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Volume 6, Number 32 - August 9, 2001 - This Week's Contents:


--1. On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone


--1. ezTel Reduces Costs For ISPs

--2. All About Content Management

--3. Matrix’s Association Management Solution

--4. Roundup: Voices & Noises

.....Audiopoint Allows Data Capture By Voice

.....SoftMed’s Dictation And Voice Management System

.....Music On The Brain

--5. Quick Hits from CapTech, B2eMarkets, Apptus, DiamondBack and DMI


--1. Dough Raise Me

.....$33.6M for 6 local netpreneur

--2. Life In The Food Chain

.....Orion Acquires erbia

--3. Region’s Venture Fund Raising Picks Up In Q2



I> News About The Program



It’s the dog days of summer, which means things are slow all over and

reporters have nuthin’ to write about except bad earnings and another

Microsoft law suit. A good time to make a pitch, but to who (I mean

whom)? Check out our free public relations resources in the PR

Machine, including an extensive list of Reporters & Media Contacts, PR

Sites & Services, and more. If that’s not enough, check out some of

the summaries from Ad/Marketing group discussions on PR topics,

including threads such as Clipping Services, Online PR Resources, What

Goes In A Press Kit?, and Fees For Story Placement.

PR Machine:



II> Regional Netpreneurs



(Brookneal, VA) ezTel Networks introduced Dynamo, a solution that

gives ISPs the ability to assign any customer to either an hourly or

monthly rate and then change "on the fly" transparently to the user.

According to the company it will cut an ISP's underlying network costs

by 25-50% by allowing them to balance and maximize revenues from

low-end, occasional users and more robust customers. Dynamo makes it

easy for inexperienced users to change dial-up numbers and saves ISPs

money by cutting their wholesale network costs.



(Silver Spring, MD) IDEV launched CMSWatch, a website designed to

provide analysis of Web content management software, practices, and

related industry developments. It offers content management news,

interviews with industry figures, opinion pieces, trends, product

information, and comparative analyses. It also offers The CMS Report,

a primer on the process of planning, selecting, and implementing a Web

content management solution that includes a review of 16 software

packages. The Managing Editor of CMSWatch is Tony Byrne. IDEV is a

professional services firm that is reorganizing itself to provide

in-depth content management solutions, including building a content

management laboratory and partnering with technology providers.



(Alexandria, VA) Matrix Group International launched MatrixMaxx, a

suite of Web-based products and services designed to help associations

build websites and integrate them with their association management

software. The hosted solution allows website and membership databases

to act as an integrated system that is managed and accessible via a

Web browser. The suite of products include applications for membership

management, meetings, tradeshows, commerce, content, mailings, and




--Audiopoint Allows Data Capture By Voice

(Fairfax, VA) Audiopoint, a voice applications network provider,

released VoiceForm, an application suite that enables data capture via

voice by transforming any online form into a "VoiceForm" and allowing

for verbal completion over the telephone. The first product in the

suite is v-Reg, a product registration application that allows users

to register purchases over the phone. Information can be captured in

various formats that are compatible with popular relational databases

such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase.

--SoftMed’s Dictation And Voice Management System

(Bethesda, MD) SoftMed Systems, a provider of healthcare information

software and services, released VoiceScript, a document creation

solution that allows healthcare organizations to manage clinician

dictations from any source, including telephone, dictation stations,

mobile tablets, and more, and to integrate them with document

creation, electronic sign-off and distribution. It supports both

analog and network dictation modes and enables retrieval of voice

files from network-connected dictation stations. Clinicians can access

voice files over the telephone via a voice server.

--Music On The Brain

Presented without comment: “Some people use paint brushes. Some people

use instruments. Some people use wood, or stone, or water. Artist

Paras Kaul will have a live show of her brainwave interactive

performance at Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage on Monday, August 13,

6pm. Paras is an artist that uses her mind directly to express her art

to others. [She] uses a brainwave interface from IBVA Technologies to

directly use her live emotional activity to provide and control the

music within her performance. Paras has her live brainwave frequencies

and voltages traced and wirelessly sent to nearby computers which

interpret the data into the music used within her performance.”

Besides her appearance at the Kennedy Center, Kaul will also perform

at SIGGRAPH's Annual 2001 Conference where a brain wave concert titled

"Brain Wave Chick V" will be performed on August 16 in the N-Space Art

Gallery. Kaul is currently adjunct professor and Coordinator of

Electronic Publications at George Mason University. ;



(Richmond, VA) eBusiness consulting firm CapTech Ventures announced

the creation of CapTech Creative, which will provide online, print and

multimedia creative services.

(Rockville, MD) B2eMarkets released version 4.0 of its B2eSourcing

solution, a unified enterprise application platform that enables

companies to manage the entire sourcing process. New features include

additional functionality for negotiations and analytics.

(Reston, VA) DiamondBack Vision has changed its name to ObjectVideo,

the name of its MPEG-4 video encoding technology. The company also

says that it is shifting its focus from the video compression area to

applications in the security, marketing and online games sectors.

(Virginia Beach, VA) Direct Marketing International (DMI) has become

the first in-house tenant at the Southside Hampton Roads Technology

Incubator. DMI is a marketing and contract sales company that offers

targeted websites and catalog purchasing systems for procuring

certified products and services. ;

(Herndon, VA) Apptus, an ASP, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will

liquidate its assets. The company was unable to raise a planned round

of $10 million.


III> Funding & Finance News



$1 million for Baltimore-based Blue Fire Security Technologies, a

developer of mobile communications security solutions. The money comes

from Walker Ventures and the Maryland Angels Council. Alan Burk of

Walker Ventures joins the company’s board.

$2.5 million in a first round for Salisbury, MD-based NavTrak, a

developer of wireless software for tracking commercial vehicles.

BaseCamp Ventures led the round, with participation by SeaCap Ventures

and Formation, Inc.

$2.7 million in a Series B round for Easton, MD-based 3Di

Technologies, a provider of satellite imaging and spatial data

services. Current investor Koch Ventures, which now owns 60% of 3Di,

led the round, with participation by Allfirst Bank and unnamed

individual investors.

$4 million in a Series B round for Silver Spring-based Bid4Assets, an

asset disposition company. The money comes from Hartford Financial

Services Group and individuals.

$5 million for McLean-based Agari Mediaware, a developer of media

middleware infrastructure software. The money comes from Safeguard

Scientifics. Agari's Media Star product integrates rich media

applications, aggregates distributed digital media and metadata across

multi-vendor applications, and creates personalized, role-based

interfaces to them for geographically distributed users.

$18.4 million for Sterling-based Intersect Software, a provider of

enterprise engineering management solutions for large product

development organizations. The money comes from Bessemer Venture

Partners, BlueStream Ventures, Columbia Capital and others. Bessemer

and Columbia led Intersect's $1.25 million seed round in March of last




--Orion Acquires erbia

(Washington, DC) Orion Technologies and its Globalinx subsidiary

announced the acquisition of erbia Network's telecommunications

business. McLean-based erbia provides long distance services to more

than 25,000 business and residential customers nationwide. Globalinx,

a facilities-based telecom company, has consolidated its Alpharetta,

GA facilities into erbia's McLean offices and has expanded erbia's

Florida operations center. Orion says that by merging the management

teams and resources of Globalinx and erbia, Globalinx expands its

customer service capabilities and breadth of services offerings. ;



(Timonium, MD) Venture capital funds in the Mid-Atlantic region raised

$793 million in Q2 of 2001, according to the latest statistics from

Venture Economics and the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association. These

statistics show that venture fundraising in the region (comprised of

Virginia, Maryland, DC and Delaware) has picked up after Q1, when no

venture funds reported raising any capital, and a slow Q4/2000, when

seven funds raised a total of $185 million. Highlights from the data


- Interest in expansion and balanced stage venture funds was

particularly strong in the region this quarter with those funds

accounting for 64% of the total funds raised.

- Slightly more than one-third of fundraising activity was among early

stage funds, which accounted for 36% of venture funds raised in Q2.

-Carlyle Venture Partners II and Carlyle Asia Venture Partners II

raised the largest amounts of funds with $242 million and $173 million

respectively, followed by AOL Time Warner Opportunity Investment Fund

and Milestone Capital partners, each of which raised $100 million.

- While venture fundraising increased, buyout and mezzanine

fundraising dipped slightly in Q2 with only one fund, ABS Capital

Partners IV, raising $77.9 million compared to two funds which raised

$85.3 million in Q1. ; ;


IV> Who'sware

(Reston, VA) South Africa-based Dimension Data Holdings, which

recently acquired eBusiness consultant Proxicom and six other US-based

technology services companies, named Proxicom’s former CEO and

Chairman, Raul Fernandez, as CEO of North America operations. ;

(Dulles, VA) Orbcomm, a satellite-based data communication company,

named Hans Hoffmann as President and CEO. He was formerly President of

STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH.

(Washington, DC) The Greater Washington Board of Trade named Robert

Peck as President, replacing John Tydings who led the organization for

over 30 years.


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