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Volume 6, Number 37 - September 13, 2001 - This Week's Contents:

Like the rest of the civilized world, we were appalled by Tuesday's
events. Our condolences and prayers go to the families of the victims.
But we were also heartened to see so many signs of courage, support
and unity, including how groups in the region's tech community,
such as NVTC, DC Web Women, BOT, our own Netpreneur lists, and
many more, came together using email and other media to get the
word out about efforts like blood drives, food deliveries for rescue
workers at the Pentagon, and last night's vigil at the Reflecting

More help is still needed, of course. You can find opportunities
to volunteer at DC-Cares ( ), and information
about giving blood at the Red Cross ( ).
At least four local groups have created at least three relief funds,
including a joint effort between the Community Foundation
( ) and the United Way of The National Capital
Area and ( ), another from Riggs Bank
( ), and, in Richmond, a group of business
leaders have created September11 ( ).
For ways of getting involved with other national and local groups who
are helping, visit Independent Sector
( ) and
Stargazernet ( ).


--1. Readin', Writin' And Raconteurin'
--2. And It Will All Be On The Quiz
--1. Ecutel's WLAN Security Product
--2. SiteSafe's RF Web Tools
--3. AgilQuest's Workspace Solution
--4. ENSCO's Remote Railway Monitor
--5. Webworld's Content Manager
--1. Dough Raise Me
.....$28.2M for 2 local netpreneur
--2. Life In The Food Chain
.....Acterna Acquires Celogic
.....SevenSpace Acquires StrataSource
.....Cogent Communications Acquires Assets of NetRail

I> News About The Program
From "Above The Crowd" to "Boogie Jack's Almost A Newsletter" and
"WordBiz Brief," the Netpreneur AdMarketing list asked subscribers
what marketing newsletters they read to keep up with the online
industry and, specifically, about marketing to it. They've come up
with some 30 recommendations on a variety of subjects and schedules,
and we've compiled the results at the Netpreneur site. Many are even
written by people on the list. (Psst, BTW, the reason our own
publication "AdMarketing Musings," appears first is purely an
alphabetical coincidence. Honest! But we're changing the name of this
newsletter to "AAA Netpreneur News.")
Coffee & Doughnets first picked up the discussion of revenue
generation and sales for startups in February, when John Burton of
Updata Capital presented "When the Top Line Meets the Bottom Line."
The transcript of that event is just one of the many resources you can
check out before (or after) we revisit the topic of selling at this
month's C&D with, "Driving the Top Line." To get you started, we've
put up a page with links to selling-related sites, articles and books
to help you better tell your story, close the deal, and satisfy
customers and constituents. Check 'em out, and register now for next
week's C&D featuring Richard Kay of OTG Software, Elliott Frutkin of
Doceus, John Ticer of BioNetrix, and Gina Dubbe of Steve Walker &
Associates. It'll be Thursday, September 20, 7:00 AM, at Dave &
Busters in White Flint Mall, Bethesda, MD.

Register for C&D:

II> The Region's Netpreneurs
(Alexandria, VA) Ecutel, a developer of mobile networking software,
launched Viatores Secure WLAN edition, a new product that secures
communication across wireless LANs. It combines two protocols for
mobility and security to enable roaming from LANs to WLANs and between
WLAN subnets. Application sessions and security tunnels are maintained
while the user moves from one subnet to another, and Viatores
maintains a single network address, so roaming users can communicate
regardless of where or how they are connected.
(Arlington, VA) SiteSafe launched a new Internet portal offering a set
of interactive Radio Frequency (RF) tools for the wireless industry,
including services such as tower analysis, RF hazard training, AM
tower locator, interference analysis and a site compliance database.
One of the products, TowerNIR, enables a carrier to perform an
analysis of a tower with multiple tenants to determine the potential
hazards due to Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) at the ground level. The
resulting report, certified by a registered professional engineer,
determines compliance with the FCC limitations for Maximum Permissible
Exposure (MPE) for each of the wireless transmitters on the tower.
Also available online is PeopleSafe, an RF hazard training course.
(Richmond, VA) AgilQuest released OnBoard, a Web-based resource
management system that provides telephony, hospitality, and scheduling
functionality to a single office or global enterprise. Workers can use
OnBoard to reserve office space, conference rooms, equipment, and
services; management can use its information to better understand and
plan their office space and resource utilization.
(Springfield, VA) ENSCO, an R&D and IT company, debuted Remote
Monitor, a safety and maintenance product for the railroad supplier
industry. Remote Monitor continuously monitors and analyzes track and
vehicle performance in real time, tagging the location of any
anomalous sensor measurements with Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
coordinates, and communicates information and data via satellite,
cellular or digital wireless services to an Internet accessible
central computer or a pager. It provides data on ride quality and
vehicle track interaction, locomotive health and onboard electrical
systems through continuous monitoring. Amtrak has purchased the Remote
Monitor system for its Northeast corridor high-speed line.
(Arlington, VA) Webworld Studios, released Content Manager, a
fixed-price, custom content management solution intended to put
normally expensive high-end features into the hands of small and
medium-sized firms. The system can handle an array of content
including file types such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc., and browser-based
content editing tools designed for non-technical staff. It also
includes workflow, security and search functions that enable
non-technical users to create, publish and find Web site pages and

III> Funding & Finance News

$9.2 Million in a Series C round for Tysons Corner-based netDecide, a
developer of Web-based wealth management systems for the financial
services industry. The round was co-led by Dominion Ventures and
Walker Ventures, with participation by Bank of America, Ernst & Young,
Legg Mason, and existing individual investors. The
company also announced that Kate Armstrong, President and CEO of
netDecide, has left to pursue new opportunities. Raghu Chintala, SVP
of Customer Management, has been named interim CEO. Co-founder Evan
Burfield has also left, and his responsibilities have been transferred
to James Reagan and Stan Paul in the newly created positions of CTO
and SVP of Sales, respectively.

$19 million in a Series D round for DC-based InPhonic, a provider of
wireless communications technology and networks. Core Capital Partners
led the round, with participation by new investors McAndrews & Forbes,
First Analysis, Spring Capital and Winfield Capital, and previous
investors Sculley Brothers Investments, CMS Financial Services and Mid
Atlantic Venture Funds. Mark Levine, Managing Director of Core
Capital, has joined the company's board. According to InPhonic the
round was closed at favorable terms, which valued the company at "a
significant premium over its third round of funding closed last

--Acterna Acquires Celogic
(Germantown, MD) Acterna reached an agreement to purchase Celogic
S.A., a telecom network monitoring equipment provider based near
Paris, France, from Germany-based Teles AG. Celogic manufacturers
centralized monitoring equipment used by communications companies to
monitor the quality and service performance of their digital networks.
Acterna will integrate Celogic's hardware with its software and
systems solutions to offer a complete network management system for
quality assurance. ;

--SevenSpace Acquires StrataSource
(Chantilly, VA) SevenSpace, an enterprise Managed Service Provider
(MSP), has acquired Irvine, CA-based StrataSource, an application and
infrastructure MSP. Structured as a stock-for-assets purchase, the
deal brings SevenSpace's customer base to nearly 100 companies,
including Federal Home Loan Bank, 20th Century Fox and Warner
Brothers. SevenSpace will now have fully redundant global management
operations centers in Northern Virginia and California. ;

--Cogent Communications Acquires Assets of NetRail
(Washington, DC) Cogent Communications Group, an optical ISP, has
purchased the major assets of bankrupt NetRail, an Atlanta based
Tier-1 ISP, for $11.7 million. NetRail will operate as a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Cogent. Cogent will continue to serve the majority of
NetRail's customers, and NetRail's service will be integrated with
Cogent's national backbone and facilities over the next several
months. ;


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