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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 7 - February 14, 2002
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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Email Marketing Guide, V2
      1.2 Culture Pearls
      2.1 Wireless Access To PC Data
      2.2 Making Moving Pictures
      2.3 Visual Web Interaction
      2.4 Battle For The Bands
      2.5 Helping Financial Advisors Manage Risk
      2.6 Round-up: Quick Hits from NextWave, InphoMatch, NeuStar,
      .........YellowBrix, Infodata, and Capitol Advantage
      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ......$30.7M for 2 local netpreneurs
      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ......TEN-TV Acquires Streampipe
      ......iLumin Merges With
      ......SolarMetric Acquires KODO JDO
      ......RipTech Acquires Para-Protect's MSP Business
      3.3 Dot-Com Failures Hit 17-Month Low
      3.4 Uninvested Capital Slows VC Fund Raising
      4.1 Monitoring The Mobile Messaging Market
      4.2 Baltimore's eHarbor Classifieds

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||

Just in time for any Valentine's Day email campaigns you may have in
the works, we've published the revised edition of Netpreneur
AdMarketing's Email Marketing Products Guide. Created with the help
of Netpreneur's AdMarketing discussion list members, the Guide
presents an overview of the different types of email marketing
products and services from dozens of vendors around the world,
complete with brief descriptions and contact information. We
announced the preliminary version back in January, and have since
updated it with comments collected from readers, group members,
vendors, and others. The Guide is available free as a PDF file to
registered users of the Netpreneur Exchange website, and
registration is free and fast. Just visit the Email Marketing area
of the site and click on "Email Marketing Products Guide."

Email Marketing:
Join AdMarketing:
As basketball coach Al McGuire once said, "A team should be a
reflection of the coach's personality. My teams were arrogant and
obnoxious." Company culture is a leadership issue: If you leave it
to evolution, there's no telling what you may end up with. At this
month's Coffee & DoughNets we take up the topic of how companies
build and maintain winning (and losing) cultures with Caren DeWitt,
co-founder of webMethods; Matthew Pittinsky, co-founder of
Blackboard; moderator Jeremy Brosowsky, founder and CEO of
Washington Business Forward magazine; and Netpreneur's own Mario
Morino, a cultured guy if there ever was one. C&D will be Wednesday,
February 27, 7:00 am, at the AMC Theatres at Union Station in
Washington, DC. The event is free, but online sign up is required.

Sign up for C&D:

|||||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Herndon, VA) Gigamedia Access announced the availability of its
wireless remote access service platform, PeerSwitch, that allows
mobile workers to use wired or wireless devices to access and share
information in real-time. Users can perform such tasks as reading
and sending email, modifying files, checking schedules, receiving
alerts, and sharing information from their PCs without
re-configuring firewalls, copying data, or forwarding email. All
transmissions are encrypted, digital certificates provide
authorization, and business data stays within the confines of
existing security systems. Remote workers can customize their use
based on personal files and applications on their desktop.

(Washington, DC) ImageMatics, a developer of animation creation
tools and services, released StillMotion Creator, an ASP-based tool
that enables photographers and Web content creators to make movies
in Flash SWF format using a scanner or digitized photographs from
any source. StillMotion allows a photographer to simulate a
professional animation stand in which the camera moves around the
picture, enabling them to animate their portfolios, re-purpose
photographs for commercial use, or sell animated photo albums to
clients. ImageMatics says that major metropolitan daily newspapers
have expressed interest in the product for use with their photo
files and to create journalistic Web pages with movement. The
company is planning follow-on products to enhance Web site
development and Internet content creation.

(Falls Church, VA) Cincro Communications unveiled Looking Glass, a
software product for Web space creation and real-time visual
interaction. Instead of using HTML, users can drag and drop digital
images, documents, and text to create Web spaces. The product
supports higher levels of visually interaction with Web spaces,
including unique zoom and pan canvas features. Looking Glass is
targeted against custom HTML authoring tools as well as groupware
and collaboration tools, and will be marketed both to consumers and
as an enterprise solution for virtual collaboration. The company
says that it expects to launch a subscription service next quarter.

(Baltimore, MD) TourVote is a new market intelligence and audience
acquisition system for the live entertainment industry developed by
Demand ID Systems that lets local music fans request a live show by
any musical artist or group. The site is part of a suite of online
music and artist sites where fans can request live performances. The
demand information is gathered across the network and will be made
available to the artists, local entertainment venues, booking
agents, event promoters, and others involved in creating and hosting
shows in cities across the country. When their chosen artist is
booked for a gig, local voters receive email alerts with relevant
show details and links to partner Web pages.

(Falls Church, VA) Efficient Portfolio introduced a new Internet
service that helps financial advisors determine the level of risk
acceptable to their clients and the mix of sectors that have given
the highest returns at that level of risk. The service uses 16
questions to determine a client's risk tolerance, then helps the
advisor to identify the mutual funds that have performed best in
each asset class and the stocks preferred by the fund managers. The
formula is based on Modern Portfolio Theory, a Noble Prize winning
mathematical model for determining which classes of assets will rise
in relation to the fall of other assets.


(Washington, DC) NextWave Telecom, which is currently working its
way through bankruptcy reorganization, announced that it has
activated its wireless network in 60 markets and is engaged in
customer trials of its wireless data service in selected areas. Over
the next few months, it expects to complete Phase I construction and
activate its wireless network in the remaining 35 markets where it
holds PCS licenses.

(Chantilly, VA) InphoMatch, a provider of interactive messaging
solutions for US wireless telecom carriers, announced the opening of
its Latin American operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

(Washington, DC) Domain registrar NeuStar announced that the general
public will be able to register Internet addresses with the ".us"
extension beginning April 24. The Sunrise Period runs March 4
through April 9, during which owners of existing or pending US
trademarks will be able to apply for ".us" domain names that
correspond to their respective marks.

(Alexandria, VA) YellowBrix released ArchiText Enterprise Server
Toolkit, a set of information management tools previously available
as an ASP solution. The new licensed version allows companies to
deliver business information, such as proposals, marketing
collateral, and external news feeds, to appropriate internal and
external audiences in real time.

(Fairfax, VA) Infodata has licensed its AnnoDoc collaboration and
annotation tool into CA-based Documentum's enterprise content
management platform, allowing teams of people to create, assemble,
and view individual annotations on complex documents over the Web,
then track and audit the changes.

(Fairfax, VA) Political news stories on Yahoo! News now include
links to an Issues & Action section which features Action Alerts
posted by organizations through Capitol Advantage's CapWiz
technology, which visitors can use to send and read "Letters To
Leaders" about a particular issue, or send hand-delivered messages
directly to members of Congress.

|||||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$3.1 million in a first round for Bethesda-based Approva, a provider
of business process automation solutions. The money comes from
Columbia Capital, New Enterprise Associates, and Novak Biddle
Venture Partners. Approva was founded by Prashanth Viswanath
Boccasam, co-founder of Entevo.

$27.6 million in a Series B round for Jessup, MD-based Quantum
Photonics, a developer of opto-electronic components, modules, and
sub-systems for telecommunications and data communications
applications. The money comes from new investors Boulder Ventures,
Core Capital Partners, Davenport Capital Ventures, Draper Atlantic,
EDB Investments, Intersouth Partners, Kinetic Ventures, and Riggs
Capital Partners, and previous investors, Optical Capital Group and
The Grosvenor Funds. William Heflin of Kinetic Ventures, Andrew
Jones of Boulder Ventures, Don Rainey of Intersouth Partners, and
Jonathan Silver of Core Capital Partners join the company's board.

3.2 Life In The Food Chain

-- TEN-TV Acquires Streampipe
(Alexandria, VA) Ardsley, NY-based TEN-TV has acquired bankrupt
Streampipe, a provider of products and services that enable
organizations to broadcast live and on-demand events over the
Internet. The Streampipe name will be retained by TEN-TV and used to
brand a set of its service offerings, including Streampipe's
existing services. The combined company will have approximately
doubled revenues and customer accounts.

-- iLumin Merges With
(Reston, VA) iLumin, a provider of solutions for the secure transfer
of online documents, signed a merger agreement with Santa Ana,
CA-based, a provider of online transaction and payment
settlement solutions. provides software products and
services that manage, monitor, and execute terms and conditions
associated with transaction settlement and closure.

-- SolarMetric Acquires KODO JDO
(Washington, DC) SolarMetric, a creator of enterprise development
products for Java, announced that it has acquired Kodo JDO, an
implementation of Sun's Java Data Objects (JDO) specification. Kodo
was initially created by developers at TechTrader, Inc. who left to
join SolarMetric. SolarMetric's products enable application
developers to focus on their application logic rather than on
deployment-specific details.

--RipTech Acquires Para-Protect's MSP Business
(Alexandria, VA) Riptech, a provider of managed security services,
has acquired the managed services customer base of Para-Protect, the
Centreville, VA-based security services company that is in the
process of ceasing operations. Riptech said that it will provide
information security services to Para-Protect's customers without
interruption. Riptech is making a collection out of other MSP's
customers. In July 2001, OneSecure selected Riptech to take over its
managed services customers, and, in December 2001, Predictive
Systems transitioned its more than 100 managed security services
customers to Riptech.

(San Francisco, CA) New figures from show that 19
Internet companies shut down or went bankrupt in January, the fewest
since 10 failed in August 2000. One of those bankruptcies was Global
Crossing, however, the fourth largest in US history in terms of
assets. Webmergers also reported that buyers shelled out far less
money to acquire more properties compared to the same month a year
ago: $2.1 billion was spent on 130 Internet properties, compared to
the $3.7 billion that went for 106 acquisitions in January 2001. The
number of infrastructure-related deals (80) doubled over the
previous January (41) while the number of transactions involving
destination Web sites declined by more than half, from 55 to 26.

(Arlington, VA) According to the latest numbers from Venture
Economics and the National Venture Capital Association, VC fund
raising activity continued to slow in Q4 2001 as capital funds
secured $4.6 billion in commitments. However, during all of 2001,
286 venture funds raised $40.6 billion, representing the
third-largest year on record. Fourteen funds based in the
Mid-Atlantic region raised a total of $1.3 billion during the year,
compared to 38 such funds which raised $7.0 billion in 2000. The
slowdown reflects strong reserves from increased fundraising levels
in 2000 and early 2001, and, with investing activity having slowed
from the pace of 2000, VCs are able to draw from existing funds
without the need to raise additional capital. "Like the technology
companies that VCs invested in, which now have a lot of unsold
inventory, the private equity industry as a whole has a substantial
inventory of approximately $100 billion of uninvested capital," said
Jesse Reyes of Venture Economics. According to the report, early and
seed stage funds continued to dominate fund raising activity in Q4
with $2.4 billion, more than half of the total amount of capital
raised in the quarter. For the year, early and seed stage funds
received $24.3 billion, down 58% from $58 billion in 2000.

|||||||||||||||||||| 4. Opportunities & Resources ||||||||||||||||||

4.1 Monitoring The Mobile Messaging Market
(McLean, VA) The Arena Intelligence Group, a market intelligence and
consulting firm focused on the wireless telecommunications industry,
launched Mobile Messaging Monitor, a research, news, and information
service that is delivered approximately once a week in Adobe PDF
format. The service tracks new contract information for SMS, EMS,
MMS, and IM; interoperability agreements; EMS and MMS terminals
news; messaging vendor developments; new messaging applications and
services; messaging based entertainment; and global messaging user
habits, statistics, and forecasts.

4.2 Baltimore's eHarbor Classifieds
(Baltimore, VA) The Greater Baltimore Technology Council (GBTC) and
Digital Harbor Online launched eHarbor, an online marketplace for
GBTC members and Baltimore's technology community. eHarbor allows
people and businesses to post listings to exchange goods and
services, including "just about anything related to business and
technology," such as office equipment, computers, rental space,
barter opportunities, and more. eHarbor listings appear in a new
section of the Digital Harbor Online email newsletter and website.

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