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Netpreneur Corner
Netpreneur Corner is the place to find contacts, connections, answers, and expertise on topics that will help you grow your business. Locate local tech startups in the Netpreneur Database,  connect with other entrepreneurs in the Talk-the-Talk group, and meet face-to-face at Netpreneur events.

With the help of entrepreneurs, experts, and other community members, we've also compiled resources to help you find solutions to common business challenges, including:
>> news sources: websites where netpreneurs go to stay up on business and industry news
>> research desk: pointers to sites where you can find market data and other industry information
>> public relations: resources to help cash-strapped entrepreneurs generate a little buzz.
>> mentoring programs: groups that can provide personal help for entrepreneurs in Greater DC.
>> the brain trust: find summaries, transcripts, and videos of Netpreneur events on topics ranging from getting funding to sales, marketing, management, and industry trends.

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Our entrepreneurs-only email discussion list is an online community where you can connect with other start-up executives and share experience, advice, and recommendations.

Netpreneur Database 
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Looking for colleagues and potential partners? Search or browse listings for hundreds of digital age businesses based in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Add Your Company to the database. It's free, and a great way to be found by investors, the media, potential employees, and other entrepreneurs.

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