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Forming Alliances

Q: What do you recommend a small to mid-size company do to form alliances with larger companies?

  • Trying to find other people to carry water for you and to leverage other people's assets to your own benefit is a great tactic. You have to find somebody and, Tom Sawyer-like, you have to explain to them why it's in their best interest to want to team up with you. You have to figure out why some company would want to get involved with what you have to offer that provides these services to government contractors. I think it's just a matter of looking at who that might be and why that might be in their best interest.
    [Jim Kimsey] from An Evening With the Barons.
  • Many of the big players have web sites that provide information about the qualifications for and the process to become a strategic partner. You may want to invest some time, if you haven't already, checking out each of the vendor's web sites that you target as a partner.
    [Fran Witzel,]
  • The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) has a general roll-up of regional business development & marketing contacts. This information, while perhaps not completely relevant to this search, might come in handy in the future. A word of caution as contacts listed are at a fairly high level. The list does give phone number and email addresses for many of the contacts.
    [Mitch Arnowitz,]


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