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Internet to Fax

Q: What are some good Internet to Fax solutions?

Industry analysts predict that companies can save 30-50% by faxing over the Internet. It's no surprise then, that Internet faxing revenues are expected to grow from about $10 million in 1997 to between $50 and $100 million in 1998.

Here are some resources to get you started:

  • The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project used a fax interface to complement the email component of it's bi-weekly "KnowledgeWay News" broadcasts. Here are some resources on the Internet-to-Fax arena that helped us set it up:

    [Peter Bostrom,]

  • According to a recent Open Port Technology Press Release, "Open Port Technology,, now has a patent for broadcast faxing and other messaging which uses least cost routing (LCR) over IP networks. This reduces costs and delivery time. Open Port's method is different from the traditional method of broadcast fax because it avoids creating individual faxes at the originating point and sending each fax over the network serially (one after the other) to the receiving destination. The newly patented system reduces bandwidth usage -- as high as 90 percent load reduction and performance improvements in high-volume broadcasts."

    [Note: The answer below comes from Fax2Net]

  • Fax2Net (located in Rockville Maryland) offers Internet faxing from Fax to Fax, without having to use a computer or an Internet connection. It works straight from a regular fax machine. With point-of-presence in 25 countries you can send or receive faxes from any of these countries via the Internet. Countries not included in the system are routed through the least costly PSTN connection. It is very easy to set up, and it’s very inexpensive...saving up to 75% of regular telephone service, and even more from overseas.
    [Thomas Chen,]
  • FaxSav services ( provides a form-to-fax capability for Elie's Deli. It sends catering orders from the deli's Web site to the deli's fax machine. You need to use a Form-to-Email CGI script to process the HTML form and convert it into a text message.
    [Karim Soufi,]


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