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Volume 7, Number 2 - January, 10 2002 - This Week's Contents:

--1. Clearly, One Of Those Hot Button Issues
--2. Advance Token To BoardWalk
--1. Thales' Software For 911 Calls
--2. GloboMax's Pharmaco-Modeling Software
--3. Inciscent Partners For Network Management
--4. Round-Up: Hey Sailor, New In Town?
.....BAE To Create 1000 Jobs In Virginia
.....Acterna Moves Corporate HQ To Maryland
--5. Round-up: Bummers
....four companies go belly up
--6. Round-up: Quick Hits from LiveAssistance, Tovaris, Berndt Group and BrowserMedia
--1. Dough Raise Me
.....More than $7.4M for 2 local netpreneurs
--2. Life In The Food Chain
.....iLearning Acquires Caliber Learning
.....Blackboard Acquires Prometheus
.....Dycom Acquires Arguss
--3. The IPOs Of 2001
--1. ITAA Predicts Positive Trends For IT Services
V> WHO'sWARE about execs at Blue Water Capital, ExploreLearning,
Re-route, CloseCall America

I> News About The Program
When we scheduled our Product Management Workshop in December of last
year, we had to turn away over 100 registrants in order to keep the
group manageable. That event was so popular that we've scheduled a
return engagement of product strategy and management experts Larry
Roshfeld and Paul Mauritz for Thursday, January 31, 8:00-11:00 AM. The
event will help you learn how to efficiently and effectively create
successful, profitable products, covering such topics as the product
lifecycle, the role of product management, and guaranteed ways to
annoy engineers, the marketing team, the sales force and customers. It
's all based on real-world experience, so be prepared to roll up your
sleeves and apply what you learn through workshop exercises. Once
again, seats are extremely limited, and priority will be given to CXOs
and product management execs of startups and high tech companies. To
sign up for this free event, send an email to Lin Plummer ( ), with your name, title, company and phone number.
The line-up is set for this month's Coffee & DoughNets, entitled "The
Board Game: Selecting the Best Advisors and Directors." Our speakers
will include Raul Fernandez, CEO of Dimension Data North America; Art
Marks, Chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association; Bruce
Crockett, former President and CEO of COMSAT; and moderator Jonathan
Shames of Ernst & Young. All have been actively involved in
assembling, managing, and leveraging corporate boards, and will offer
insights from a variety of perspectives. C&D will be Wednesday,
January 23, 7:00 AM, at the General Cinema at Mazza Gallerie on
Wisconsin Avenue in DC.

Sign up for C&D:

II> Regional Netpreneurs
(Herndon, VA) Thales Contact Solutions debuted Dispatcher Assessment
1.0, a software product that largely automates the quality assurance
assessment process in many public safety organizations. It is an
online evaluation system that lets contact center managers assess the
quality staff performance in both recorded and live 911 calls. The
system ensures objective assessments by retrieving a random selection
of calls for review and providing the same electronic form for each
assessment. The product can be installed onto a TCP/IP LAN, allowing
multiple supervisors to access the application, or used in a
standalone configuration. New laws requiring formal quality assurance
programs for public safety answering points (PSAPs) have been enacted
in Pennsylvania and North Carolina and are in the process of enactment
in several other states. Failure to achieve full certification can
affect state funding for 911 districts.
(Hanover, MD) GloboMax released PDx-Pop, a software product for
population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and analysis.
The solution expedites modeling using pre-and post-processing tools,
and integrates with other programs, including Microsoft Excel, to
enhance data management and exploration. PDx-Pop is part of the
GloboMax's PDx family of pharmaceutical development expert tools for
pharmaceutical product development and approval.
(Falls Church, VA) Inciscent and Reston-based Nextel Communications
announced an alliance that will enable IT professionals to wirelessly
manage, troubleshoot, and remedy network issues. The deal combines
Inciscent's Command & Control network management software with Nextel'
s network and services. IT staff can remotely bring equipment online,
take it offline, check the status of servers, identify network
problems and perform other administrative network functions anytime.
The software also includes logging and tracking capabilities that
allow network managers to review diagnostic procedures and view an
individual administrator's history for training and administrative
improvements. ;

--BAE Will Create 1000 Jobs In Virginia
(Reston, VA) BAE Systems North America, the North American division of
the UK-based defense and aerospace company, announced that it will
expand operations in Fairfax County and create 1,000 new jobs through
an investment of $51.6 million. The new positions will range from
systems integration and development engineers to network and software
engineers. The company will open a new 135,000 sq. ft. office complex
in Reston this fall that will house several units including the
company's new Integrated Systems business unit. It eventually will
house nearly 400 employees, and additional personnel will be based at
customer sites throughout Northern Virginia. BAE currently employs
2,500 people in the Commonwealth.

--Acterna Moves Corporate HQ To Maryland
(Germantown, MD) Acterna Corporation, a technology company serving the
communications, aviation, post-production and government markets, has
officially moved its corporate headquarters from Burlington, MA, to
Germantown, MD. With fiscal 2001 pro-forma revenue of $1.4 billion,
Acterna is now one of the five largest technology companies
headquartered in the Washington area and one of Maryland's 20 largest
corporations. It is the holding company for four technology-related
companies: Acterna, AIRSHOW, da Vinci Systems and Itronix. The first
of these, which is already based in Germantown, is the world's largest
provider of test and management solutions for optical transport,
access and cable networks, and the second largest communications test
company overall. The unit currently has more than 850 employees
working in Germantown.
Washtech reports four more area technology companies that have failed
recently, including three that have filed for Chapter 7 liquidation
since the start of the year: Dulles-based IPOptical, which was
developing technology to speed data transfers over the Internet;
Reston-based, which sold electricity over the Internet;
and Landover-based telecom company BroadPoint Communications. The
fourth company, Sterling-based, a company that
monitored the technical performance of websites, ceased offering its
service in December.

(Chantilly, VA) LiveAssistance released version 3.0 of its eCRM
solution, a live human interaction software product that facilitates
customer service and other applications. Enhancements include
increased speed and sound customization.

(Charlottesville, VA) Tovaris released version 2.1 of its Tovaris
Email Security Solution (TESS), a product that automatically encrypts
and digitally signs email messages. Enhancements include the ability
for enterprises to use digital certificates they have already deployed
for network authentication with their email.

(Baltimore, MD) The Berndt Group created an online store for SafeNet
where visitors can purchase security software and hardware for
Internet communications. ;

(Bethesda, MD) BrowserMedia launched the website for Your Photo
Online, a Web-based service that allows customers to book field
photographers and access their photos online. ;

III> Funding & Finance News

$400K for Falls Church-based INFe-Human Resources, Inc., a subsidiary
of INFe, Inc. The money comes from Daniels Corporate Advisory Co., a
NYC-based merchant banking firm. INFe says that the HR subsidiary will
be spun off as soon as possible, and the company has retained a
corporate advisor and capital partner to be responsible for
identifying, financing, and ultimately managing a roll-up of staff
leasing and services businesses. Several such companies are already
under review and in negotiation, according to INFe.

$7 million and 500,000 of stock in GMC Holding Corporation for
Annapolis-based LiveCapsule, a deal that buys GMC a 50% interest in
the company. LiveCapsule's solution allows businesses to enable their
website content with "LiveCapsules" which contain information about a
product or other content. The company plans to first release its
Retail Solution that will enable shoppers to capture individual
product capsules and save the information to their desktops. Retailers
can then send real time product update information, such as price
changes or other relevant data, to the LiveCapsule for the user's

--iLearning Acquires Caliber Learning
(Baltimore, MD) iLearning, a provider of Web-based training and
communication solutions, has acquired of the assets of Caliber
Learning Network from Sylvan Learning Systems, including certain of
Caliber's client relationships, intellectual property, software, and
equipment. The deal enables iLearning to offer a Web event broadcast
solution that integrates studio origination, event management and
desktop delivery technologies. ;

--Blackboard Acquires Prometheus
(Washington, DC) Blackboard and George Washington University (GWU)
announced an agreement for the transition of GWU's Prometheus project
to Blackboard. Prometheus is a course management system developed at
GWU that has been adopted by 65 postsecondary institutions. Blackboard
is a provider of eLearning solutions for colleges, universities, and
schools. Approximately 30% of Prometheus' university licensees also
run one of the three systems in Blackboard's product suite. Bo Davis,
founder and GM of Prometheus, joins Blackboard to lead the ongoing
delivery of services to Prometheus clients, which Blackboard will
continue to support, maintaining Prometheus as a community source
system. ;

--Dycom Acquires Arguss
(Rockville, MD) Arguss Communications will be acquired by FL-based
Dycom Industries, a provider of engineering, construction, and
maintenance services to telecommunication providers. Dycom says that
the deal enhances its broadband construction and design service
offerings. Arguss has two subsidiaries: Arguss Communications Group, a
provider of telecom construction and maintenance services; and
Conceptronic, a manufacturer of computer-controlled capital equipment
used in the circuit assembly industry. ;
3. THE IPOs OF 2001
Two reports are out on last year's IPO market, including one from
Thomson Financial/Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital
Association (NVCA) that focuses on the Q4/2001 market for
venture-backed IPOs. Following a modest showing in Q3, the report
shows a rebound in Q4/2001, when 14 US venture-backed companies raised
$1.45 billion. While that's down from a year-ago, it was the largest
quarter of 2001 both in the number and dollar volume. The year ended
with a total of 37 venture-backed IPOs for a total offer size of $3.2
billion, down significantly from the prior year's record volume of $21
billion, but close to the $3.6 billion raised in 1998. As in Q3, the
fourth quarter's venture-backed IPOs were dominated by the
Medical/Health industry, the largest being a $170 million offering
from AMN Healthcare Inc. The total number of all IPOs in 2001
(venture-backed or otherwise), was 87, according to Hoover's IPO
Scorecard, and there wasn't a dot-com in the bunch. That was a big
drop from the 12 dot.coms in 2000 and the 22 in 1999. There were,
however, 10 IPOs last year in the Computer Software & Services sector,
two in Telecom, and one in Computer Hardware sector. In 2001, IPOs
raised $39 billion total, averaging 15% above their offering price. ; ;,1334,23_3523,00.html

IV> Resources & Opportunities
(Arlington, VA) A new survey released by the Information Technology
Association of America (ITAA) and INPUT shows increased optimism in
the IT Services industry about future business demand, but reflects a
downtick in business billing and operating rates and wages in the
month of November. The survey is the second in a new monthly series by
ITAA and INPUT assessing trends and forecasts in the IT Services
industry. Among the survey's highlights, respondents were optimistic
about the future of the industry, with 78% saying that they expect to
see increased demand within the next three months. That's a jump of
almost 30 percentage points compared to when the same question was
asked in October. The survey also found that a larger percentage of
respondents reported decreased billing rates, operating rates, and
wages in November compared to October. The ITAA is an information
technology industry association; INPUT is a provider of IT market
research and consulting services based in Chantilly, VA. ;

V> Who'sware

(McLean, VA) Venturewire reported that Reid Miles, founding partner
and managing director of venture capital firm Blue Water Capital, left
the firm in November to join BV Group Ventures, a Washington-based
merchant banking firm. Separately, Blue Water announced that DC-based
merchant bank G. William Miller & Co., has become a partner in Blue
Water Venture Fund III. ; ;

(Charlottesville, VA) ExploreLearning, a provider of interactive
online learning solutions for middle school, high school, and
introductory college-level courses, named Theodore Buchholz as
President and CEO. Buchholz, who was formerly President and CEO of
Harcourt College Publishers, succeeds Carl Frischkorn,
ExploreLearning's founding investor who has served as interim CEO and
will continue as Chairman of the Board.

(Alexandria, VA) Re-route, a provider of email address management
solutions, named Edward Bersoff as Chairman of the Board and CEO.
Bersoff was founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of BTG.

(Herndon, VA) Exostar, an exchange for the aerospace and defense
industry, named Donald Bielinski as President and CEO. He was formerly
CFO at W.W. Grainger.

(Stevensville, MD) CloseCall America, a telecommunications company
specializing in low-priced community calling, promoted President Tom
Mazerski to CEO. He will retain the title of President as well.


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