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Model Marketing Plans

Q: Where can I find template marketing plans?
[Tracey Mathieu,]

  • Try:
  • You can also try the Napkin Plan: New Framework For Creating An Internet Marketing Plan For Small And Medium Size Businesses,

    "Simply stated, a "Napkin Plan" is a business and marketing plan which you can create on a napkin. It provides brief answers to key questions you need to answer to be successful. It takes advantage of the "80-20" rule: It allows you to gain at least 80% of the benefits of business planning with about 20% of the effort.

    Most business plans are much too complex to be useful as real working tools to achieve success. Most businesses simply create plans which sit on a book shelf (and sometimes keep investors or bankers satisfied). They aren't used on a day-to-day basis by company leaders as working plans to achieve success."
    [Ken Showalter,]


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