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Shopping Cart Software

Q:What are some simple freeware or shareware shopping cart packages that can be run (a) on the client side or (b) in our customer's Web hosting space with its ISP?

  • Minivend: - comes highly recommended. This is a freeware solution with a good deal of features and should be relatively easy-to-use. This one can run on Unix or NT based machines. Its a bit cryptic the first time but is quite powerful once you learn the language. [Benjamin Yoskovitz,]
  • Webcart, may not be shareware, but it's inexpensive and written in PERL. The only downside is the learning curve. [Sanjay V. Patel,]
  • ViaWeb: -- a service that allows you to run your online store on their Web site. It is the simplest and probably the least expensive solution I have found. It only took about 15 minutes to set up a store using ViaWeb. [Benjamin Yoskovitz,]
  • If you don't mind hosting your store on a different host -- our company has easy-to-use Web-based Shopping Cart software we developed called ALA-Cart. With this no-frills software you can enter and delete products easily. [Sanjay V. Patel,]
  • If you don't want to go with a dedicated server solution (where the hosting provider will let you install almost anything), one alternative might be to contract with an online mall to develop a commerce area for this client. If the mall page can be "framed" within the client's site, that's even better.
  • Selena Sol's free Perl Web store comes recommended. [Seth Grimes]
  • PerlShop: - is free and looks to be fairly easy to implement. Good instructions for Unix based servers. No database, uses html page for each product. [Harold Goldstein]
  • VirtualCart: costs $250/year. Easy to use and set up. You continue to use your own website but links to their system for the shopping cart. Use forms to enter data. [Harold Goldstein]
  • VersaMall: - costs $300 + $35/month ... uses your own site and their server for processing and the cart. [Harold Goldstein]
  • Big Step: - offers a free catalog hosting service with inexpensive CC processing. Construction is online but slow, inflexible, can't use your own html. [Harold Goldstein]
  • Digiweb: - if one has a Digiweb site ($20) one can use their shopping cart for free. Flexible, uses an icon bar for implementation and can use own site. Enter data for each item as a from entry. No database. [Harold Goldstein]
  • Some Web hosting providers offer commerce solutions in their premium hosting packages - which might be a better option (although it requires you to switch providers).


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