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Internet Demographic Resources

Q: What are good sites for Internet demographics?

Here are some recommendations:

  • Cyberatlas, A great resource for quick stats. It does a wonderful job of segmenting the industry to give quick reference capability without doing a search.
    [Pam Maloney,; Linda Kolker,]
  • NUA Internet Surveys,

    A source for surveys done by other people. The search capability works well as far as pulling up relevant material. Surveys cited are usually performed by educational institutions or the usual business/high-tech publications.

  • Network Wizards, A good source for Internet growth.
    [Anup K. Ghosh, Ph.D.,]
  • MIDS, An interesting source for the Internet user growth of users and user demographics.
    [Anup K. Ghosh, Ph.D.,]
  • Project 2000, Founded at Vanderbilt, this site studies the marketing implications of commercializing the World Wide Web.
    [Ross Stapleton-Gray,]
  • This site presented by CommerceNet and Nielsen Media Research tracks Internet usage since 1995. [Ross A. Finlayson,]

There are also several analyst organizations such as:

One drawback in using those listed above is that some reports are costly.


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