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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 43, October 31, 2002 

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This Week's Contents: 

    1.1 The Executioner's Song 
    1.2 Hey, Bartender, Make It A Double 
    2.1 China Telecom Opens US Operations 
    2.2 Time Tracking For Lobbyists And Lawyers 
    2.3 Online Employment Resources 
    2.4 Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer 
    2.5 Synchronizing Communications Data 
    2.6 Round-up: Quick Hits from CyberTeams, SER, CMSWatch, 
    .........Re-route, and Alexander & Tom
    3.1 Dough Raise Me 
    ...... $2.5M for 1 local entrepreneur 

    3.2 Life In The Food Chain 
    ......SafeNet Acquires Cylink 
    ......iLumin Acquires SRA's Assentor Practice
4) WHO'SWARE about people at OCG Ventures, 
    .........Optimus, and Manugistics 

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program |||||||||||||||||| 

It's not the idea that's key to a successful tech business, says Rob Adams, founder of AV Labs, head of Austin Ventures' bootcamp for entrepreneurs, and author of the new book, "A Good Hard Kick In The Ass." What is the key? "The ability to compose a team that can execute." That takes what he calls execution intelligence, "the ability of a particular group of people in a particular place and time to make a company thrive." At this month's evening edition of Coffee & DoughNets, Rob will help you learn how to asses your execution intelligence, as well as how to break through other common misconceptions about building a business. It's the next-to-last C&D coming Thursday, November 14, 6:00 PM, to the Capital Hilton in DC. Sign up now.

Moving from hard kick to hard case, where have we heard about execution before? Oh, yeah. "It's all about execution," said Mario Morino in his wrap-up to last week's C&D. "The world is full of ideas, but it's not full of people who deliver. An entrepreneur delivers." While you're getting ready for Rob Adams, check out the transcript, video, and summary from last week's C&D, all now available at the Netpreneur site. "Blocking & Tackling: Operational Challenges for Startups" featured a panel of early-stage entrepreneurs on topics ranging from validating the market to whether you need VC funding, plus Mario on the economic outlook for the tech sector, Netpreneur's coming sunset, and more bits of hard-won, hard-boiled advice. 

|||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Herndon, VA) China Telecom, the largest fixed-line telecommunications service provider in China, announced that its subsidiary, China Telecom (USA), will become the first Chinese telecom company to establish operations in the US. With the opening of its new headquarters in Reston next week, the company will also unveil a suite of products called ChinaDirect, offering single-provider, end-to-end telecom services to American corporations doing business in China. China Telecom has its own submarine cable circuit connecting the US and China, as well as a transport backbone in the US. According to the company, it wired 20 million new residential and business lines to its voice network, the equivalent of adding all the phone lines in the State of California. 

(Washington, DC), a provider of workflow applications and collaborative tools for real-time monitoring of the federal and Texas legislative and regulatory processes, released Time-Tracker, a product that provides attorneys, lobbyists, and government affairs professionals with the ability to audit and document their legislative research efforts. Subscribers can track their time by client and subject matter in standard billing increments or by the minute, and that information can then be downloaded for importation into their own internal billing system. Users can alternate between clients and subject matters in the same session while the system monitors to whom the accumulated time should be charged. 

(Alexandria, VA) Select, Assess & Train is a new website that offers organizations tools to select and retain employees at all levels, from entry to executives. It offers pre-employment and work-related assessments, telesales/sales attributes tests, workplace attitudinal assessments, 360 degree Feedback performance evaluation systems, training and development tools, and skill building courses in online, CD-ROM and Spanish versions. Most are available in online formats.

(Charlottesville, VA) Frontline Test Equipment introduced FTS for Bluetooth, a PC-based Bluetooth protocol analyzer used by engineers and technicians who develop, install, and maintain equipment that is interconnected by a variety of communication technologies. FTS for Bluetooth is capable of sniffing data in three ways: through the air; from the serial HCI interface between a Bluetooth Host CPU and a Bluetooth Host Controller; and by "virtual" sniffing via a live import feature that permits any application to feed it data. Bluetooth data can be analyzed simultaneously in each of the three sniffing modes with timestamps synchronized across modes.

(Vienna, VA) Cramer Systems introduced SyncEngine, a product that enables service providers to synchronize network, circuit, and service data from multiple sources, such as autodiscovery tools, network and element management systems, and other inventories. It builds this data into a unified model of the network, services, and circuits, and a configurable rules base determines where the discrepancies are and how to correct them through design changes or field engineering. Corrective actions are driven through the rest of Cramer's application set. 

(Frederick, MD) CyberTeams released Version 2.1 of WebSite Director Advanced, a lighter version of its Web content management system. The new version is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses and includes all of the capabilities of the expanded Pro edition except for Workflow. 

(Dulles, VA) SER Solutions released Version 3.3 of its SERsynergy document management system. New features include a neural network PowerSearch capability that enables more efficient free text searches based on the content and context of a request. 

(Silver Spring, MD) CMSWatch, an industry portal for news and analysis on Web Content Management Systems (CMS), released the third edition of its CMS Report, an overview of CMS products and best practices. The new edition adds several European vendors to the survey. 

(Alexandria, VA) Re-route, an online forwarding company, has a partnership with Verizon Wireless to migrate current Mobile Web customers to Mobile Web by VZW with MSN, the wireless data portal jointly developed by Verizon Wireless and Microsoft. 

(Baltimore, MD) Alexander & Tom developed an interactive game, CD-ROM, and redesigned website for Pinnacle Golf, a maker of golf equipment, as part of a digital marketing program. 

|||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||  


$2.5 million for Vienna-based eMotion, a provider of digital media management software and services. The money comes from existing investors Wasserstein & Co., Constellation Ventures, Chartwell Capital, and Crossbow Ventures. eMotion also announced a company reorganization in which Richard Fisher becomes CEO, Chuck Hurst becomes VP of Engineering & Operations, and Jon Schupp becomes VP of Sales & Business Development. Fisher was the founder of the cable channel Tech TV, Hurst and Schupp are long-time eMotion employees. The company also said that it will open a West Coast office later this year. 

-- SafeNet Acquires Cylink 
(Baltimore, MD) SafeNet, a provider of VPN security technology, has signed a definitive merger agreement to acquire Cylink in a stock deal valued at $35.4 million. Cylink offers a portfolio of hardware and software security products for private networks and business communications over the Internet. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Cylink has 175 employees in six offices around the world. William Crowell, President and CEO of Cylink, will assume the role of Special Advisor to the Chairman and CEO at SafeNet after the acquisition has closed. 

-- iLumin Acquires SRA's Assentor Practice 
(Fairfax, VA) SRA International, a federal IT service provider, sold its Assentor Solutions division to Reston-based iLumin Software Services, a provider of compliance and risk management software and services. Assentor is a message screening and archiving solution for financial services firms that uses proprietary text mining technology to review the content of electronic correspondence. It provides banking, brokerage, and insurance firms with protection against unauthorized communications as required by industry regulations. Assentor currently has a client base of more than 80 firms, collectively supporting more than 200,000 users in the financial services industry. iLumin plans to build new products around Assentor, including Assentor Enterprise, which will combine an enhanced Assentor with iLumin's Digital Vault product to form an end-to-end enterprise message archiving solution for both email and instant messages. 

|||||||||||||||||| 4. Who'sWare |||||||||||||||||| 

(Columbia, MD) OCG Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on data, cable, and telephony communications equipment companies and service providers, named Scott Widham as Partner. He will divide his time between the firm's St. Louis, MO, and Columbia, MD, offices. Widham was the Founder and Managing General Partner of Clayton Capital and Falcon/Capital Cable. 

(Silver Spring, MD) OPTIMUS Corporation, a provider of public safety technology, named Terence Fong as President. Most recently, he oversaw the Department of Defense Services and Army lines of business for Lockheed Martin Technology Services.

(Rockville, MD) Manugistics Group, a provider of supply chain management solutions, named William H. Janeway, Vice Chairman of Warburg Pincus, to its Board of Directors.

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