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Q1: What are some important points for choosing a PR firm?

Here are some important basics to keep in mind when choosing, and using, a PR firm:

  • Make sure the PR firm is Web-savvy. If you read PR publications, they're constantly promoting the use of the Web, but often in unimaginative ways. Many small PR firms have little experience with the Web, and promotion on the Web. You need to find somebody with that kind of experience, which is getting more and more specialized all the time. Most of the big PR firms now have Web-oriented departments, which presumably know what they're doing. [Tom Hasler]
  • The firm needs to understand the need to cross promote and utilize traditional marketing tools along with Internet marketing. The URL must be printed on all traditional marketing pieces (business cards, brochures, ads, newsletters, etc.) so that people are always directed to the site. [Christina E. Bublick,]

Q2: Why use a PR firm?

  • Because they are completely focused on promoting you. Successful promotion takes focus and keen ideas. CEOs are generally they are too busy moving forward and it is best to delegate the marketing to the pros.
    [Christina E. Bublick,]


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