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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 24, June 13, 2002

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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Viva Las Spinouts
      2.1 SOTAS' Network Routing Manager
      2.2 Luna's Enhanced Optical Analyzers
      2.3 Vansant's eCommerce Tool
      2.4 ISORegister's Business Directory
      2.5 Round-up: Quick Hits
      ...... news from Global Explorations, Avineon,
      ........... Plateau, and NetCompliance

      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ...... Hoo-rah! After a two-week dry spell
      ........... $42.4M for 4 local entrepreneurs

      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ...... comScore Acquires Media Metrix
      ...... ioWave Acquires Hybrid Networks

      ...... news about people: LogiXML, Convera, AOL, & ISG

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||

This month's Coffee & DoughNets takes "A Different Spin On Startups"
by focusing on how entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can find and
evaluate opportunities in spinning technology ventures out of large
organizations. Our panelists look at the issue from all sides,
including current entrepreneur Tom Gilbert, co-founder of Blue Ridge
Networks; cashed-out entrepreneur Jesko VonWindheim, CEO of
CRONOS/JDS Uniphase; venture capitalist Ransom Parker, Managing
Partner of SpaceVest; corporate executive Hal Kennedy of Lockheed
Martin; and the legal view from moderator Dave Sylvester of Hale &
Dorr. How do you get great ideas out of a large corporation and into
your own startup? Find out at C&D coming June 26, 7:00AM, to the
McLean Hilton in McLean Virginia. And for more info on taking the
spin, see the event resources at the Netpreneur site.

Sign up for C&D:

|||||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Gaithersburg, MD) SOTAS released ValueWave, a product that manages
network routing based on business rules setup by telecom providers
using multiple data sources such as interconnect carrier rate files,
rating databases, network inventory systems, network topology
databases, and the quality of service of each partner carrier.
Embedded in the solution is the capability to import rate files in
different formats from different carriers using a normalization
routine that helps the user see the impact of rate changes from its
partner carriers. ValueWave also allows users to change the routing
plans on the network using a batch operations feature that
implements plain-English language rules created on demand.

(Blacksburg, VA) Luna Technologies has incorporated Virtual
Instrument software in its line of Optical Vector Analyzers (OVAs)
used to test optical components. The new software enables users to
scan optical devices using the OVA, save the data, and analyze the
stored data using any computer on which the software is installed.
No additional OVA or data acquisition card is needed.

(Annapolis, MD) Website developer Vansant Creations launched
ShopSprite, a Web-based shopping cart product. An online interface
lets shop owners add, delete, and modify inventory, as well as set a
featured item to display on any page, set specials, and more.
Chesapeake Bay Gourmet, a crab cake and seafood vendor, is the first
ShopSprite installation.

(Manassas, VA) is a new online business directory
that lets merchants and customers find one another more easily by
performing product name and keyword queries during the same search.
Merchants pay a small annual fee to join the ISORegister data base,
which provides company, service, and product descriptions; contact
information; locations; keywords; and links to members' websites.
The service is free to consumers, who can use up to 11 criteria to
search a list of businesses that meet their requirements. Only
ISORegister member businesses are referred to users.


(Reston, VA) Global Explorations launched and, nationwide discount ISP services with
ethnic-oriented portal sites. The company is building specific
communities to attract advertisers.

(Alexandria, VA) InfoTech Enterprises, an IT and geospatial
solutions company, has changed its name to Avineon, Inc. Over the
past year, the company has launched new business initiatives and
expanded its global presence. The new identity provides an
opportunity to consolidate all of its operations under one name.

(Arlington, VA) Plateau Systems announced an alliance to offer
Pleasanton, CA-based Documentum's enterprise content management
platform as an integrated component of its Plateau 4 Learning
Management System. The integration allows organizations to link
learning initiatives with enterprise content.

(Washington, DC) NetCompliance, a provider of online filing
assistance for government regulatory compliance, filed for Chapter 7

|||||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$420K in a bridge round for Columbia-based Plethora Technology, a
provider of remote access and collaboration software. The money
includes contributions from several individual investors and a
second increment of funding from the Maryland Department of Business
and Economic Development's (DBED) Challenge Investment Program.
Plethora, which is preparing to raise a Series A round later this
year, has previously received two seed investments totaling $750,000
in cash plus infrastructure and services from Howard County Economic
Development Authority's NeoTech incubator.

$10 million in a fourth round for Herndon-based Ikimbo, a provider
of business communications and collaboration solutions. The money
comes from current investors William Blair New World Ventures, Cross
Atlantic, and Exelon Capital Partners.

$12 million in a third round for Vienna-based XtremeSpectrum, a
wireless communications company developing system semiconductor
solutions for multimedia connectivity. The money comes from current
investors Cisco Systems, Motorola, Alliance Technology Ventures,
Granite Ventures, and Novak Biddle Venture Partners, and new
investor POD Holding, a Scandinavian venture fund. The funding will
help XtremeSpectrum launch its initial ultra-wideband product within
the next quarter. Ultra-wideband is a wireless technology that
transmits an extremely low power signal over a wide swath of radio

$20 million in Series D round for Reston-based comScore Networks, an online consumer behavior research firm. The round was led by new
investor Topspin Partners, with participation by vSpring Capital of
Salt Lake City and current investors Accel Partners, JP Morgan
Partners/Flatiron Partners, Institutional Venture Partners, Lehman
Brothers Venture Fund, and Adams Street Partners. Leo Guthart,
Chairman and CEO of Topspin, joins the comScore Board.


-- comScore Acquires Media Metrix
(Reston, VA) In addition to its new funding, comScore announced that
it has acquired Jupiter Media Metrix's Internet Audience Measurement
service for the US and Canada for approximately $1.5 million in
cash. The acquisition forms the basis for comScore's new Media
Metrix Division, which will sell and service its portfolio of
Internet audience measurement services, including Media Metrix, AiM,
and netScore. Peter Daboll, president of comScore's Media Solutions
Division, has been named President of the Media Metrix Division.
comScore will open a new office in New York for the Media Metrix
staff who join comScore through the acquisition.

-- ioWave Acquires Hybrid Networks
(Arlington VA) Wireless equipment developer ioWave has reached an
agreement with the owners of San Jose CA-based Hybrid Networks, a
developer of advanced Fixed Wireless Local Loop solutions, whereby
ioWave will operate the combined business of the two companies.
ioWave will market its own and Hybrid's products under their
current, individual brand names to offering an end-to-end wireless

|||||||||||||||||||| 4. Who'sware  ||||||||||||||||||

(McLean, VA) LogiXML, developer of an application infrastructure
platform for building Web applications, named Pete Kauffman as CEO.
He was the founder of MEI Software Systems and has been an advisor
to LogiXML.

(Vienna, VA) Convera, a provider of search and retrieval software
products, named Claude Vogel as Chief Scientist. He was founder and
former CTO of Semio Corporation. Convera also recently named Francis
Malka, founder and former CTO of Semantix, as its VP of Advanced

(Dulles, VA) America Online named Shawn Hardin as SVP for Product & Programming of AOL Broadband. He was formerly EVP & Chief Product Officer for NBC Internet, and co-founder of NBC TV Network's
Interactive Division.

(Rockville, MD) ISG Solutions named Mark Bolgiano as VP of its Web
division. He was most recently, President of DC-based Web consulting

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