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Volume 6, Number 35 - August 30, 2001 - This Week's Contents:

-- Revenue Stream Of Consciousness
--1. Whonami's Domain Name Search Engine
--2. AppArtist's Palm OS Applications Developer
--3. TechTravel's Business Travel Community
--4. Blue Sky's Email Videos
--5. Round-up: Bummers
.....Lucent Closes Chromatis Networks 
.....iDefense Goes Chapter 11
.....HealthOnline Files For Bankruptcy
--6. Round-up: Greasy Kid Stuff
.....Computer Education Companies Join Forces
.....Howard County High School Entrepreneurs
.....Fairfax's Computer Clubhouse
--7. Quick Hits from Infintium, Alabanza (Bippity Boppity Boo),
.........Magicsoft, iSavvix, FoodFit, Exit1 and Threespot
--1. Dough Raise Me
.....$29.6M for 2 local netpreneurs
--2. Life In The Food Chain
.....Sideware Acquires The Chalk Group  
.....Cogent Acquires Allied Riser    
.....INFE Acquires Franklin Ross 
.....CareerBuilder Acquires HeadHunter.NET   
.....Teligent Sells Core Assets  
.....Cyveillance Acquires 2Wrongs  
.....DataMEG Acquires Net Connection  
--1. Attack Of The Incredible Shrinking Stock Options 
--2. From The Garage To The Boardroom 

I> News About The Program
Startup or established company, building revenues is the order of the
day, every day. This month's Coffee & DoughNets tackles the topic with
a panel of entrepreneurs who will discuss the challenges they faced in
sales and customer acquisition, including Elliott Frutkin, CEO of
Doceus; and John Ticer, CEO of BioNetrix. Even if your business is
just in the idea stage, you've gotta know how to sell when it comes
time to recruit team members and institutional funding, which is why
we invited Gina Dubbe of Steve Walker & Associates to act as moderator
and to discuss what she expects to see about revenue growth in seed
stage business plans. C&D will be Thursday, September 20, 7:00 AM, at
Dave & Busters in White Flint Mall in Bethesda, MD. Register now.

Register for C&D:

(So, this guy walks into a bait shop looking for the perfect lure, and
the fella behind the counter begins to show him all sorts of plastic
and rubbery doodads. After a few minutes the customer asks, "Do fish
really like that kind of thing?" The clerk replies, "How would I know?
I don't sell to fish.")

II> Regional Netpreneurs
(Greenbelt, MD) Whonami (great name) released its Global Internet Name
Search (GINS), an independent, natural-language, multi-lingual global
domain name search and registration resource. Whonami GINS enables
users to conduct domain name searches in nearly 500 top-level domains
around the world with a single query, and to register available names
in over 200 unrestricted domains through affiliate registrars. It also
facilitates international domain name searches and/or registrations by
offering English translations of search phrases.
(Rockville, MD) Etter Enterprises launched AppArtist, a Web service
that uses a proprietary GUI engine and minimal client/server
communication to help casual programmers create their own Palm OS
applications without the need for programming knowledge. A monthly
service fee covers unlimited service and support. ;
(Fairfax, VA) TechTravelers is a new firm creating a membership
community for business and personal travelers. Among its services will
be a reliance on high tech customer service and eCRM solutions that
keep members apprised of travel conditions, changes, deals and more.
Membership benefits will also include pricing, rewards, content and
delivery. Company founders include former executives of Reston-based
eCRM firm Sideware and travel industry professionals. The venture is
currently in the process of closing its first round of funding and
plans to launch in Q4.
(Baltimore, MD) Blue Sky Factory (BSF) introduced eyebox, an email
marketing product that works by streaming rich media to the inbox of
consumers, providing them with full motion graphic and audio messages.
Rather than having to open an attachment or waiting for a download,
eyebox delivers rich media messages within the body of the email. BSF
developed the technology to introduce new advertising and marketing
options to their clients.

-- Lucent Closes Chromatis Networks
(Herndon, VA) Lucent Technologies has decided to close the doors on
Chromatis Networks, a developer of optical networking technology that
it acquired last year for over $4 billion.

-- iDefense Goes Chapter 11
(Fairfax, Va.) Internet security firm iDefense has filed for voluntary
Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

-- HealthOnline Files For Bankruptcy
HealthOnline, a provider of online health sites and information, has
filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations because of a lack of
financing, according to

--Computer Education Companies Join Forces
(Great Falls, VA) ComputerTots and Computer Explorers, a children's
computer education company, has a new alliance with NY-based, an interactive educational subscription service for
children ages 3-8. As part of the agreement, Clever Island tailored
its educational offerings to meet the curriculum standards for
ComputerTots. It covers a range of topics updated biweekly, including
counting, arithmetic, logic, phonics, reading, geography, science,
social studies, art, music and computer skills, and allows parents to
track their child's progress online. ComputerTots offers solutions for
preschools and childcare centers including computer classes for
children ages 3-5; Computer Explorers offers solutions for public and
private schools. ; ;

--Howard County High School Entrepreneurs
(Howard County, MD) Howard County Public Schools, Glenelg Country
School, and the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA)
have teamed to form TechEntre, a high school tech entrepreneur program
that combines school academics with entrepreneurial experience. The
program has two parts, spanning the junior and senior years of high
school beginning in this school year. In their junior year, students
create technology product ideas and form teams which eventually evolve
into corporations based upon the ideas. Students are taught the
fundamentals of starting a high-tech business, including how to
develop products, evaluate markets, write a business plan and obtain
investment capital.  A team of business experts from the local Howard
County community will evaluate business plans and student company
progress. During their senior year,  student teams move their
businesses into the HCEDA's NeoTech Incubator, which becomes their
laboratory for developing the product and business ideas. The program
initially is open to students at Atholton High, Glenelg Country
School, Long Reach High, and Riverhill High, expanding to additional
high schools in coming years.

--Fairfax's Computer Clubhouse
(Falls Church, VA) The Bailey's Computer Center Clubhouse is a new
facility that will give more than 600 children access to computers
equipped with Internet access and software. Funded by private
donations, the effort is a partnership between the Northern Virginia
Technology Council Foundation and the Fairfax County Department of
Community and Recreation Services.

(Richmond, VA) Infintium Technologies, a provider of custom software
integration consulting and managed hosting services, has changed its
name to Sentraliant.

(Baltimore, MD) Alabanza released Version 4.1 of its Automated Web
Hosting Software Suite. New features include integration of the
recently acquired Web Site Builder tool, which provides a
point-and-click method for building a Web site.

(Chantilly, VA) Magicsoft released Version 6.2 of VC Wizard, its
scheduling and automation software for the collaborative
communications industry. New features includes Cisco MCM gatekeeper
support for automatic H.323 network modeling.

(Herndon, VA) iSavvix released Version 2.0 of its community for Java
developers. New features include events, reminders, billboard and code
exchange. The site recently won an award from Sun for "Outstanding
Contribution to the Growth of the Java Community."

(Washington, DC), a website focused on healthy eating and
active living, has a new research partnership with Willard Bishop
Consulting (WBC), to create a learning laboratory for food
manufacturers and retailers to understand how consumers incorporate
health and wellness-related communications into their food purchasing

(Reston, VA) Exit1 launched a new global health portal for the US
Department of Health & Human Services. ;

(Washington, DC) Threespot Media created the new site for the Peace
Corps. ;

III> Funding & Finance News

$8 million in a second round for Richmond-based Financeware, a
provider of probability analysis technology and marketing strategies
for financial advisors and institutions. The Northwestern Mutual Life
Insurance Company led the round, with participation by TD Capital
Technology Ventures, Mellon Ventures and FBR Financial Services
Partners. The company said it was in discussion with several potential
follow-on investors who may join the round.

-- Sideware Acquires The Chalk Group
(Reston, VA) Sideware, a developer of eCRM solutions, announced an
agreement to acquire a 66% interest in the Chalk Group, a
Vancouver-based eLearning company. Chalk Group content appears on the
Internet, TV, in-flight channels, radio and print, and demonstrates
how people can use technology to be more productive at work or enhance
their personal lives. ;

-- Cogent Acquires Allied Riser
(Washington, DC) Cogent Communications Group, a provider  of
high-speed Internet services, announced a definitive agreement to
acquire Allied Riser Communications (ARC) in a stock swap deal.
Dallas-based ARC is a provider of data communications services in
commercial office buildings across the US and in Canada. ;

-- INFE Acquires Franklin Ross
(Tysons Corner, VA) INFE signed a letter of intent to acquire Franklin
Ross, a FL-based financial products broker/dealer specializing in
Internet-based trading. INFE has already taken a 4% equity position in
the firm and will close the entire acquisition following approval by
the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). INFE says that
the acquisition is a strategic step in executing its new plan for
expanded financial infrastructure services, including providing the
necessary license requirements to raise capital on its own for its
clients and to expand its M&A capabilities. ;

-- CareerBuilder Acquires HeadHunter.NET
(Reston, VA) CareerBuilder, along with backers Knight Ridder and
Tribune Company, announced that they have entered into an agreement to
acquire Atlanta-based HeadHunter.NET in a transaction valued at
approximately $200 million. Knight Ridder and Tribune will each
contribute half of the purchase price. Both CareerBuilder and
Headhunter are online recruitment sites, with CareerBuilder claiming
more than 4 million unique visitors each month and Headhunter
attracting more than 2.5 million unique visitors. In a related
announcement, Knight Ridder and Tribune, two of the nation's largest
newspaper chains, will begin branding their newspaper recruitment
sections as CareerBuilder help-wanted. ;

-- Teligent Sells Core Assets
(Vienna, VA) Telecom services provider Teligent, which declared
bankruptcy in May, has signed an agreement to sell its core assets for
more than $115 million to a new company backed by Teligent's
management. Jim Continenza, Teligent's COO, is expected to become CEO
of the unnamed company. The investor group making the purchase said
that it plans to continue Teligent's operations in 11 markets. The
deal is subject to approval of the bankruptcy court.

-- Cyveillance Acquires 2Wrongs
(Arlington, VA) Cyveillance, a provider of automated Internet
intelligence, has acquired, also based in Arlington, a
search applications company that offers data mining technology for
unstructured data collection. Cyveillance will leverage 2Wrongs'
technology to optimize its ability to provide custom solutions for

-- DataMEG Acquires Net Connection
(Washington, DC) Internet and communications technology consultant
DataMEG has agreed to acquire McLean-based Net Connection, a
high-speed telecom system integrator supplying services such as ISDN
and DSL to government offices. The deal, which is valued at $2.2
million, is part of DataMeg's strategy to increase its offerings to
the government market.

IV> Opportunities & Resources
(Washington, DC) Getting paid with stock options has been an staple
incentive in the tech industry for some time, but it's got its dark
side as well, as the members of ReformAMT have learned. Many
technology employees inside and outside the region have been hit hard
as the result of exercising ISOs (Incentive Stock Options) during 2000
when the market crash left many with huge tax bills on unrealized
gains, and the company stock is now worth a fraction of its peak
value. If you're affected by or otherwise interested in the issue,
check out ReformAMT, a new group made up of employees from the likes
of Cisco Systems, Exodus, WebMethods, Telogy and more. Among other
things, they are pushing two bills that would give tax relief to
people in this position.
(Washington, DC) The National Commission on Entrepreneurship (NCOE)
released "From the Garage to the Boardroom: The Entrepreneurial Roots
of America's Largest Corporations," a report that found most of
America's big corporations today trace back to one or more
entrepreneurial founders. The study contains two parts. The first
traces the origins of the 1997 Fortune 200 to determine how recently
and in what ways these companies were built by entrepreneurs; the
second, compares the backgrounds of those entrepreneurs who founded
and ran companies that were among the 200 largest firms in 1917 and
1997. Highlights include:

--197 of the 1997 Fortune 200 can be traced directly or indirectly to
one or more entrepreneurial founders.

--It has become more difficult for an entrepreneur to lead a new
company into the Fortune 200.

--In 1917, entrepreneurs tended to be those who were denied other
avenues to success. In 1997, successful entrepreneurs tended to be
those who could afford to take on risk.

The report is available at

V> Who'sware

(Washington, DC) LighTrade, a company deploying carrier-neutral
pooling points for communication services providers, named Kathleen
Perone as CEO. She was formerly a founding partner and Managing
Director of Acappella Ventures, a VC firm focusing on early stage
telecom and technology infrastructure companies, and was previously
President of the North American division of Level 3 Communications.

(Reston, VA) Acorn Networks, a communications semiconductor company,
named Eric Broockman as President and CEO. He was formerly President
and CEO of Alchemy Semiconductor.

(Chantilly, VA) Network Mantra, a provider of network service
management software for IP networks, named Fred Rucker as President
and CEO. He was formerly EVP at Vectant. The company also announced
the addition of Rangnath Salgame, former President and CEO of Edgix,
to its Board of Directors.

(Washington, DC) Telecommunications Development Fund (TDF), a VC firm
that finances early stage telecom companies, named Guilherme
Larangeira as an Associate. He was formerly a management consultant
for Arthur D. Little.


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