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Advertising Costs

Q1: How do TV and radio CPM rates compare?
[Tom White,]

  • Current CPM rates for New York City show that TV is about $1,000, Radio is about $700. The Fall tends to be a little more expensive. During more normal times, TV is about $800, while radio is a shade under $400.
    [Jon Knisley,]

Q2: How do the advertising costs of each medium compare?
[Tom White,]

  • The average cost per contact ranges from a low of $0.32 for an ad placed in a specialized business publication to $277.00 for a personal sales call.

    The average costs per contact compare as follows:

    • trade shows $162.00
    • telemarketing $31.16
    • business letters $13.60
    • direct mail $1.68
    • the Internet $0.98

    [Sources: Penton Research Services; Sales & Marketing Management] [Shawn Spengler,]

Q3: What sites can you recommend for advertising information?

  • The Advertising Media Internet Center (AMIC) is an excellent starting point for research on Internet advertising/marketing issues.
    [Ken Showalter,]
  • The IAB site, can show you how different marketing tools will affect your budget.
    [Chris Bertchie,]


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