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Valuation in the DC Area

Q: Is there a risk that I may not get the valuation or the amount of capital here in the DC area because we don't have the supply of capital that Silicon Valley does?

  • You know, that is a perception that I think will take time to change, but I think all you have to do is look at the tremendous amount of activity that's being generated across the board in bringing entrepreneurs from just a notepad with a few good ideas to an actual early-stage product, or a software program in beta test.

    The Funding & Finance area of the Netpreneur Exchange ( to source all of these different providers of capital. They don't all have checks that they can write that will get you going with one person, but it's collaboration, just like we see in this room tonight. Breakfast clubs, luncheons, across the board for early-stage seed capital.

    Groups are popping up that are willing to back, both as angels and as groups, business ideas across the board. It's like anything in life. The perception takes time to change, but I think the reality and the underpinning is that you have more sources now than this region has ever had, and I think it's going to explode in terms of size and scope.
    [Russ Ramsey] from An Evening With the Barons

  • Valuation is not geographic. I have no doubt about that. Let me tell you, for an international investment, it doesn't matter where your company is. The valuation is going to be calculated to the value of the firm, regardless of where it sits.
    [Mario Morino] from An Evening With the Barons


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