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Volume 6, Number 46 - November 9, 2001 - This Week's Contents:

--1. Tower Of Power
--2. The Bird Is The Word
--1. Velocita Opens Its Broadband Network
--2. COS Aggregates Grant Opportunities
--3. Round-up: See You Later, Incubator
.....Maryland Provides $2 Million For Incubators
.....eIncubator Scores $11 Million In Funding
.....Herndon Dulles Incubator Seeks Applications
.....Southern Maryland Incubator Gets First Tenant
--4. Quick Hits from, Appian,
.........Vansant, Blackboard, and IceWEB
--1. Dough Raise Me
.....$1.5 million for 1 local netpreneur
--2. Life In The Food Chain
.....BeyondGuide Merges With
.....EBtech Acquires EPIC Systems
.....Vibrant Acquires Longitude
.....Oleran Acquires WebPerfect
--1. Survey of Internet Trends
--2. NVTC Launches Online Career Center
--1. Good Grades For Local Economic Potential

CORRECTION: Last week we incorrectly reported that Commerce One
maintains an equity stake in the newly spun-off company, Beaconfire
Consulting. Commerce One has no such relationship with Beaconfire.

I> News About The Program
According to Donald Laurie, author of the new book Venture Catalyst,
corporate executives have two sets of mission-critical activities. One
is to deliver quarterly results in the annual operating plan, the
second is to create a pipeline to the future that will generate
revenue and growth. As Laurie explained at yesterday's Coffee &
DoughNets, the two often conflict within large organizations, which is
why large corporations try to spur growth by investing in and
partnering with entrepreneurs. In "Partnering With Power," Laurie
offered pointers and a roadmap for working with corporate venturers,
and he was joined on stage by our own Mario Morino with tips from the
field. Check out the summary article now at the Netpreneur site, and
look for the transcript and video available soon.

Netpreneur News takes a break next week so we can spill a little
gravy on our shirts. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and we'll be back
November 29th.

II> The Region's Netpreneurs
(Falls Church, VA) Velocita announced lighting of the first route of
its nationwide broadband network. The 1200-mile Houston-to-Orlando
route provides service via points of presence in Houston, Baton Rouge,
New Orleans, Mobile, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Orlando. Dominion
Telecom is the first customer on the route, and Velocita expects to
light additional routes from Tulsa to Kansas City and St. Louis in the
next month. With a planned completion in 2002, the network ultimately
will pass through 175 metropolitan areas.
(Baltimore, MD) Community of Science (COS) has created a resource
called "Freedom Funds" that aggregates more than 18,000 funding
opportunities related to security and anti-terrorism research from the
federal government and other agencies. The opportunities are drawn
from COS's Funding Opportunities, a database of over 400,000
individual research grants. Freedom Funds features current public and
private sector needs in the areas of national and international
security, weapons and surveillance technology, health safety, disaster
response, bioterrorism, international relations, Central Asian and
Middle Eastern studies. All are current and updated daily.

--Maryland Provides $2 Million For Incubators
(Columbia, MD) The state of Maryland awarded $2 million in capital
funds for small business incubator projects, and another $50,000 for
two incubator feasibility studies. As part of the $5 million Maryland
Incubator Development Fund, the Maryland Technology Development
Corporation (TEDCO), awarded $1.5 million to the Emerging Technology
Center@ Hopkins Eastern and $500,000 to the Silver Spring Innovation
Center. The former raised more than $5 million in matching funds, and
the latter $1.8 million. Incubator feasibility awards of $25,000 each
went to the Chesapeake Bay Region Technical Center of Excellence in
Easton and the Town of Sykesville in Carroll County. TEDCO is
providing assistance and funding to government- and university-related
organizations to assist in the process of creating new incubators by
determining the availability of resources, access to management,
methods of governance and other factors.

--eIncubator Scores $11 Million In Funding
(Falls Church, VA) The Washington Post reports that eIncubator has
changed its name to Milestone Equity Partners Northern Virginia and
raised $11 million from an unnamed private equity group. The group
also plans to announce the formation of an umbrella for-profit
incubator group called Milestone Equity Partners, which plans to help
companies seek funding in seven other cities. ;

--Herndon Dulles Incubator Seeks Applications
(Herndon, VA) The Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce will launch a
business incubator next January, and is currently accepting
applications for its first class. Mentors from the Chamber's
membership will be assigned to incubator clients to oversee their
marketing, legal, financial and cash-flow parameters, as well as other
areas specific to that company's needs, and work to connect them with
other organizations that provide services. The Chamber has partnered
with Sans Souci Centers to provide discounted rates on a variety of
turn-key office arrangements and amenities, including access to
furnished offices, T-1 Internet access, Web hosting, and more.
Applications are due by November 20, and there is a $100
non-refundable application fee. To be eligible, a company must be an
emerging or early-stage business that is fully funded, has a business
license, a business plan, and is a member (or would agree to become a
member) of the Herndon Dulles Chamber.

--Southern Maryland Incubator Gets First Tenant
(Prince Frederick, MD) The Calvert County Board of County
Commissioners and the College of Southern Maryland announced that
I-Net Internet Solutions Group will become the first tenant at the
Calvert County business incubator. I-Net provides corporate and
government eSolutions, such as Internet design and hosting, video
streaming, and database development. The company was recently awarded
a $400,000 contract from the Federal Aviation Administration.

(Severna Park, MD) Online retailer launched two new
seasonal store sections: Holiday Shop and Creature Feature, a winter
birding guide. The site sells books, feeders, accessories and other
bird-related products, all of which meet National Wildlife Federation

(Arlington, VA) Appian Corporation created Army Knowledge Online, an
intranet portal for US Army soldiers around the world.

(Annapolis, MD) Web development firm Vansant Creations launched a new
CD-based training and catalog division which is currently developing
projects for several Fortune 500 firms.

(Washington, DC) Blackboard is forming a Government Solutions Group to
target the eLearning market at federal, state, and local government

(Herndon, VA) IceWEB Communications and Alexandria-based BB&R
Marketing introduced STREAMarketing, an online B2B marketing solution
that integrates targeted direct mail with live, interactive
Webcasting. ;

III> Funding & Finance News

$1.5 million in a second round for Arlington-based Versura, a digital
marketplace for higher education finance that connects schools,
lenders and loan buyers. The money comes from Ascend Venture Group,
Palisade Capital Management, and General Electric Pension Trust.

--BeyondGuide Merges With
(Rockville, MD) BeyondGuide announced that is has completed a merger
with, a content provider for travel-related information
about Germany. BeyondGuide's service enables users to receive tour
guide content about major historical and cultural attractions in
cities via their cell phones. With the merger, BeyondGuide will expand
its services to dozens of European cities in at least 6 languages.
Bertelsmann Capital Ventures, a majority shareholder in,
becomes a major stakeholder in the merged company and is leading a
next round of funding for BeyondGuide, expected to close early next
year. ;

--EBtech Acquires EPIC Systems
(Arlington, VA) Enabling Business Technologies (EBtech), an eCommerce
systems integrator and professional services provider, has acquired
Phoenix, AZ-based EPIC Systems, an eCommerce software developer. The
acquisition combines EPIC's catalog management and content integration
software with EBtech's contract management and procurement automation
solutions. ;

--Vibrant Acquires Longitude
(Fairfax, VA) Vibrant Solutions, a provider of cost and revenue
management solutions, has acquired Chantilly, VA-based Longitude
Systems, provider of a solution for reconciling Operational Support
Systems and other information integration databases. ;

--Oleran Acquires WebPerfect
(Columbia, MD) Web hosting company Oleran Net Solutions has acquired
Vienna, VA-based WebPerfect Solutions, a provider of eBusiness
services. ;

IV> Resources & Opportunities
(Washington, DC) The US Internet Council, in cooperation with
International Technology & Trade Associates, released its 2001 State
of the Internet Report. The third annual survey examines the growth of
the Internet and explores legal, business, and social trends in the
online world. According to the report, the Internet continued to grow
at a very rapid pace and surpassed a half-billion online users in
2001. The report's six sections provide an overview of global online
demographics, how people use the Web, technological innovations, the
aftermath of the dotcom downturn, and the adoption of eGovernment
around the world, and looks forward to reconciling competing visions
of Internet jurisdiction and development. Copies can be ordered online
for $29.95. ;
(Herndon, VA) The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) launched
a new online Career Center in a joint effort with the Northern
Virginia Regional Partnership (NVRP). The Career Center features
search, sort, edit and reporting capabilities for companies that post
job listings and individuals who post their resumes. Resume postings
are free for individuals, and participating companies can review
resumes free of charge. Individuals and companies receive an email
alert when a job or resume is posted that meets their requirements.

V> Regional News
(Washington, DC) The Corporation for Enterprise Development released
its Development Report Card for the States, an annual assessment of
each state's economy and potential for future growth based upon 70
data measures. Key Findings for 2001 include: Both quality and
quantity of economic growth are important in a state's economic
success or failure; States with companies that invest in human
resources, such as high salaries, and health benefits, are among the
highest performing states overall; and states that continue to attract
venture capital and support a vibrant technology sector outperform
states that do not. Both Maryland and Virginia made the Honor Roll
ranking third and ninth, respectively. Maryland scored grades of A in
Performance and Development Capacity, and a B in Business Vitality;
Virginia received a B in Performance and As in Development Capacity
and Business Vitality.


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