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Locating Niche Marketing Lists

Q: What are some resources for finding niche marketing lists?

The resources can be categorized as follows:

1) General Miscellaneous Resources:

American List Counsel has a list catalog entitled, "The Only Mailing List Catalog You Need". It contains 10,000 mailing lists sorted by category. You can order the catalog or ask specific questions by calling 1-800-252-5478. [Frank McGowan,]

2) List Brokers:

  • Gil Terriberry
    DCMG--Direct Contact Marketing Group
    Tel: 505-285-4160
  • Adam Van Wye
    Mailing Lists, Inc.
    Tel: 301-864-5478
  • Stacie Nester
    Database America (201-476-2000)
    Tel: 203-778-8700 x109
  • Computer Intelligence in Boston, MA

    Klem Cost @ KM lists. 1(800) 635-5833. I have had good response from their lists with a relatively low reject rate. Be prepared to do some editing on the lists as the truncation sometimes leaves you with unsightly abbreviations. His company requires advance payment.

3) Associations

  • American Marketing Association,
  • Direct Marketing Association (212-768-7277)
  • Society of Human Resource Management
  • IEEE, a NY association with your software target market as part of the membership. (212)705-7768.


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