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Extranet Scheduling Software

Q: What software is available for an extranet that will connect dozens of participating businesses with real time scheduling software?

IntraACTIVE,, is a local firm. It has a product called InTandem that (simply stated) provides "intra/extranet in a box" functionality. These folks also wrote the book Intranets Unleashed.
[Steve Fleckenstein, Morino Institute]

Amplitude,, offers Web based scheduling and event management products.
[Steve Fleckenstein, Morino Institute]

Lotus Domino gives you several different levels of flexibility for doing Intranet/Internet scheduling. At the simplest level you could have a schedule (with all the typical calendar views) and allow your users to add schedule items. At a more complex level you could allow users to keep their own schedules (in calendar files) and then allow other members to schedule group events after checking that people are available. [Neil Agate,]


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