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Reseller Software

Q: What solutions are there for setting up reseller agreements in which customers are tagged as belonging to a referring site?

A number of options are available:

  • Linkshare, "Provides free access to a network of merchants who are offering commission based deals in exchange for placing a link (textual, banner ad or icon) on their site. LinkShare tracks referrals that lead to purchases and calculates the commissions owed." [Paul Albert,]
  • SubmitIt! has a reseller type service. However, it will most likely require you to write the cgi script yourself. [Faisal Jawdat,]
  • Viaweb, recently announced that they now offer this technology. The caveat is that they are an online hosting merchant and don't sell their software, so you must host with them. [Steven Rubenstein,]

The following Netpreneurs have created their own solutions to this problem:

  • Michael Teitelbaum of the emagination network [] says his company has developed a solution for Web commerce reseller applications in which accounts can be coded so that the forwarding Web site is given credit for future purchases as well. Participating Web sites can check on their accounts to find current commissions.
  • WowTVi also offers solutions for dealing with reseller deals. They provide: customer tracking through any number of sites and tracking any purchases; life-long customers--in which a customer is tagged as "X referral customer" whenever he/she visits the site; and tracking the clicks through and providing reports even if there is no purchase or the customer doesn't make it to the selling site. [Gregory Adams-Tait, Wow Television International,]


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