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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 42, October 24, 2002

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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Down At The Sunset Grill
      1.2 A Good, Swift Kick
      1.3 One More Time Around The Block
      2.1 Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy
      2.2 Connections Academy's Virtual Schools
      2.3 Vertis Takes Print Advertising Online
      2.4 No More Baseball? Try Cricket
      2.5 New China Registry Patterns
      2.6 Round-up: Quick Hits from Communications Development, LogiXML,
      ..........BroadSoft, Sunset Learning, L-Soft, Flight
      ..........Explorer, and BrowserMedia

      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ...... more than $9.7M for 2 local entrepreneurs

      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ...... SkyOnline Acquires Two Diveo Operations
      ...... Aladdin Systems Acquires Erevu

      4.1 DCTech Forms Political Tech Cluster
  5) WHO'SWARE about people at Steele Technologies and Neometrix

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||

By now everybody should have heard about our plans to sunset
Netpreneur by year's end. Just in case you haven't, visit where you'll find the letter
of explanation from our leader, Mario Morino, as well as information
on our plans and projects. One plan is that Netpreneur News will
continue to be published into the first quarter of next year to keep
you informed of our progress and to keep news about the region's
entrepreneurs flowing. As Mario wrote in his letter, we're exploring
ways to keep many of Netpreneur's goals and services going
in new homes, and we've got some projects planned that will stretch
into next year to memorialize and codify the program's work,
including a major community celebration event coming in the first
quarter. Stay tuned here and at the website for updates. (OK,
everybody start whistling "Back In The Saddle Again" as your
editor@ rides off slowly into the sunset.)

Updates And Mario's Letter:
Gene Autry's Cowboy Code:

Do you have a great idea for a new company? So what. Good ideas are
a dime a dozen says Rob Adams, the VC and former Marine who runs
Austin Ventures' bootcamp for entrepreneurs. As he says in his new
book, A Good Hard Kick in the Ass: Basic Training for Entrepreneurs,
"There's only one path to success in a startup, hard work."
According to Adams, companies that don't focus on fundamentals are
roadkill. On November 14, the Coffee & DoughNets goes "late night"
for an evening of startup fundamentals where Rob will drill on such
basics as how to validate your market before starting your company
and how to design a profitable business model. He'll systematically
destroy many of the misconceptions you have about starting a company
and tell you how to cover the basics, from knowing your customer to
hiring good employees. C&D will be Thursday, November 14, 6:00 PM,
at the Capital Hilton in DC. Sign up now, then drop and give me 20.

Sign up for C&D:

Set aside the gloom and doom headlines about the economy. According
to P.V. Boccasam and our own Mario Morino, now is a great time to
start a business. It's not an easy time, mind you, but that's
because real entrepreneurship is never easy. You've got to get back
to basics to survive, and that's what we covered at yesterday's
Coffee & DoughNets, "Blocking and Tackling: Operational Challenges
for Startups," featuring Boccasam of Approva, Alba Alemán of Cairo
Corporation, Don Britton of Network Alliance, Duke Chung of Cyracle,
moderator Larry Robertson of Lighthouse Consulting, and the wrap-up
by Mario. Get pointers on moving from concept to business model,
attracting customers, and taking your company as far as you can
without VC money, plus more from Mario on the Netpreneur sunset and
why it's a great time to start a business, all in the summary
article now available at the Netpreneur site. Look for the
transcript and video next week, and that's not all. For the next two
days, Alba, Don, Duke, Larry, and P.V. are staying online in The
Loop, our newest email discussion group, to continue the
conversation and answer your additional questions. Subscribe now.

The Loop:

|||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Arlington, VA) Space Adventures has a deal with Irvine, CA-based to offer online travel bookings to outer space.
TraveLogia users will have access to Space Adventures' zero gravity
and supersonic high-altitude jet flights, worldwide expeditions,
space flight experiences, and Edge of Space flights, in which test
pilots take participants aboard a MiG-25 jet to a speed of Mach 2.5
above 80,000 feet.  Beginning in 2004-2005, Space Adventures plans
to also offer sub-orbital space flights at an altitude of 62 miles.

(Baltimore, MD) Connections Academy (CA), a private operator of K-8
virtual public schools that operate under management contracts from
charter schools or school districts, launched its proprietary
Web-based Learning Management System (LMS), which tracks student
learning progress, manages instruction, and facilitates
communication among teachers, parents, and students. CA provides the
LMS, along with a loaned computer and Internet connection, free of
charge to all families enrolled in the program, which combines
certified teachers, textbooks, workbooks, community experiences, and
technology tools for an alternative to the traditional classroom

(Baltimore, MD) Vertis introduced Inserts2online, a service that
allows retailers to simultaneously publish print and online
advertising inserts. Advertisers can make their inserts, which
typically appear in newspapers or co-op mailers, available to an
Internet site that can be searched, printed from, and linked to more
detailed content information. The digital workflow solution
eliminates the need to recreate artwork or repeat page layout
functions, and it includes search features and store versioning so
customers can find products and prices in their local store.

(Herndon, VA) has added an enhanced cricket database
to its cricket news and information portal. With more than 22,000
pages of cricket scorecards and player profiles, the database
features every cricket match played and every player since 1886, and
includes the most current ODI/Test Match. Cricmania also announced
that it has begun coverage of all worldwide domestic cricket matches
in addition to its current international match coverage. Starting
with South Africa and Australia, will provide live
scorecards for the domestic matches.

(Washington, DC) A liberalized policy and a new deal between NeuStar
and the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) will let
businesses outside of China acquire urls with the ".CN" extension.
".CN" is the country-specific top level domain name for China.
Building on an existing relationship, NeuStar and CNNIC plan to
accept .CN registrations through registrars located outside of China
beginning in December. The current registration process, which
requires written documentation and can take weeks to complete, will
be replaced with a real-time, online registration service. Besides
being the world's most populous country, China is one of the fastest
growing Internet markets with Netratings counting over 56 million
Internet users, and estimates call for that number to double every
12 to 18 months.


(Washington, DC) Communications Development released version 2.0 of
ClearEdits, a Microsoft Word plug-in that edits documents with a
mouse click. New features give writers immediate feedback on
performance in several editing categories related to clarity and

(McLean, VA) LogiXML released version 5.0 of its lgxAppDev Web
applications development tool. Enhancements include a debugger and
IIS registration wizard.

(Gaithersburg, MD) BroadSoft is partnering with OH-based SJlabs to
develop a new application that will allow users of BroadSoft's
enterprise VoIP solutions to add voice services to any
802.11-enabled device, such as PDAs, laptops, and business phones.

(Reston, VA) Sunset Learning and India-based Brainvisa will work
together on eLearning solutions, with Brainvisa focused on content
production and learning management and Sunset focused on services
including strategy, instructional design, and project management.

(Bethesda, MD) L-Soft is making its Maestro software available on an
outsourced platform, allowing users to initiate email marketing
operations without purchasing hardware or software.

(Fairfax, VA) Flight Explorer enhanced its Internet-based flight
tracking product with features for the graphical depiction of
temporary flight restrictions, so pilots can avoid restricted

(Washington, DC) BrowserMedia launched the website for the
Foodservice & Packaging Institute.

|||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$9.7 million in an ongoing Series B round for Rockville-based Zagros
Networks, a fabless semiconductor company. Mohr, Davidow Ventures
led the round, with participation by Novak Biddle Venture Partners
and Cadence Design Systems. Zagros is developing a new class of
rate-aware switching fabrics that allow manufacturers to create
next-generation switches and routers. "Rate-aware" switching fabric
provides the ability to provision, measure, control, and monitor
bandwidth in packet networks. The round brings total capital
investment for the company to approximately $16 million. (Didn't
think we were gonna tell you what "fabless" means, didja? According
to Webopedia [yep, had to look it up], it refers to a company that
does not manufacture its own silicon wafers and concentrates on
the design and development of semiconductor chips; as opposed
to a "fab," which is a facility that produces its own silicon
Another great term from the people who brought you "Unrepeatered
Festoons." Look that one up yourself.)

An undisclosed "significant" investment for Charlottesville-based
Avir, a developer of sensors for detecting chemical and biological
agents in the air. The money comes from Aerwav Holdings.


-- SkyOnline Acquires Two Diveo Operations
(McLean, VA) Continuing its expansion in Latin America, SkyOnline, a
telecommunications value-added services provider, announced that it
has acquired the Data and Internet Operations of DC-based Diveo
Broadband Networks in Argentina and Uruguay. The operations will be
integrated into SkyOnline's current facilities in the region,
including leading Argentine ISP/data provider, Netizen, S.A.
SkyOnline recently agreed to acquire Reston-based Teleglobe's Latin
American data operations.

-- Aladdin Systems Acquires Erevu
(Silver Spring, MD) Erevu, developer of a software product that
controls and simplifies corporate computing environments, has been
acquired by Watsonville, CA-based Aladdin Systems Holdings, a
provider of access management solutions including the popular
StuffIt data compression program. Erevu will become Aladdin
Enterprise Solutions to be headed by Tom Saleh, President of Erevu.

|||||||||||||||||| 4. Regional News ||||||||||||||||||

(Washington, DC) The Washington DC Technology Council has formed a
new Business Cluster within the Council's structure for companies
that work at the intersection of politics and technology. New
members joining the cluster include: Capitol Advantage, Casey.Com,
e-advocates, GetActive, Grassroots Enterprise, Interactive
Applications Group, Issue Dynamics, Mindshare Internet Campaigns,
NetPolitics, Right Click Strategies, Votenet Solutions, and Wired
Strategies. Tech lawyer Sanford M. Saunders, Jr., of Greenberg
Traurig, one of the original drafters of the District's New E-conomy
Transformation Act (NET 2000), will serve as counsel to the cluster.

|||||||||||||||||| 5. Who'sWare ||||||||||||||||||

(Fairfax, VA) Among other appointments, Steele Technologies, a
developer of audio, video, and telemetry recording systems for the
sports and safety markets, named John Banse as COO. He was formerly
President of Bandera Systems.

(Reston, VA) Neometrix, an IT and biometric security company, named
Mark Laisure as Vice Chairman and added Robert Winters to its Board.
Laisure was founder and Managing Director of FairFirst Ventures;
Winters served as the tax director at Rolls-Royce North America.

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