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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 21, May 23, 2002

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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Small Talk About Big Markets
      2.1 Priva's Authentication Technology
      2.2 NFR's Intrusion Detection Systems
      2.3 Arcemus' Intellectual Property Protection
      2.4 NextLinx's Import Adapter
      2.5 Crunchy's Accessibility Testing Tool
      2.6 Round-up: Quick Hits
      ...... news from L-Soft, Flight Explorer, ToadNet/SwapDrive,
      ..........., and BrowserMedia

      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ...... $81.25 for 1 local netpreneur

      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ...... TRADOS And Uniscape To Merge
      ...... J M Smith Acquires

      4.1 New Local Group For Product Managers
      4.2 Homeland Security News And Opportunities
      4.3 To Launch
      ...... news about people, including the Boardwatch

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||

"Sizing and Validating Market Opportunities" is more than this month
's Coffee & DoughNets topic, its a process that involves research,
proof, testing, and communication. To complement our C&D speakers,
we've put together a list of books and resources on the subject,
including "Market Research for New Ventures," a presentation by Bill
Rus of Venture Analytics, and "How to Optimize the Marketing Section
of Your Business Plan," by Mike Grandinetti of MarketSoft. Check
them out now at the Netpreneur site. C&D will feature Clara Conti,
CEO of Object Video; Paul Finke, President & CEO of Yafo Networks;
Tim Meyers, General Partner of Updata Capital; Jonathan Silver,
Managing Director of Core Capital Partners; and moderator Andrew
Sherman. Sign up now for C&D, coming next week, Thursday, May 30,
to the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC.

Signup for C&D:

|||||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Arlington, VA) Priva Technologies introduced its Cleared
Authentication System, a solution that uses a self-morphing
microchip designed specifically for identity verification and
security. At its heart is an integrated circuit that can be embedded
in a computer, cell phone, handheld device or specially designed
token. It takes standard two-factor validation (i.e. the combination
of a PIN and ATM card) and adds new authentication layers to provide
positive identification of all parties in a transaction, online and
offline, and block intruders. It performs at least four
authentication functions between the embedded chip, an
authentication platform and the user-challenge, changing the
process each time a transaction is initiated for stronger security.

(Rockville, MD) NFR Security debuted the enterprise edition of its
Host Intrusion Detection system and Version 2.0 of its Network
Intrusion Detection. The Host system has the ability to manage over
10,000 sensors from a single point, with a multi-function host
protection capability that provides security policy management,
vulnerability assessment, log analysis, and network node intrusion
detection in a single sensor. The Network product offers a family of
sensors, including gigabit appliances that  support very high-speed,
fully saturated networks.

(Potomac Falls, VA) Former Network Solutions executives have formed
Arcemus, an online intellectual property protection company that
offer services and technologies to manage global domain name
portfolios. Arcemus offers three levels of membership services for
enterprises of varying size that help protect trademarks on the
Internet. Its Encircle technology is a Web-based tool that provides
global domain name portfolio management services, including search,
register, transfer, modify, and can automatically renew any domain

(Rockville, MD) NextLinx, a provider of global trade content and
management solutions, introduced Import Adapter, a broker-centric
import management system that helps organizations manage compliance responsibilities. The subscription-based service maintains and validates global product information and addresses key import
functionalities, such as purchase order screening and import
licensing, and produces all documentation required for legal
international transactions.

(Arlington, VA) Crunchy Technologies released WinScreamer, a
software product designed to reduce the amount of time required to
analyze accessibility violations affecting disabled people and
correct non-compliant desktop software, desktop applications, and
Windows based products. Among other functions, the automated tool
monitors for any events generated that change accessibility and
display settings, captures windows and their properties activated
during monitoring phase, and verifies for Section 508 violations.


(Bethesda, MD) L-Soft released Version 1.8e of its e-mail list
management product, LISTSERV. New features include a redesigned Web interface and inclusion of functionality that screens email for

(Fairfax, VA) Flight Explorer released Version 4.0 of its Flight
Explorer Personal Edition, a software platform that enables
individuals to track flights in the US and Canada. New features
include new surface overlays and new user-defined view settings.

(Annapolis, MD) ToadNet will offer DC-based SwapDrive's online data
backup and recovery service to its ISP clients. Branded as
ToadBackup, it will be targeted at residential, SOHO, and business
broadband customers both as a standalone service and as part of a
bundled solution.

(Alexandria, VA) built the website for the
Licensing Executives Society.

(Bethesda, MD) BrowserMedia built the website for McManamey &
McManamey, a provider of risk management and insurance brokerage
services for the biotech industry.

(Baltimore, MD) Glows in the Dark Studios built the website for the
Eugene and Mary B. Meyer Center for Advanced Transfusion Practices
and Blood Research at Johns Hopkins University.

|||||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$81.25 million for Annapolis-based application service provider USi.
The money comes from an affiliate of Bain Capital and accompanies
USi's announcement that it has completed its bankruptcy
restructuring. USi also announced an agreement to merge operations
with Interpath, another ASP in which Bain Capital owns a controlling
interest, creating A company with more than 130 customers and
combined 2001 revenues of nearly $150 million.  Andrew Stern, CEO of
USi, will become Chairman and CEO of the combined company, which
will be headquartered in Annapolis.


-- TRADOS And Uniscape To Merge
(Alexandria, VA) TRADOS and Sunnyvale, CA-based Uniscape, both
providers of language technology solutions, announced that they have
reached an agreement to merge. TRADOS offers products for
translation memory and terminology management; Uniscape creates
software for enterprise globalization management. Together, the
combined product line will allow global companies to deliver
multilingual content for applications such as product documentation,
software interfaces, websites, and marketing collateral. Dev
Ganesan, CEO and President of TRADOS, will be the CEO and President of the new company. Once the merger has been completed, Uniscape will become the TRADOS Enterprise Solutions division.

-- J M Smith Acquires
(Rockville, MD) Spartanburg, SC-based J M Smith Corp. has acquired, an online retail pharmacy for independent and
regional chain pharmacies, from its parent company, Rockville-based
SymRx. Local pharmacies and small chains use to extend their local store and information services to the Internet,
where customers can order prescription refills and over-the-counter
products, and get answers to health, drug, and disease questions.

|||||||||||||||||||| 4. Opportunities & Resources ||||||||||||||||||

A new local chapter of the Product Development & Management
Association (PDMA) has been established which will alternate
activities between the Greater DC and Baltimore areas. In addition
to networking and events, the group will offer access to a local job
bank, certification opportunities, and other services. The kick-off
meeting, entitled "Hunting For Hunting Grounds," will be June 6,
6:30-9:00 PM in McLean, VA, and feature Dr. Christopher Miller,
co-author of the PDMA ToolBook for New Product Development.

McLean, VA-based FSI/Federal Sources, a public sector IT market
intelligence firm, released its Homeland Security Guide, an analysis
of the Homeland Security market from the federal, state and local IT
perspective. Written for the IT community and aimed at business
development, sales, and marketing professionals, it includes
background information on key government directives and initiatives;
discussion of the funding, risks, and opportunities; and appendices
with points of contact. The price for an enterprise version is $3295
for non-FSI clients. Considerably cheaper, DC-based DFI
International is now making its Homeland Security Update available
online. The electronic newsletter, now in its 23rd issue, is
available without charge at the company's site. Begun in the wake of
the September 11 attacks, the weekly Update provides leaders in
government, the military, industry, and academia with concise
updates on issues in homeland defense and national security. It
tracks policy, budget and legislative developments, institutional
reforms, and private sector developments.

(Arlington, VA) announced that it will launch, combining the resources of its two leading technology
sites, and will contain
nearly all of the content that has been offered by
along with reporting from several Newsbytes reporters, covering
major tech stories and policy issues. It will also offer content
from The Washington Post and Post Newsweek Tech Media Group
publications, including Government Computer News, Washington
Techway, and Washington Technology. Newsbytes will no longer exist
as a separate website, but the company will continue syndicating
technology news under the Newsbytes name. Washtech will exist as a
section of the site focusing on the Washington region. will officially launch June 3.

|||||||||||||||||||| 5. Who'sware  ||||||||||||||||||

(Columbia, MD) Corvis, a developer of optical networking technology,
named James Bannantine as President, replacing David Huber who
remains Chairman and CEO. Bannantine was formerly CEO and President of Dorsal Networks, a company recently acquired by Corvis.

(Washington, DC) InPhonic, a provider of communication software and
services, named Frank Bennett as COO and Scott Yancey as CFO.
Bennett was formerly SVP and Group Operations Officer at Verizon
Communications; Yancey was formerly CFO at WorldStor.

BOARDWATCH: Joining the board . . .

. . . at VCampus is Dennis Fische former Commissioner of the General
Services Administration's (GSA) Federal Technology Service.

. . . at Ai Metrix, Mario Morino, Chairman of the Morino Institute.

. . . at Pacel, Brian Bonar, Chairman of ITEC, and attorney Mark

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