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Web Site Translation

Q: Which local companies offer Web site translation (into 20 or more different languages)?

There are a few to choose from, including:

  • Global Link, is local, and is hoping to be a leader in machine translation.
    [Ross Stapleton-Gray,]
  • Mediasync,, is headquartered in Washington D.C. They are translation genies in my opinion. Mark
  • SYSTRAN, does Alta Vista's automatic translation. Harold Goldstein, [] writes that has some translations directly available on their site. Susan Wu,, and Ross Stapleton-Gray,, both think that Alta Vista's automatic translation still leaves something to be desired. "While intellectually interesting, practically, its not very reliable," says Susan Wu.
  • Language Learning Enterprises, is a traditional translation services firm: a "body shop" of sorts, with a lot of translators in a loose, as-needed network. They're located downtown D.C.
    [Ross Stapleton-Gray,]
  • CALL is the Center for Advanced Language Learning, which is in Ballston. [Ross Stapleton-Gray,]
  • GlobalNet offers 60 languages by locals in each nation through its strategic partners. [Gregory Adams-Tait,]
  • Here are some other language sites:,,, and [Ross Stapleton-Gray,]
  • Ben Cruz of SynchroMedia, [] recommends the following Reuter's article on Web site translation:


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