informational links to investor-related resources, and also provides articles and reference materials to help entrepreneurs raise private capital.


You can search Netpreneur’s Calendar database to find all funding-related events upcoming in the region, whether sponsored by Netpreneur or any other group.


In the Event Archive you can find summaries, transcripts, resources, and streaming video from Netpreneur “Money Trail” events, featuring conversations with leading investors and experts on topics ranging to what funders are looking for today, to term sheet warning signs, to bootstrapping techniques.



6. events & networking opportunities

Netpreneur's events are currently on hiatus, including Coffee & DoughNets our signature event that gathers hundreds of community members each month for face-to-face networking and education. Check our updates page for more information as we are in discussions with several local groups to continue these and other events in the future..


Other Netpreneur events have included occasional small-group seminars on topics such as product management and public relations; joint productions with groups like the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA) that explore industry and funding trends; to community “mega-events” that bring together thousands of attendees to network and learn from leading thinkers like Marc Andreesen and Geoffrey Moore. You can find summaries, transcripts, resources, and streaming video from these and other Netpreneur events in the  Event Archive.


Netpreneur’s Calendar is the most complete collection of technology and business-oriented events in the Greater Washington region, offering information about Netpreneur events, as well as those from scores of other groups in the area. You can search the calendar database for upcoming events by date, topic, type, location, sponsor, and more, and subscribe to the Netpreneur Email Calendar to receive the weekly roundup of upcoming events by email each Friday.



AdMarketing | Funding & Finance | Netpreneur Corner | News Center | Search | Home

All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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