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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 46, November 21, 2002

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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Mythperceptions
      1.2 Please Pass The Yams
      2.1 Help Getting Federal Business
      2.2 Managing Brand Marketing
      2.3 LogiXML's Web Reporting Solution
      2.4 Round-up: Quick Hits from ImageMatics, SurvivalWare,
      ..........Edge Technologies, and Ecutel

      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ...... More than $13M for 3 local entrepreneurs

      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ......Return Path Acquires Re-Route
      ......Limbic And Persuasive Merge

      4.1 Mid-Atlantic Technology Directory
      4.2 Crash Course In Avoiding Board Crashes
      4.3 Report On Nanotech Patents
  5) News From The U's
      5.1 UMd Helps Build Children's Digital Library
  6) WHO'SWARE about people at TruSecure, Infodata, and PingTone

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||

Sure, everybody's a smart guy now that the bubble burst. Despite the
hindsight, however, it's also good to remember that more than a few
things went right back then, too, and Rob Adams dissects those good
and bad lessons in his book, A Good Hard Kick In The Ass. It was the
basis for his presentation at last week's Coffee & DoughNets, where
he broke through the nine most important myths that separate
entrepreneurs from success. The summary, transcript, and video are
now all available at the Netpreneur website, so sign up for "Basic
Training For Entrepreneurs," and get some good, solid advice on
topics ranging from how to execute well to what it takes to really
know your market.

Netpreneur News takes a Thanksgiving break next week, but we'll be
back again December 5th, just a few pounds heavier. Save us a
drumstick and some room on the treadmill.

|||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(McLean, VA) FedLeads, an online resource and publisher of federal
small business procurement directories, debuted two new products:
The Civilian Agencies Procurement Directory and Defense Agencies
Procurement Directory. Each contains over 600 small business
procurement officers in DC agency headquarters and branch offices
across the country. The downloadable directories are formatted as
Excel and Word files, can be searched by a variety of criteria, and
are formatted to be integrated into contact management software.

(Baltimore, MD) Vertis introduced EnklavMerchantTDW, a Web-based
application that enables brand managers to market more effectively
through channels including dealers, retailers, franchisees,
independent reps, and distributed sales forces. Users can review
marketing program information dynamically published from content
libraries; download approved images, graphics, office documents, and
advertising layouts; dynamically build ads, point-of-sale,
collateral, and other materials using approved templates; and order
marketing programs from approved vendors. EnklavMerchantTDW is an
extension of Vertis' EnklavTDW product suite, a family of Web-based
solutions for various roles within a marketing enterprise.

(McLean, VA) LogiXML released lgxReportDev, a report development
environment for application builders that uses XML-based trees to
assemble .NET components. It consists of a visual report development
studio and an engine that drives the reports. Developers define
their reports using pre-defined building blocks which are maintained
in XML as well as visual formats. The Enterprise version also
provides the ability to schedule, manage, and distribute reports.
lgxReportDev can be used with lgxAppDev, LogiXML's Web application
development environment, or in conjunction with any traditional Web
application as a reporting tool.


(Cabin John, MD) ImageMatics released Version 1.5 of StillMotion
Creator, a software application for turning digital images into
moving images with sound. The new release offers 3D perspective
through the addition of new controls to the camera interface.

(Alexandria, VA) Luhring SurvivalWare released Version 4.0 of
SurvivalWare, its software product that allows a small business to
more easily do detailed short-term cash flow projections. The older
version, with a forecast horizon limited to eight weeks, is
available as a free download.

(Fairfax, VA) Edge Technologies released Version 4.0 of enPortal, a
network management solution that allows organizations to integrate
and share information between disparate data sources, then securely
present information through a customizable Web-based portal. New
features include an end-user dashboard that makes it easier to
transform network information into business intelligence.

(Alexandria, VA) Ecutel is combining its mobile security product,
Viatores, with implementation services from Siemens Business
Services. The new solution, called Mobilis, will help companies
increase productivity and reduce IT support costs for mobile

|||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$3 million in a Series D round for Laurel-based Etenna, an antenna
developer for commercial wireless applications. The money comes from
ECentury Capital Partners and Archery Capital. The new funds bring
the company's total to $21 million. Etenna was founded as a spin-off
of The Titan Corporation to develop antenna technologies that
improve the size, performance, and cost of wireless devices and
equipment. Jim Broder of ECentury Capital joins the company's board.

$10 million for DC-based Solena Group, a provider of renewable
energy technology. The round was led by Hydro-Quebec CapiTech and
Edison Development Corp., with participation by OPG Ventures and CSL
Properties. The round will remain open for a time to accommodate
discussions with other interested investors. Solena's Plasma
Gasification and Vitrification technology converts organic feedstock
into a synthesis gas that is used as an alternative fuel source in
integrated combined cycle gas turbines. The technology reduces green
house and acid rain related gas emissions normally released by
waste-burning incinerators and landfills.

An undisclosed "significant" investment for Herndon-based
fiducianet, a service bureau that allows telecommunications carriers
to outsource the processing of subpoena and court-ordered record
production and wiretaps. The money comes from a group of technology
angels led by Jim Rutt, former CEO of Network Solutions, and
includes former executives of Network Solutions and The Thomson
Corp. Fiducianet also handles carrier's obligations under electronic
surveillance law, including CALEA, USA PATRIOT Act, ECPA, T-III, and


-- Return Path Acquires Re-Route
(Alexandria, VA) Re-route, a provider of email forwarding and
customer acquisition solutions for ISPs, has been acquired by
NYC-based Return Path, a provider of email change of address
services. Re-route's technology allows people to switch ISPs or
change email addresses while maintaining uninterrupted email
communication. Messages sent to the old address are forwarded to a
central hub where they are re-routed to the person's new email
address. Re-route's service will be integrated into Return Path's
Email Change of Address service, and its technology and operations
will transfer from Alexandria to Return Path's Colorado offices.

-- Limbic And Persuasive Merge
(Arlington, VA) Limbic Systems, a provider of IT and software
development services, announced that it has completed a merger with
DC-based Persuasive Technologies, a provider of consulting and
software development services to local, state, and national
political organizations. The merged company will be known as Limbic
Systems, led by Michael Warren, former President and COO of
Appfluent Technology, who has joined the company as President and

|||||||||||||||||| 4. Opportunities & Resources ||||||||||||||||||

Potomac Tech Wire is accepting listings for its new directory of
Mid-Atlantic technology firms. The Mid-Atlantic Tech Directory will
include over 10,000 names of local technology executives and
detailed information on technology companies and service providers
in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West
Virginia. There is no charge for listing your company. To list your
company visit:

(Washington, DC) Telecommunications Development Fund (TDF), a
venture capital firm specializing in communications investments,
debuted "Corporate Governance 101," a free online course covering
issues in corporate governance and how to put together effective
boards. Written by John Moore, President of the Greater Capital Area
Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors, topics
covered range from the purpose of a board, to board operations and
rationales for an advisory board The course joins other resources
for entrepreneurs at the TDF site, including an online class on
equity financing, a list of business advisors, and links.

(Falls Church, VA) Metrics Group has published a new report entitled
"Technical Intelligence Profile: Nano Patenting," providing an
overview of patenting activity in the field of nanotechnology. The
report identifies leaders and new players and presents a listing of
top-ranked patents. Among its highlights: nanotech patents have
grown from fewer than 70 in 1990 to more than 800 in 2001, an
average of more than 15 per week. Metrics Group is a research firm
that specializes in patent mapping, mining, and analytics.

|||||||||||||||||| 5. News From The U's ||||||||||||||||||

(Washington, DC) The University of Maryland is part of a partnership
of government, nonprofit, industry, and academic organizations
involved in a $3.3 million plan to build a digital library of 10,000
children's books drawn from 100 cultures as part of a long-term
research project to develop new technology to serve young readers.
Built by The Internet Archive and The University of Maryland's
Human-Computer Interaction Lab, the International Children's Digital
Library (ICDL) will provide a digital archive of literature for
readers ages three to thirteen. Books have been donated to the ICDL
by the Library of Congress, Children's Book Press, HarperCollins,
Random House, Scholastic, and international partners. In addition to
providing worldwide access to the books, the project will also
explore how children can best interact with digital books.

|||||||||||||||||| 6. Who'sWare ||||||||||||||||||

(Herndon, VA) TruSecure, a security services provider, named John
Becker as Chairman and CEO. He was the former Chairman and CEO of
AXENT Technologies.

(Fairfax, VA) Infodata named Edwin Miller as President and CEO. He
was most recently President and CEO of Reston-based Ikimbo.

(Chantilly, VA) PingTone Communications, a provider of IP telephony
solutions for the desktop, named Jerry Cady as President. He was
formerly COO of Bazillion.

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