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Volume 7, Number 3 - January, 17 2002 - This Week's Contents:

--1. Board Certified Resources . . .
--2. And Resources For News And Reference
--1. Brickstream's Brick-and-Mortar CRM
--2. MKS' System Monitoring Product
--3. Forum One's Mailback Service
--4. Viaken's Second Informatics Solution
--5. Technology Training For Kids
--6. Quick Hits from Vredenburg, NCT, ExploreLearning,
.......Plateau Systems, AutoNetwork, Planit, and Motient
--1. Dough Raise Me
.....More than $24M for 3 local netpreneurs
--2. Life In The Food Chain
.....Cordant Acquires IMfuse IP
.....Response Networks Acquires AperServ
.....SAIC Acquires Infodata
--1. Virginia Telecom Business Plan Challenge
--2. The New Book On The New Imperialists
--3. SIIA's Report On The Future Of Web Services
--1. Technology Training for Kids
--2. Survey Seeks Info On Donations Of Computers
VI> WHO'sWARE about people at Quantum, FOCUS, and New Target

I> News About The Program
Want to know the five best and worst corporate boards of the year, at
least as Chief Executive Magazine picks 'em? The answer is in one of
the links we've assembled in the resources page for next week's Coffee
& DoughNets. At C&D, we'll take up the subject of building and
managing an effective board of directors or advisors, and these links
to relevant articles, guides, reports, and sites should spur even more
good questions for you to ask our panelists: Raul Fernandez, CEO of
Dimension Data North America; Art Marks, Chairman of the Mid-Atlantic
Venture Association (MAVA); Bruce Crockett, former President and CEO
of COMSAT; and moderator Jonathan Shames of Ernst & Young. C&D will be
Wednesday, January 23, 7:00 AM, at the General Cinema at Mazza
Gallerie on Wisconsin Avenue in DC. Check out the resources, and sign
up now for C&D.

Sign up for C&D:
C&D Resources:
Speaking of resources, we've added some new ones in the redesigned
Netpreneur Corner. "Research Desk" compiles a selective, annotated
list of links to sites that can help you collect relevant market and
industry data for business plans and other projects, in areas such as
Company Intelligence, Industry Analysts, Internet Statistics, Economic
& Demographic Data, and Global Markets. Then, to stay up with current
trends, "News Sources" is an expanded list of links to periodicals on
business and technology that can also help you do further research.
Both lists were compiled with help from members of Talk-the-Talk, our
entrepreneurs discussion group. Check out these and other Netpreneur
Corner resources, and let us know what you think-- especially if you
have additional sites to recommend.

Research Desk:
News Sources:

II> Regional Netpreneurs
(Arlington, VA) Brickstream is a new company that offers analytical
customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help
brick-and-mortar businesses develop a more complete understanding of
the customer experience in their stores. The Brickstream System
leverages in-store video technology and patented "image understanding"
software to automatically and anonymously collect customer activity
data, such as where customers go and what they do. The company's first
two solutions provide businesses with intelligence about customer
interactions with in-store service and in-store marketing.
(Fairfax, VA) MKS released AlertCentre, a point-and-click solution for
availability monitoring, alerting, and corrective action automation
for online resources. The product comes bundled with TKSA, a systems
management solution platform that provides tools for scheduling,
alerting, automating repairs, and more. Users can define monitors that
observe, report on, and control the activities of other programs or
devices on a network, automatically triggering actions to be taken
upon failures or system events. Separately, the company also announced
the release of Version 8.0 of its MKS Toolkit Product Family, which
offers capabilities to interoperate, manage IT resources, and develop
software across UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms. ;
(Alexandria, VA) Internet strategy and development firm Forum One
Communications launched Webinvoke, an email "mailback" service that
allows users to request that Web materials be sent to them as email
attachments. The service is targeted especially for people who have
access to email but limited access to the Web, particularly in areas
of the world where high telecom costs or poor infrastructure limit Web
usage. Current users of the product include the World Bank and the US
Agency for International Development.
(Gaithersburg, MD) Viaken Systems debuted Viaken Discovery Research
(VDR), the second component of its offerings to provide research and
informatics solutions for the life science industry. Helping to
accelerate the development of intellectual property from scientific
research, VDR offers enhanced capabilities for in-silico discovery
through research programs (Hey, your guess is as good as mine.). The
two initial areas of discovery are Comparative Genomics and Systems
Biology. Viaken also announced a deal to use Herndon-based illumitek's
D3 platform to extend its capabilities for addressing integration
challenges in the drug discovery process. D3 is an enabling technology
that integrates data mining, analysis, visualization and Web-based
interactivity into a single development platform. ;
(Washington, DC) The DCTech Council announced the names of nine
companies that will present at the Early Stage Capital Forum coming
January 31. They are: from DC, Bantu Inc. and Netless Web Wireless
Inc.; from Alexandria, Re-route Corp.; from Fairfax, GeoData Systems;
from Lanham, Potomac Photonics Inc.; from Baltimore Accelics,
Agensmith, and Epitaxial Technologies; and from Towson, Bluefire
Security Technology.

(Reston, VA) Vredenburg released Version 3.3 of HighView, its
all-in-one imaging, document management, workflow, and Web
distribution solution. Enhancements in the new version include
increased security and Section 508 compliance.

(Vienna, VA) Network Computing Technologies released version 5.0 of
its Trap Receiver product, a fault management solution for network
operators and system administrators.

(Charlottesville, VA) ExploreLearning, a provider of online learning
solutions, and Evanston, IL-based McDougal Littell, a publisher for
grades 6-12 and a division of Houghton Mifflin, have partnered to
develop enhanced online versions of McDougal Littell's algebra
textbooks. ;

(Arlington, VA) eLearning companies Plateau Systems and
Baltimore-based SystemLink Enterprise Solutions are joining forces to
offer serves for managing the learning needs that arise when
organizations roll out and integrate large-scale software applications
across the enterprise. ;

(Reston, VA) AutoNetwork, a minority focused automobile information
site, has a new programming and outreach deal with AutoMundo Magazine,
a Hispanic auto magazine. Included is a car buying service for
Hispanic and African-American purchasers.

(Baltimore, MD) Planit created the website for Arnold, MD-based
CollabraSpace, a provider of collaborative business software
solutions. ;

(Reston, VA) - Wireless communications provider Motient filed for
voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and said that it plans to
convert $335 million of debt into equity. The company said that the
operations of its data network would not be affected by the filing.
The company expects to emerge from bankruptcy by Spring.

III> Funding & Finance News

$10 million for Falls Church-based Mesa Communications Group, an
owner, developer and operator of communications towers. The money
comes from current investor Schroder Ventures US Fund, and is
accompanied by a $75 million senior credit facility from a bank group
led by BNP Paribas, and includes Tyco Capital, GE Capital and Wachovia
Bank. Through new construction and acquisition, Mesa is developing a
network of clustered "community towers" designed to accommodate
various types of wireless communications operators, including
broadband wireless carriers, FM and TV  broadcasters, and private land
mobile radio operators.

$14 Million in a Series B round for Columbia-based Matrics, a provider
of advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) and tracking
technology for supply chain logistics, asset tracking, and inventory
management. The round, which closed in late 2001, was co-led by Novak
Biddle Venture Partners and The Carlyle Group, with participation by
Venturehouse Group, Polaris Venture Partners, The Washington Dinner
Club, eCentury Capital Partners, Allied Capital, Apgar Investments,, Capital Investors, Silver Haze Partners, Riggs
Capital Partners, Frank Bonsal, Jr., and Matrics President and CEO
Piyush Sodha.

An undisclosed equity investment for iBiquity, a developer of digital
AM and FM radio broadcast technology. The money comes as part of a
deal with Ford Motor Company to investigate opportunities to deploy
iBiquity technology in Ford vehicles. ;

--Cordant Acquires IMfuse IP
(Alexandria, VA) Bellevue, WA-based Cordant, a provider of enterprise
instant messaging (IM) infrastructure, acquired the intellectual
property assets of IMfuse, a developer of enterprise IM applications.
Jesse Koontz, IMfuse co-founder & CTO, joins Cordant as CTO. IMfuse's
enterprise server product, IMfusion, provides interoperability to
users of diverse public IM networks such as AOL's AIM and Jabber. The
company also created a toolkit to help developers build business
applications on IMfusion.

--Response Networks Acquires AperServ
(Alexandria, VA) MA-based Response Networks has acquired AperServ
Technologies, a provider of Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
services for communications services providers. The acquisition joins
AperServ's trouble-ticket integration, SLA credit calculator and Web
monitoring services with Response Networks' service level
accountability, performance and Quality of Service (QoS) management
products. The agreement includes an investment in Response Networks by
AperServ's investors, including Walker Ventures, the Maryland Angels
Council, and Terra Lycos Ventures. Ted Joseph will remain chairman and
CEO of Response Networks and will be joined on the executive team by
AperServ founders Greg and Tim Keough. ;

--SAIC Acquires Infodata
(Fairfax, VA) Infodata Systems, a provider of electronic document
solutions, has been acquired by San Diego-based research and
engineering company SAIC in a deal valued at $4.7 million. Infodat
will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC. ;

IV> Resources & Opportunities
(McLean, VA) Companies that have not raised more than one round of
institutional funding are invited to submit business plans for the
First Annual Virginia Telecom Business Plan Challenge, sponsored by
Akin Gump, Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Columbia Capital, and The Motley Fool. The
winning entry will receive $70,000 in professional services. Companies
must have an original telecommunications product, service, or
technology, or have a substantial improvement on an existing telecom
product, service or technology. Telecommunications is defined broadly
to include telecom service providers, Internet related products or
services, telecom infrastructure, wireless products or services, and
telecom network security applications. Applicants are competing for up
to 20 hours of legal and business services from Akin Gump Technology
Ventures, a $10,000 grant for business consulting services from CIT
and the Tech Venture Partnership, up to 20 hours of tax consulting
services from PricewaterhouseCoopers, and strategic business
structuring advice from Columbia Capital. The winner will be announced
following presentations by five finalists at an open forum on March
21. There is no entry fee. Applications are due by February 15.
Guidelines and applications are available at
(Washington, DC) Washington Post technology reporter Mark Leibovich is
author of the new book, "The New Imperialists," which provides
in-depth portraits of technology leaders Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry
Ellison, John Chambers, and Steve Case. It's based on one-on-one
sessions with these "generals of the networked world's ruling
empires," plus some 400 interviews with their relatives, friends,
associates, and adversaries. Mark offers an account of key formative
events, subsequent reactions, and personal experiences that helped
shape their careers.
(Washington, DC) The eBusiness Division of the Software & Information
Industry Association (SIIA) released a report examining Web Services,
what SIIA calls "the next stage in the evolution of the software
industry." The report provides a definition of Web Services and
analyzes five companies (Sun, Oracle, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and
Microsoft) with competing plans to develop the platform standards on
which Web Services will grow. It also looks at what Independent
Software Vendors need to consider as they begin to develop their
offerings as Web Services. The 43-page report, "Industry Leaders'
Plans for Web Services: What does it mean for ISVs?" is available to
SIIA members at no charge and to non-members at a cost of $495. The
SIIA is a trade association for the software and digital content

V> Regional News
(Falls Church, VA) Local independent public television broadcaster MHz
Networks, in conjunction with Kidz Online, received $800,000 in
funding from Congress for the creation of a series of technology
education programs. The MHz Networks program, MHz Kidz, is based on a
peer-to-peer, after-school approach to teaching technology, and is
being created for Greater Washington, DC metro area K-12 students,
through the collaborative efforts of MHz NETWORKS and the local
educational and technology community. Combining free television
broadcasting, the Internet and "student-as-teacher," after-school
training programs, MHz Kidz will feature online discussions between
on-air hosts and student viewers.  The program will also be offered to
public TV stations in the commonwealth of Virginia, and other PBS
stations. Kidz Online is a non-profit, educational organization
focusing on peer-to-peer technology training. ;
(Washington, DC) Computers For Learning (CFL) is a program under the
General Services Administration (GSA) that matches the needs of
schools and educational nonprofit organizations with surplus computer
equipment of federal agencies. Since, federal donations do not meet
the overwhelming needs of all institutions, CFL is considering
industry participation as well. Please take a moment to fill out their
online survey intended to understand private industry's concerns and
level of interest in donating excess computer hardware to schools and
educational nonprofit organizations. (The survey is for informational
purposes and does not ask for donations).

V> Who'sware

(Jessup, MD) Quantum Photonics, a developer of optoelectronic
components, modules and sub-systems for telecom applications, named
Dan Petrescu as CEO. He was previously VP and GM of Newport
Corporation's Fiber-Optics and Photonics Division.

(Rockville, MD) eBusiness solutions developer FOCUS Consulting named
Jeff Graber as CEO. He previously held senior positions with MITRE,
Compuware, and SpaceWorks, and is the founder of the DC Area Internet
Developers Association.

(Alexandria, VA) New Target, a Web design and development company,
named co-founder Laura Machanic as President and CEO. She recently
acquired majority ownership in the firm.


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