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Tracking Software

Q: Which software packages are recommended for tracking user traffic (with flexible reporting options)?

  • Web Trends,, comes very highly recommended. It can provide reports in HTML, Word, Access, or email, and each report is fully customizable. We've got over 30 very happy clients, who each receive different reports. It's fully automated, and very functional. Our most active client site receives over 400,000 hits a month, and we've had no problems with running Web Trends, or with the data it produces. [Tracy Bryson,]
  • Analog, ( is the freeware package we use. It was created and is supported by Dr. Stephen Turner of the University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. It is very flexible in terms of reporting, more so than many commercial packages. Although it has some limitations in comparison with Web Trends (like it won't do filtering and listing the search engine terms that brought people to your site), it will do a lot. [Brian Alpert ,]
  • Microsoft Usage Analyst, formerly known as Interse, is great. If you are deploying on IIS, it is the best product I've seen. [Susan_Wu,]


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