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Q: What are the best resources for recruiting interns?

The following answers came from the DC-Webgrrls discussion list. Please send us your suggestion on great intern resources.

  1. American University, 202-885-1800, has an excellent career center. They place notices of jobs/internships in binders and students then can go through the binders, photocopy the notices that appeal to them and go from there.
  2. Indiana University's MBA program has many MBA first years looking for internships in the high tech area. In fact, IUMBA has a High Tech Academy, which focuses on the High Tech industry. The Academy is run by Professor Anne Massey,
  3. Johns Hopkins University, 410-516-8000 has a career services office which posts internships.
  4. The Communication, Culture and Technology MA program at Georgetown, has established a successful intern program, including positions at, HandsNet, National Geographic, USAToday, and the Newseum, to name a few. Contact Roger Fussa at 202-687-6618.
  5. The Washington Center, 202-336-7600, is a DC program that takes students from colleges all over the country and farms them out to area businesses.

The following came in directly to the Netpreneur FAQs:

The University of Virginia, Office of Career Planning and Placement. UVA uses the Jobtrak service,, to advertise full-time and internship openings via the Internet. Jobtrak has been used by 300,000 employers, is visited by 35,000 students per day and is in partnership with 650 colleges across the country. [Kevin Cunningham,]


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