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Volume 8, Number 13, April 3, 2003

This Week's Contents:

1.1 International Sales, Partnerships & Outsourcing
    1.2 How To Be Found
    2.1 Dueling CPOEs Part 1: DrFirst's Rcopia
    2.2 Dueling CPOEs Part 2: QuadraMed's Affinity
    2.3 OptiView's Content Acceleration Appliance
    2.4 Impact Labs' PC Security Application
    2.5 Surety's Data Integrity Solution
    2.6 Round-up: Quick Hits from Cyracle, Agari, NFR, Ecutel, Exostar, Unanet,

    ............Cyveillance, 4FrontSecurity, and The Berndt Group
    3.1 Dough Raise Me
    ......$28.6M for 3 local entrepreneurs
    3.2 Life In The Food Chain
    ......Fiserv Acquires ReliaQuote
    ......iLearning Merger Creates Capstar
    ......IntelliTrack Acquires RioScan
    ......General Dynamics Acquires Creative Technology
    4.1 Spring Reading, Part 1: When VCs Say No
    4.2 Spring Reading, Part 2: Java Pitfalls

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About Netpreneur ||||||||||||||||||

There are lots of reasons for going global, including customers, partners, development, and customer support, just to name a few. There are also many challenges on the road to leveraging those opportunities. At this month's Coffee & DoughNets we'll take a look at the upsides, downsides, and sideways of international business at "Going Global: A Look At International Sales, Partnerships & Outsourcing." We'll cover a broad range of topics from marketing and channel strategies to recruiting partners, outsourcing, managing remotely, and dealing with cultural differences. Our panel of entrepreneurs will share their experiences about what worked for them, what didn't work, and why, including Sundaresan Raja, CEO of Airbee Wireless; John Malone, CEO of BizTelOne; and others. C&D is coming Tuesday, April 22, to the Marvin Center at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Register now.

Register for C&D:

How do most small companies get their first big company sales? According to panelists from last week's Coffee & DoughNets, it's almost always because they find you, not the other way around. Learn why targeted visibility may be your most important sales tool in the transcript and video from the event, now available at the Netpreneur site. Doug Clark of Métier, Ken Kiser of Foundry Networks, Jeff Payne of Cigital, and Larry Schlang of Bantu talk about "Closing Early Stage Sales" and offer tips, war stories, and lessons learned.

|||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Rockville, MD) In a recent survey, hospital CIOs identified Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) as the most important healthcare application for their organizations in the next two years to address medication errors. DrFirst debuted Rcopia, its CPOE engine that combines in-hospital CPOE medication ordering for inpatients with outpatient ePrescribing functionality for large practice groups, clinics, and independent physician associations (IPAs). Ambulatory ePrescribing and charge capture modules are available. The Web-enabled system is platform- and device-independent, and a stand-alone version works on PalmOS devices. Built to integrate with other healthcare information systems using the standard HL-7 format or XML, DrFirst says that the system is "offered at a fraction of the cost of other CPOE systems."

(Reston, VA) QuadraMed announced its entry for the CPOE, and the latest addition to its integrated Affinity HIS (Healthcare Information System) suite of web-enabled software. Designed to integrate workflow between all providers in the patient care setting, Affinity Care Solutions include applications such as patient charting, order management, and pharmacy management. Affinity CPOE includes Intelligent Care Sets which embeds relevant diagnostic and therapeutic content into a checklist of things that a clinician should be aware of in a given situation. Sources of this information include professional societies, open source libraries, commercially provided data, and locally authored or "learned" knowledge from individual clinicians. A clinician can author his or her own content and have it automatically presented at the appropriate times.

(Dulles, VA) OptiView Technologies introduced SiteCelerate, a Web content acceleration appliance that optimizes and compresses all images, HTML, and files on a website or group of sites, speeding page delivery some two to ten times. Bandwidth usage is reduced by 50% with no visual degradation, says the company, while HTML and other file types are optimized and compressed an average of 80% to enable faster transfer. As an added benefit, it filters out thousands of worm hits every day, stopping malicious Web probes before they reach the servers.

(Columbia, MD) Impact Labs released Impact SecureOffice Personal Edition, an application that protects documents created in Microsoft Office and other PC-file formats from unauthorized access, loss, theft, or cyber attack. SecureOffice plugs directly into the File menu of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, providing a drop-down file management system for storing and protecting any or all files. A feature called Active Stealth adds another layer of protection by hiding secured files from unauthorized users. Protected folders appear to be empty even though they contain files that are encrypted and hidden from sight.

(Herndon, VA) Surety introduced its AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Service, a cryptographically verifiable process that allows executives, compliance officers, record managers, researchers, and others to prove the integrity of their electronic records. Surety's patented process creates a unique digital "fingerprint" for any electronic record, including transcripts, email, spreadsheets, PDF, and XML files. Once notarized, any tampering of the record can be detected. Features include a Digital Signature Life Extension that makes it possible to validate the authenticity of digitally signed documents after their certificates have expired or been revoked, and Enhanced PDF Integrity, which embeds cryptographic proof of validity within a PDF file to simplify storage and verification.


(Reston, VA) As of April 14, Cyracle will change its name to Parature, Inc. The company said that the shift better reflects its evolution from a knowledge management focus to offering a wider range of solutions under the online support umbrella.

(Bethesda, MD) Agari Mediaware released Version 3.0 of Media Bus, its integration platform that enables the interoperation of applications that create, manage, and distribute content. New capabilities include full support for applications that have a Web services interface.

(Rockville, MD) NFR Security released Version 3.2 of its NFR NID network intrusion detection and management system. The new version increases performance and adds fine-grained individual sensor control to minimize false positive alerts.

(Alexandria, VA) Ecutel released Version 4.2 of its VPN software, Viatores. New features enhance usability and management, including client deployment automation and increased support for third-party authentication servers.

(Herndon, VA) Exostar, an aerospace and defense eMarket, released Version 5.0 of its eProcurement suite of products. Enhancements enable customers to buy and sell direct materials faster and more efficiently.

(Fairfax, VA) Unanet released Version 5.2 of its professional services automation system. New functionality includes Person Level Budgets and new submittal validations to better constrain time and expense entry.

(Arlington, VA) Cyveillance announced the next-generation of its online brand and trademark protection services which detects tactics such as cybersquatting infringements, unauthorized affiliations, unauthorized use of logos, and site redirection schemes.

(Reston, VA) 4FrontSecurity announced a partnership with Denver-based The Work-IT Group to add legal and policy/procedure assistance to corporations and governments on information security issues. The combined services will help organizations ensure that their security policies are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

(Baltimore, MD) The Berndt Group built a new website for The Production Management Group, a direct marketing company.

|||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$2 million in additional funding for Gaithersburg-based Iomai, bringing the total of its Series C round announced in January to $56 million. Iomai is a biopharmaceutical company that is developing a new method for delivering vaccines to the skin through a proprietary technology known as transcutaneous immunization. The $2 million was provided by AIG Global Investment, joining a syndicate co-led by New Enterprise Associates and Essex Woodlands Health Ventures.

$3 million in a Series A round for Herndon-based Clareos, a business intelligence software company. The round was led by Core Capital Partners, with participation by previous investors Columbus Nova and S.R. One, Limited, a corporate fund of SmithKline Beecham. Clareos' CrossCut solution is an enterprise software product that allows businesses to analyze very large amounts of data, such as customer details, transactions, or telecom infrastructure details. It features interactive performance against unbounded volumes of data, an ad-hoc query interface, and distributed query execution across a network of independent, parallel servers. The company says that queries involving 100 million to billions of rows of data have response times of seconds to minutes. Mark Levine of Core Capital will join Clareos' board.

$23.6 million for Chantilly-based CardSystems Solutions, an independent electronic payment processor. The round was led by new investor Camden Partners, with participation by a number of new individual investors and existing investors Equity Dynamics, Principal Financial Group, and Edgewater Private Equity Funds. CardSystems provides end-to-end electronic payment processing services to acquiring banks and Independent Sales Organizations, allowing them to manage the entire payment processing cycle and customize services to fit their merchant portfolio.


-- Fiserv Acquires ReliaQuote
(Falls Church, VA) ReliaQuote, an Internet-based insurance agency and brokerage, has been acquired by Brookfield, WI-based Fiserv, a provider of information management systems and services to the financial industry. Founded in 1999, ReliaQuote specializes in the marketing and sale of term life insurance policies primarily through the Internet, catering to the needs of self-directed insurance shoppers. The company also provides major financial institutions with the infrastructure needed to more efficiently deliver life insurance products.

-- iLearning Merger Creates Capstar
(Baltimore, MD) iLearning, a provider of software and services for online training, education, and communication programs, has merged with two other companies to form Capstar, a new firm offering assessment, training, and eLearning services. The other two companies in the merger are The Chauncey Group International, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service and a provider of certification and licensing examinations, and Experior Assessments, a subsidiary of The Chauncey Group and a professional testing and licensing services company. Capstar and The Chauncey Group will be headquartered in Princeton, NJ; iLearning will remain in Baltimore; and Experior will remain in St. Paul, MN.

-- IntelliTrack Acquires RioScan
(Hunt Valley, MD) IntelliTrack, a provider of barcode-based business solutions, announced the acquisition of Baltimore-based barcoding software maker RioScan. The deal is intended to enhance IntelliTrack's suite of products by adding Palm OS and Pocket PC-based solutions. IntelliTrack's data collection applications include a warehouse management system, as well as modules for fixed assets, stockroom, check in/out, and physical inventory. Both product lines will continue to be marketed, supported, and updated, and plans are underway to move both companies to one building in the Baltimore vicinity.

-- General Dynamics Acquires Creative Technology
(Falls Church, VA) General Dynamics has acquired Herndon-based Creative Technology, Inc., an information technology and consulting firm that primarily supports the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. Creative will become part of General Dynamics Network Systems, a business unit in its Information Systems and Technology group and the prime contractor for the renovation of the communication networks at the Pentagon.

|||||||||||||||||| 4. Opportunities & Resources ||||||||||||||||||

(Bethesda, MD) Ron Peterson of Three Arrows Capital has a new book published by Comanche Press entitled, "When Venture Capitalists Say No: Creative Financing Strategies & Resources." Illustrating how entrepreneurs have used various funding alternatives, it uses many examples of companies from the mid-Atlantic region showing techniques for creatively raising capital for a startup or expanded venture.

(Herndon, VA) Michael Daconta, Kevin Smith, and Donald Avondolio have collaborated on the newly-released book "More Java Pitfalls: 50 New Time-Saving Solutions and Workarounds," published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. This book provides specific programming solutions to difficult Java programming problems, including advanced topics in networking, XML, and the Java Virtual Machine. All three authors work at Herndon-based McDonald Bradley, a government IT solutions provider. This is the ninth book Daconta has published during the past ten years, and the second one focused on solving Java pitfalls. Daconta began his association with McDonald Bradley in July 2000 when it acquired his company, Synergy Solutions.

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