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how to get covered in Netpreneur News

At Netpreneur News we welcome submissions of news from Internet, information technology, telecom, and other high tech startups company based in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. We cover timely stories about milestone events at private, startup companies, such as new products or services, funding received, mergers, acquisitions, and significant partnerships. We try to be as inclusive as possible, although we must make editorial judgments about the significance of a story, interest to our readers, as well as the length of each issue. Send announcements, as well as your comments and suggestions, to:

Netpreneur News currently has the following departments:

News About The Program includes stories about the Morino Institute's Netpreneur program, it's projects and successes. If you have a story about how the Program has helped you or your business, we'd love to hear about it.

Regional Netpreneurs includes stories on a variety of topics about entrepreneurial companies in the Greater Washington region, such as new products or services; new versions of existing products or services, alpha or beta test announcements, major partnerships, and similar milestones.

Funding & Finance News covers stories about the financial side of entrepreneurship. This includes equity investments in private companies, M&A activity, IPOs, local equity investment firms, and news and trends in the equity investing markets. Since we focus on private firms, we do not cover stories about stock prices, earnings, lines of credit, or private placements by public companies, and we do not cover stories about loans, lines of credit, or other debt financings.

Opportunities & Resources is an occasional department in which we alert entrepreneurs to a broad range of timely topics which can help them grow their businesses. These can include anything from opportunities to present before funders, press requests, contests, calls for papers, trade missions, new research reports, new publications, and more.

Regional News is for stories about the Greater Washington region and its place in the networked world. It can include anything from demographic statistics to resources from local non-profits and business assistance groups that are of interest to our readers.

News From The Us is where we cover significant stories from local academic institutions which may be of interest to the entrepreneurial community. While we do not cover specific classes or ongoing degree programs, appropriate stories can include partnerships with local businesses, opportunities for entrepreneurs to work with universities, relevant news about a school’s infrastructure or research work, new degree programs in a tech-related areas, and special symposia and similar activities.

Who’ware is about people in the local tech business community. It is highly selective, however, focusing on specifically on those he might be considered in "dealmaking" positions. Usually this means certain CXO and VP positions (but not all) as well as other players in the community, such as venture capitalists, the media, and industry groups. We cover additions to Boards of Directors in our occasional Boardwatch section.

There are some types of stories simply does not cover, largely for space reasons, because of the volume of such announcements would overwhelm Netpreneur News. These include, among others, earnings reports, new sales or contracts, press mentions, awards, sites making "Cool" or "Top #" lists; and selection of an ad agency, law firm or other service provider.

News or announcements about specific events are covered in our sibling publication, Netpreneur Calendar. To have your event included, simply enter it in our online form at:


Please send all communications to We only accept submissions by email, and strongly prefer text pasted in the message body rather than in attachments. Please be sure to add to your company's press release distribution list, but please do not add it to newsletters or promotional lists. Do not try to send stories by replying to the Netpreneur News or by using the address.

Please be aware that we will edit your submissions to meet the length, style and other editorial criteria of Netpreneur News.

Appropriate announcements received by Wednesday of a given week will almost always make the same week's Netpreneur News, except where follow-up is required. Frequently, submissions received as late as Thursday morning will make that week's issue.

You will receive an automatic reply message upon receipt of any message sent to Unfortunately, the volume of mail we receive prevents us from acknowledging your submissions by hand, but if you wonder why a particular story was not covered, please feel free to send a note to and we will respond promptly.

Thanks for reading Netpreneur News, and let us know what you think.


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