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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 29, July 25, 2002

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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Been There, Done That, Got The Commission Check
      2.1 Galt’s Drug Surveillance Division
      2.2 FOLIOfn’s SMA Technology
      2.3 OK, So It’s A Slow News Week
      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ...... Dog days. Nothing to report.

      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ...... ESBH Merges With ICO
      ...... Verus Acquires Network 1 Financial
      ...... EYT Acquires Signature Systems

      4.1 The Book On CLECs

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||


Everybody knows you’re supposed to go after the best people for your business, but whether it’s hiring a salesperson or closing a reference customer, do you really know what “best” is? The panel at yesterday’s Coffee & DoughNets began that discussion of sales, scales, and “Growing (Into) Your Customer Base,” where, among other pearls of wisdom, Mario Morino advised, “Get a salesperson who has been out there, not somebody who sold the same thing you just sold today. Think higher up all of the time.” Joining Mario were five who have been there before: Deepak Hathiramani, Rob Masri, Cory Marsan, Patrick Arnone, and Eric Becker. They took us through the early stages of growth, including the customers, the issues, and what to do the next. The summary article is now available, and the discussion is still going on in The Loop, our newest email discussion group, where panelists and other experts are continuing to answer questions about sales that you’ll find nowhere else.
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|||||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||


(Sterling, VA) Galt Associates, a provider of drug safety and marketing software and services created a new Surveillance Services Division, which will provide surveillance, reporting, and analysis to enable pharmaceutical companies to meet regulatory requirements. Galt uses proprietary analytic tools and formalized procedures to identify potential safety issues and generate supporting documentation. The new group also offers signal detection and evaluation services, Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR) services, and adverse event coding services. It will be headed by Dr. John Clark, who joins Galt after stints with several pharmaceutical companies.



(Vienna, VA)  FOLIOfn introduced FOLIO Allocator, its new SMA (Separately Managed Account) product for its financial brokerage platform. The product provides financial advisors, money managers, mutual fund companies and others with a way to deliver mass-customizable, higher-level client services more efficiently. Users can create multiple templates and allocations for clients, administer accounts with multiple portfolios, employ multiple managers from multiple firms for a single account, and subscribe global allocations among all portfolios.



(Severna Park, MD) The United States Beer Drinking Team has begun production of Beer Television for Internet webcast and syndication. Beer TV is the first and only "All Bee, All The Time" show “dedicated to informing the 84 million responsible American beer drinkers about their favorite brew.” Episodes will be videotaped at USBDT’s pierside studio and headquarters outside of Annapolis and on location around the world. Segments will include: All About Beer News, Beer Sports, Beer Careers, and “Chicago Bill From Wrigleyville,” among others. Membership in the US Beer Drinking Team is free, and members create and manage Beer Buddy lists and can earn rewards based on their purchases and those made by their Beer Buddies. There are email alerts to keep members informed of local and national events and destinations, and merchandise is available. (Here’s looking at you, Bubba.)

|||||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


Nothing to report.



-- ESBH Merges With ICO
(Washington, DC) Stay with me now. DC-based Ellipso owns Mobile Communications Holdings, Inc. (MCHI) which owns ESBH. ESBH holds MCHI’s license in the 2 GHz Mobile Satellite Service. ESBH will be merged with ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Ltd. and join forces with Constellation Communications Holdings, Inc. in launching next-generation mobile satellite operations. By consolidating their assets and resources, the companies say that they will optimize operational and spectral efficiencies and attract needed capital in order to advance their goal of launching a 12-satellite constellation. Under the terms of the agreement, ICO will use stock and cash to purchase 49% of ESBH and acquire controlling interest upon approval by the FCC. In addition, ICO and MCHI have entered into a non-contingent satellite sharing contract in which ESBH is purchasing a substantial portion of the ICO system's capacity. Clear?

-- Verus Acquires Network 1 Financial
(McLean, VA) Network 1 Financial, a credit card and ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing company, has been acquired by Nashville, TN-based Verus Financial Management, a payment processing company. The deal is the first in Verus’ campaign to consolidate companies and create a leading payment processing firm.

-- EYT Acquires Signature Systems
(Chantilly, VA) Systems integrator EYT acquired Signature Systems, a provider of Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions. Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise software automates processes across an organization's business, including financials, distribution, enterprise reporting, project accounting, eCommerce, HR management, and more.

|||||||||||||||||||| 4. Opportunities & Resources ||||||||||||||||||


(Washington, DC) A new book by local author Martin McDermott takes a look at the factors behind the fall of the competitive local exchange industry (CLEC), as well as the strengths of startups that could lead to a resurgence. "CLEC" covers the rise of competition in the local exchange business and the part played by the 1996 federal Telecommunications Act. It explores the issues that hampered the first generation of local telecom competitors, reviews operating business plans, and covers lessons learned, including: failure to differentiate, carbon copy business plans, unrealistic expectations, extreme decentralization, and unprofitable services. It also points out the accomplishments of the CLECs, which include the creation of networks that offer advanced services and the establishment of continually improving customer service operations. McDermott is a 30-year veteran of the industry with stints at two CLECs as Chief Marketing Officer and is now President & CEO of Management Consulting Profiles, a telecom consulting firm.

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