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Accessing Discussion List and Newsletter Archives (run via LISTSERV)
Alternate Email Addresses
Authorizing Your Email Address
Changing Your Email Address & Updating Subscriptions
Efficient Browsing
Forgot Your UserID or Password?
Known Issues
LISTSERV Discussion List Guidelines
Login / Logout
Registering and Creating a Profile
Selecting Items
Updating your Microsoft Outlook® Calendar

Known Issues

If you have a problem that you do not see below then contact us at Please include your User ID. It will help us to identify the cause of the problem more quickly.

  • We have determined that Netscape 6 browser does not properly display several Netpreneur Exchange forms and form validation error messages. We recommend that you NOT use Netscape 6 for any forms based Netpreneur Exchange pages. These include:

        o Login,
        o My Profile,
        o Event signup,
        o Discussion / broadcast list subscribe.

    Netscape 4 browsers and MS Internet Explorer 4 thru 6 browsers ( available at ) can be safely used on all Netpreneur Exchanges pages. If your browser was customized by your Internet Service Provided (ISP), check their member area for the latest version.

    At this time there is no estimate when this problem will be corrected.

  • You will not be able to login to the Netpreneur Exchange with an Internet Explorer browser that has the security option set to HIGH. To check or change your security level, from your browser click Tools | click Internet Options | click Security tab. The security level for the Internet zone should be Medium. If it is Custom then the "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" must be enabled.

  • The "My Services" page refreshes itself each time that it receives focus. This is done to keep the displayed subscription and registration information accurate. As a result, clicking your your browser's BACK button will redisplay a "My Services" page.

    A "Previous Page" link is provided at the top and bottom of "My Services" if the browser supports the required functions. However, clicking on the BACK button from that page will display a "My Services" page. The IE 5 or later browsers have a dropdown menu between the BACK and FORWARD buttons that can be used for navigation. Netscape browser users can use the GO menu.

  • The Netpreneur Exchange Search now searches the entire site, excluding databases.


Accessing Discussion List and Newsletter Archives (run via LISTSERV)

Some list archives require an archive (LISTSERV) password, which may be the same as your Profile password. 

  • If you click on a public archive, you'll go right into the archives and be able to click on the month to get specific information posted in that month.  

    If you click on a private archive (*), you'll get a prompt to login (via LISTSERV) using your email address and a password.  This means you must be a subscriber to the list in order to view it's archives. The email address requested on that login screen is the email address you used to subscribe to that particular list.

    Archive Passwords:
    If you created a Profile after July 2001, whatever you chose as your Profile password should also be your password for the archives.

    A Profile user may also go to My Services under "Archive password information" and see whether or not your archive password is the same as your Profile password. If it is different, you have an option to make your Profile password the same as your archive password by clicking on the link provided. That would be easier since you would only have to remember one password for both the Netpreneur Exchange and the archives. There is also an option to save your archive password in a cookie (see "Logging in using a cookie" in this section).

  • If you have NOT created a Profile, click on the linked text in the second paragraph of the archive login page which says "get a new LISTSERV password first." Please follow the instructions on that page on how to enter in your new password.

  • Then you'll receive an email back from our software (L-Soft) asking you to confirm the use of this password. You can follow the instructions to "reply" to the message OR you can click on the link which is provided.

  • Once you complete this step, you can use this password for login to the LISTSERV archives. 

    Login and cookies:
    LISTSERV gives you the choice of whether to login each time you visit a private archive, or you may save your login password in a cookie.

  • Repeated login:
    You may type in your email address and password each time you encounter a LISTSERV login screen.  However if you use an IE 5 or later browser, the AutoComplete feature will remember your password each time you login, making the process easier.  Read more on AutoComplete in the Efficient Browsing area of Site Tips. 

  • Logging in using a cookie:
    You can store your password as a cookie on your computer and never be prompted to see the LISTSERV login screen again. When you encounter the LISTSERV login screen, simply type in your email address and password, then click on the "login and save my password in a cookie" button.  You'll never have to see that login screen again.

    Click here for information on LISTSERV Discussion List Guidelines.


Alternate Email Addresses

Your Profile allows you to store multiple, optional Alternate Email Addresses in addition to your Primary Email Address.

Here are some reasons why you might want to enter one or more Alternate Email Addresses.
  • From time-to-time we find that some of the email we send is bounced back to us as undeliverable. If you provide an Alternate Email Address we can try resending the email message to your alternate email address.

  • You may wish to receive a discussion list in both regular and digest mode. For example, you could subscribe to the discussion list in regular mode with your office email address and subscribe in digest mode with your home email address. During the day, when you see an email subject that is of importance to you, the email can be read and responded to immediately. When you get home you can browse all of the days emails in one digest email message.

  • Alternate email addresses are also important when changing your email address. For more explanation of this process, read " Changing Your Email Address & Updating Your Subscriptions ."


Authorizing Your Email Address

You specify a Primary Email Address in your Profile and may also specify multiple optional Alternate Email Addresses. Only authorized email addresses can be used to subscribe to Netpreneur Exchange broadcasts and discussion groups, or to sign up for events. The authorization process is designed to protect against unauthorized people registering or subscribing under your name.


  1. When you register on the site, an email is sent to the Primary Email Address that you entered with a link which you must click to authorize your Primary Email Address.

    Here is an example of what an authorization link may look like:

    If you do not receive the email, check that your Primary Email Address specified on the My Profile page is correct.  You create a Profile during the registration process.

    Clicking on the link is the recommended method of authorization.  However, if your email program does not support live links and cutting and pasting the link into your browser's address field also fails, then you could cut and paste the code into the Auth
    orization Code field on the My Profile page.

  2. If you have specified Alternate Email Addresses in your Profile, an authorization email will now be sent to all of the Alternate Email Addresses so that they can be authorized as well.  The authorization process is the same for each alternate address as it was for the Primary.

    If the intended recipients do not receive the emails, check that the Alternate Email Addresses specified on the My Profile page are correct. When you save your Profile, an authorization email will be re-sent to all of the unauthorized Alternate Email Addresses.




Changing Your Email Address & Updating Your Subscriptions

To change your Primary Email Address in your Profile, first add the new address as an Alternate Email Address.  Once added and authorized, you'll change
your Primary Email Address to this new address.


  1. Login from the link on the home page ( with your UserID and Password.

  2. You will then see a "Welcome xxxx" message on the home page with your name listed. Click your name following the "welcome" statement, and this will take you directly into your Profile.

  3. Enter in the new email address at the bottom of your Profile (in the “Alternate Email List”) as an Alternate Email Address.  If it is not authorized SAVE your Profile and the appropriate authorization email will be sent to you to with instruction on how to authorize use of that address.  If this new address is already authorized, then you can skip to step 4 below.

  4. If your new email address is NOT listed as one of your existing alternate email addresses, then you can:
    1. type in the new email address in the “Alternate Email List” where it says “Add an alternate:”
    2. SAVE your Profile by clicking the “Save My Profile” button at the bottom of the page.
    3. An authorization email will be sent to the email address you just entered.  Follow the instructions on how to authorize use of this email address.  Continue with step 4.

  5. To make an Alternate Email Address your Primary Email Address, click on the radio button below that alternate address to “Make this my Primary Email Address.”  (This action can be reversed if you click on the “Do not change my Primary Email Address” button).  Click the “Save My Profile” button when you’re finished with your selection.

     6. If you want to change your subscriptions to your new Primary Email Address,

    1. find the subscription list, newsletter or event you’re interested in.
    2. Choose which email address you’d like associated with that subscription, then check the box to subscribe to that service. (Uncheck to unsubscribe.) 

That's it! If you have trouble, email and let us know what is happening.


Efficient Browsing

  • Upgrading to either Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape Navigator 4.7 will greatly improve your online experience. If your browser was customized by your Internet Service Provided (ISP), check their member area for the latest version.

  • Users with IE 5 or later browsers can use AutoComplete. This feature saves time when typing user IDs and passwords, Web addresses, or completing form entries on Web pages.

    To turn AutoComplete on or off, click the Tools menu, click Internet Options, click the Content tab, and then click the AutoComplete button.
  • Users with IE 4 and above browsers can use Microsoft Profile Assistant. This feature securely stores your personal information ("VCard information"). When a Web site requests your personal information, you are presented with a window showing the requested information. You then have the option of sharing or not sharing this information.

    On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options. Click the Content tab. In the Personal information area, click My Profile to view and edit the information used by Profile Assistant.
  • Users with IE 4 and above browsers can update their Microsoft Outlook® Calendar with the Update my Microsoft Outlook® Calendar links on event registration pages.


Forgot Your UserID or Password?

When you register at the Netpreneur Exchange website, you choose a UserID and Password which you need to access certain content and services. If you forgot your access words, go to and do one of the following:

  Forgot My Password:
  Enter in your UserID and click the "Forgot My Password" button.
  Your Password will be mailed to your Primary Email Address.

  Forgot My UserID:
  Enter in your Password and click the "Forgot My UserID" button.
  Then enter in your Primary Email Address and click "Send It To Me Now!"

  Forgot BOTH access words:
  If you forgot both access words, then click the "Forgot My UserID" button then
  enter in your Primary Email Address so we can email you your information.

If you created a UserID and Password but did not successfully complete the Profile, you will be prompted to do so when you login.

If you haven't registered yet, see #2 below.

Note: Your Primary Email Address is the main email address you entered during registration.

For more info on Primary and Alternate Email Addresses, visit Site Tips:
"Alternate Email Addresses"
"Authorizing your Primary Email Address"



LISTSERV Discussion List Guidelines

For security and formatting reasons, our lists do not allow:

  1. non-text attachments - they will be stripped from the post.

  2. HTML formatted posts. Most mail clients provide a plain text attachment when you post in HTML format. If this is the case, the plain text will be used and the HTML will be discarded. This is called a multi-part message.

However, some mail clients and programs do not provide the plain text attachment, therefore all mail is sent as HTML. Other mail clients, such as Netscape Messenger, allow optional plain text attachments. You should set the option so that plain text is sent with your HTML.

Upgrading your software may help, but you will need to check your settings so a plain text attachment is sent with your mail.  Sometime in the future, posts in "HTML only" will be rejected.  

For further information and instructions you need in order to turn OFF the HTML and RTF (Rich Text Formatting) features in various email software programs, click on the links below.



Login / Logout

There is a Login button on the Netpreneur home page. If you login here you will not be required to login on other pages within the site. This will also avoid your being prompted for acceptance of our Access Agreement when trying to access restricted pages because you were not logged in. You may visit our site map to view pages requiring login.

After logging in you will be returned to the Netpreneur Exchange home page where you will see a welcome message. Here, you may click on your name to edit your Profile at any time.

New users will need to register on our site by typing in a User ID and Password and clicking on the "
Create My Profile" button. You will then be prompted to complete a Profile which will allow you to take advantage of "My Services", where you can manage all of your event registrations and email subscriptions on a single page.

The login is associated with a specific browser window. If you start another browser window and visit a Netpreneur page that requires login you must login again. Once you have logged in, you can visit other sites and on returning to Netpreneur you will still be logged in.

The login session will last until you close the browser window or have not visited a Netpreneur page requiring login for over 30 minutes. Each time you visit a page that requires login, the 30 minute timer starts again. If you wish to log out, you can either close the browser window or enter


My Services Popup Windows

The "My Services" page uses popup windows to display your Profile, subscription, and registration information. You have complete control of the size and location of the popup window. To resize the window, left click and drag one of the edges or corners of the window. To relocate the window, left click and drag the window's title bar.

The popup windows of the "My Services" page are not meant to navigate the site but merely to provide information about the service you selected. All of the services from the "My Services" page are using the same window name, therefore, if you are navigating the site from the popup window, selecting another service on the "My Services" page will overwrite the page in the popup window. When the My Services page is unloaded it will close the popup window. For these reasons we did not put browser controls on the popup windows. Those with the IE 5 or later browsers can navigate with the dropdown menu between the BACK and FORWARD buttons on the toolbar. Netscape browser user can navigate with the GO dropdown menu.


Registering and Creating a Profile

Now it's easier than ever to manage your Netpreneur subscriptions and sign up for events.  If you've never registered on the Netpreneur Exchange and created a Profile, you can create one now to take advantage of the benefits it offers. 

Once registered, you'll be able to:

  • Review and manage all your event registrations and subscriptions
    from a single "My Services" page
  • Sign up for events easily using forms prepopulated with your information
  • Use multiple email addresses when signing up for events or services. 
  • Easily update your Profile at any time with your latest information -- email addresses, company description, event registrations and subscriptions
  • Suspend services while on vacation

Registering provides you with premium Netpreneur services, including access to:

  • Funding resources
  • The PR Machine
  • Netpreneur Database search
  • Interactive discussion groups, resources, and more.

Registering is free and only takes a few moments!  Click here to start the process now!


Selecting Items

Some forms on the site allow selection of multiple items. Examples of these are the selection lists on the Netpreneur Calendar of Events page. Below are a summary of the actions required to do various kinds of item selection:

  • To select an item left Click the item.
  • To select a range Press and hold down the SHIFT key, and click the first and last item in group.
  • To select multiple items Press and hold down the CTRL key, and click individual items in group.


Updating your Microsoft Outlook® Calendar

The link "Update my Microsoft Outlook® Calendar" has been added to Netpreneur event description and thanks for registering pages. If you have installed Microsoft Outlook® 98 or later on you computer, clicking this link will send the event information to your Outlook® Calendar. Points to remember about updating your Calendar:

  • At this time the "Update my Microsoft Outlook® Calendar" will only appear if you are using an Internet Explorer browser.

  • At this time only Microsoft Outlook® 98 or later Calendars are updated with the link.

  • Updating your Calendar does NOT register you for the event.

  • Before saving the information in your Calendar, you should set the reminder time to give you enough time to get to the event. For early events you should give yourself a 1 day reminder interval.


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