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Netpreneur News
Volume 7, Number 48, December 12, 2002

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This Week's Contents:

      1.1 Not Snow Nor Sleet Nor Gloom of Economy...
      1.2 They Live!
      2.1 Scientia Automates The Home
      2.2 Sourcefire Catches Network Intrusions
      2.3 Plesk Adds VPS Package
      2.4 Step 9 Manages Telecom Customers
      2.5 Round-up; Quick Hits from Ceyoniq, CourtEXPRESS, StageTools, Plateau
      ..........Overlook Systems, and Welocalize

      3.1 Dough Raise Me
      ...... More than $3M for 2 local entrepreneurs

      3.2 Life In The Food Chain
      ......HSI Acquires SSC
      ......ManTech Acquires CTX
      ......ASC Acquires Thoughtmill

      4.1 Reach Out And
  5) WHO'SWARE about people at Cavalier Telephone,
      ..........RewardsPlus, and Panacya

|||||||||||||||||||| 1. News About The Program ||||||||||||||||||

"The trip here this morning was like entrepreneurship," said George
Pappas, President and CEO of Plesk and a panelist at yesterday's
Coffee & DoughNets, "you never know what's going to happen when you
start out, but if you keep at it, you get there." His journey from
home was so slowed by the ice storm that it made him a little late
for the event, but he persevered, and his off-the-cuff comment
pretty well summed up yesterday's program. With the ice holding
attendance to the most adventurous, Netpreneur's very last Coffee &
DoughNets was a throwback to the clubbier days of the earliest C&Ds.
Pappas was joined by co-panelists Amir Hudda, CEO of Brickstream;
Rick Steele, co-founder and CEO of NuRide; and our own Mario Morino,
all providing a different spin on a unanimous message-- that for
committed entrepreneurs with a vision, it's always a great time to
start a business. The summary article is now available at the
Netpreneur website, including pointers on working through tough
times, an update on the future of Netpreneur (It's good!), and Mario
Morino's Five Simple Secrets for Success.


Details are still firming up, so there will be more later, but the
upshot of Mary MacPherson's introductory remarks at yesterday's C&D
were that many of Netpreneur's current services will live on, such
as Netpreneur Calendar, the discussion groups, ActionNet, and
others. They will be individually staffed and managed by
entrepreneurial volunteers from across the community, and, to
support their efforts, the Morino Institute has decided to continue
hosting the Netpreneur website well into next year. "I want to be
clear, Netpreneur is not continuing," said Mary, "but, in a
nutshell, the centralized Netpreneur team operation will evolve into
a distributed network." In addition, we'll keep publishing
Netpreneur News through the first quarter of next year, and a small
team will be on hand during that time to continue recruiting and
coordinating volunteers for the various services. A group of
prominent regional organizations has even begun discussions to
co-produce a series of events to carry on the Coffee & DoughNets
banner. Get more details at the Netpreneur website now, and stay
tuned here and at the site for further updates.

Mary's remarks:

|||||||||||||||||| 2. Regional Netpreneurs ||||||||||||||||||

(Sterling, VA) Scientia Technologies said that it will launch its
new Plexus Home & Life Automation system at the Consumer Electronics
Show next month. According to the company, the system offers
features previously found only in costly proprietary home automation
systems, delivered in a package affordable for mainstream consumers.
Hardware-independent, it will enable consumers to control household
electronic appliances and information, as well as perform functions
such as accessing a CD collection, streaming video from a security
camera or baby monitor; or accessing searchable TV listings in real
time. Consumers can use the smart platform of their choice for
control, including palmtop PCs, pocket PCs, Palm devices, cellular
telephones, and Windows-based PCs, and the system supports a variety
of wireless and wired signal standards, including consumer infrared,
X10, IP/HTTP, S-Link, Bluetooth, and more. The Plexus Echo is a
small, pod-like device located within the home that translates the
signal into the standard understood by the target appliance. A
feature called SystemSense uses signal strength measurement,
Bluetooth discovery processes, and other methodologies to
automatically determine where the user is in the home and displays
controls on the smart device accordingly.

(Columbia, MD) Sourcefire debuted its Intrusion Management System,
an information security product that provides advanced data
management and event correlation capabilities, combined with
intrusion detection. It is comprised of Sourcefire Management
Consoles, an integrated database, and new network sensor components
that support all network speeds, including Sourcefire's Network
Sensor 3000, optimized for gigabit networks; the Network Sensor 2100
for up to 300 Mbps; and Network Sensor 1000 for 22 Mbps networks.
Each sensor is equipped with on-board dynamic load balancing and
integrated data management.

(Chantilly, VA) Plesk, a provider of automated Web hosting software,
announced a turn-key Virtual Private Server (VPS) package that
combines a new 10-domain version of the Plesk Server Administrator
(PSA) hosting automation platform with Vserver open-source VPS
technology. The company says that the solution offers identical
functionality to proprietary alternatives that can cost 15 times
more.  Vserver is a VPS technology developed by the Linux
open-source community. Plesk's PSA automates and reduces the support
requirements for Web hosting providers and enterprise users,
allowing non-technical personnel to perform changes across a number
of hosting plans.

(McLean, VA) Step 9 Software released iCustomer CSE, a customer
service solution for communications services providers that offers
lifecycle management of customer requests, inquiries, and trouble
tickets. It automatically closes the loop on all transactions
beginning with a customer call or email and through the
multi-discipline tasks required to complete the cycle, offering both
workflow management and customer management without customization.
iCustomer CSE also provides metrics that can be used to directly
manage and assess customer satisfaction, employee workload, and
employee productivity, providing a foundation for refining support
policies, adjusting service level attributes, and maintaining a
favorable business model for the service organization.


(Herndon, VA) Ceyoniq, formerly known as Treev, a provider of CRM
software, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company
said that the filing would "allow the company to continue business
operations as usual while the management team works on restructuring
its finances and improving the company's long-term financial

(Washington, DC) CourtEXPRESS released a new version of its
CaseTracker product that allows users to track the docket activity
of a specific court case. Enhancements allow attorneys to choose
from three levels of detail when receiving information on cases.

(Middleburg, VA) StageTools has released Version 4.0 of its
MovingPicture pan and zoom software for digital images. New features
include the ability to rotate the camera in three dimensions.

(Arlington, VA) Plateau Systems and San Rafael, CA-based
QuickCompliance announced a partnership to provide a comprehensive
solution for organizations to train their workforces on new
government HIPAA healthcare regulations. The companies will combine
customized HIPAA training content with an enterprise software
platform that schedules, tracks, and delivers all Web-based and
classroom HIPAA training.

(Vienna, VA) Overlook Systems Technologies and Malvern, PA-based
Analytical Graphics have formed a partnership to build upon the
analytical and visualization capabilities of AGI's Satellite Tool
Kit to create a product that evaluates past, present, and future
accuracy and availability of GPS and other satellite navigation

(Frederick, MD) Welocalize, a provider of globalization services
opened a West Coast office in Portland, OR, including a 3,000 square
feet software testing lab.

|||||||||||||||||| 3. Funding & Finance News ||||||||||||||||||


$3 million in a first round for Harrisonburg, VA-based NTC
Communications, a provider of high-speed Ethernet, telephony, and
cable television services to college students living in off-campus
apartment complexes. The money comes from Chantilly, VA-based BIA
Digital Partners, a fund that provides primarily mezzanine capital
for private telecom, media, entertainment, and information services.
NTC is currently offering services at schools including James
Madison, Virginia Tech, UVA, and UNC.

An undisclosed Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I
Grant from the National Science Foundation for Charlottesville-based
ExploreLearning, a K-14 interactive educational content creator. The
funds will be used to design a system that integrates interactive
instruction through ExploreLearning's Gizmos product with granular
assessment and reporting of student progress. Gizmos are interactive
multimedia simulations that make difficult concepts easier to
understand in subjects from Algebra to English. Upon completion of
the six-month grant, ExploreLearning will be eligible for Phase II
SBIR funding.


-- HSI Acquires SSC
(Fairfax, VA) Hardware Solutions, Inc. (HSI), a provider of
technology services to the government, has acquired Springfield,
VA-based Synoptic Systems Corp. (SSC), a provider of wholesale and
retail logistics services. According to the company, the acquisition
will allow SSC to expand its service offerings to its military
clients by leveraging HSI's expertise in telecom and IT
infrastructure, and HSI's commercial logistics practice will benefit
from SSC's experience with maintenance, warehousing, and
distribution systems.

-- ManTech Acquires CTX
(Fairfax, VA) ManTech International, an information systems and
technical services company serving the federal government market,
has acquired Vienna, VA-based CTX Corporation, a provider of IT and
software solutions to the intelligence community. The deal involves
approximately $34 million in cash plus the repayment of
approximately $1.3 million in existing CTX debt. CTX has a 2002
estimated revenue of approximately $35 million and 188 employees. CTX
will operate under ManTech's National Security Solutions Group
(NSSG), the company's lead business unit supporting intelligence
community customers.

-- ASC Acquires Thoughtmill
(Chantilly, VA) American Systems Corporation (ASC), a provider of
technology solutions for government and commercial organizations,
has completed the asset acquisition of Atlanta-based Thoughtmill, a
provider of software consulting and application development
services.  Thoughtmill will become a subsidiary of ASC focused on
life cycle software development and consulting, retaining the
Thoughtmill name, current management team, and all of its personnel.
Thoughtmill clients include IBM DoubleClick, AFLAC, and T-Mobile.

|||||||||||||||||| 4. Opportunities & Resources ||||||||||||||||||

Looking for a way to help others during the holiday season? helps you learn about nonprofit organizations doing good
work across the Greater Washington region. Search or browse through
issue areas and select a charity, then click to make a secure online
donation or find a volunteer opportunity. 100% of every donation
goes directly to the charity of your choice. is the work
of a coalition of 20 organizations led by Washington Grantmakers.

|||||||||||||||||| 5. Who'sWare ||||||||||||||||||

(Richmond, VA) Cavalier Telephone named Robert Keane as President
and COO. He was most recently President of Comcast Business

(Hunt Valley, MD) RewardsPlus, a benefits automation service
provider, named Gary Broache as CTO. He was previously COO of

(Columbia, MD) Panacya, a provider of optimized eBusiness service
delivery solutions, named Stephen Mank to the newly created position
of Chief Marketing Officer. He was formerly SVP of Product
Operations for Trinagy.

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