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Week of November 1, 1996
Issue 3, Volume I
News About The Netpreneur Program
CIT Becomes Sponsor Of The Netpreneur Program
Netpreneur Exchange Web Site
Regional Netpreneurs
1. AOL Announces New Organization, Content, Pricing
2. NetStart Launches Internet Recruiting Solution
3. DynaMorph: Server-Side Document Processor
4. Free Long Distance Comparisons
5. New Java Resources From MindQ
6. ORCC Forms Partnership For Home Banking
7. NIC Adopts Microsoft ActiveX
Funding And Finance News
1. Halifax To Acquire CCI
2. AUGI To Purchase BTS Companies
3. BTG Announces Stock Offering
4. SEC Approves Online Trading
1. $5000 Prize For Innovative Virginia Students
Upcoming Events
2. Nov. 7-- GBC Tech Council Internet Forum
3. Nov. 7-8--CyberRisk '96
4. Dec. 3--New Media Business Models For Content Providers
5. Dec. 12--Incubator Exposition
6. Dec. 13--Internet and International Trade

News About The Netpreneur Program

We are pleased to announce that Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) will lead the Commonwealth of Virginia's partnership with the Netpreneur Program as Lead Program Sponsor. With CIT's assistance, the Netpreneur Program will develop links with the state's entrepreneurship programs, technology councils, small business development centers, economic development authorities, chambers of commerce, and related trade and business associations and agencies. These organizations will form a coalition that will work with and serve as an advisory group, outreach agent, and partner to the Netpreneur Program to help identify, engage and assist the netpreneur to create and advance net-centric businesses. By helping to create this coalition of Virginia economic development and business assistance organizations, CIT will play a vital role in cultivating netpreneurs.
"We have supported the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project from the beginning and we are stepping forward with an additional investment in the Netpreneur Program because we believe this new economic driver - the netpreneur - will be essential to the growth and competitiveness of Virginia," said Dr. Robert G. Templin, Jr., president of CIT. "CIT was one of the KnowledgeWay's first investors. Their additional support of the Netpreneur Program further illustrates the importance of this initiative to Virginia and the greater Washington region," said April Young, executive director of the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project. "Traditional business models do not apply to these Internet pioneers, and the KnowledgeWay is committed to creating a bank of resources, relevant information and on- and off-line programs to help cultivate this untapped market."
CIT exists to stimulate economic growth within Virginia by serving Virginia's technology businesses. Created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1984, CIT enhances the Commonwealth's competitiveness by providing businesses with access to the state's technology resources, and assists in the creation and retention of high technology jobs and businesses.

Starting next week, the team will begin testing the initial version of the Netpreneur Program's Web site, Netpreneur Exchange. This effort will focus on the site's graphics, navigation, common services, and basic content and services in three primary areas: the Netpreneur Corner, Funding & Finance and News Center. We hope to exercise the core technical services (data bases, forums, and calendar management) and enter and scrub the initial content. We want to ensure that the various technologies are working properly and achieving their intended goals before opening broader testing.
Internal testing will be followed by a two-phase beta effort, starting with a Controlled Beta, in which access will be limited to those who have explicitly expressed an interest in working as a beta-tester. An Open Beta will follow in which the site will be available to visitors with the understanding that it is still under construction. This extensive beta approach is being taken to ensure that we maximize user involvement in our efforts and are able to adapt and expand the content and services of the site to meet the needs of the netpreneurs, funders and others. Once satisfied with the beta, we will formally launch the site. Timing of these various phases remains undefined until we learn the results of the internal tests. We are making good progress on the Web site and will continue to update you and encourage your involvement. If you have not already done so, contact us if you would like to participate in the Controlled Beta. Send email to

Regional Netpreneurs

(Dulles, VA) America Online, Inc. announced a series of initiatives including new pricing structures and a new corporate organization. The new structure separates AOL into three operating divisions: AOL Networks, which will oversee the Internet online service; AOL Studios, which will build new content brands; and ANS Communications, which will deploy access infrastructure globally. The company named Robert W. Pittman, formerly CEO of MTV Networks and more recently CEO of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation, to head AOL Networks. At its inception, AOL Studios will be the largest producer of original content and programming in the new-media industry. Other technology, accounting and programming announcements were made as well, including a strategic partnership through the AOL Greenhouse with Brandon Tartikoff to develop original hybrid projects that are launched simultaneously online, on television and as books. Simultaneously, the company announced aggressive new pricing alternatives that include monthly plans ranging from $9.95 to $19.95 for unlimited use.

(Reston, VA) NetStart, Inc. announced the release of TeamBuilder, a turnkey recruiting application for the Web designed to help HR professionals manage the recruiting processes, and CareerBuilder, a career search Web site for job seekers. TeamBuilder models the recruiting workflow processes, including posting job openings, receiving, reviewing and routing resumes online, searching for resumes, replying to candidates via email and measuring results of recruiting programs. CareerBuilder is a job search database containing listings from TeamBuilder customers. It incorporates Personal Search Agent technology, allowing job seekers to enter their job preferences and be regularly notified via email of new openings that meet their criteria. Since the site went live in June with a Washington, DC area trial, more than 12,000 Personal Search Agents have been registered. Today, the site is attracting more than 300,000 job searches per month. Employers post job openings for a subscription fee. The service is free to job seekers who accesses the CareerBuilder Web site at The company also announced a national distribution agreement with USWeb, a provider of Web professional services, and partnerships with two leading career search sites, The Monster Board and Career Mosaic.

(Reston, VA) Morph Technologies, Inc. announced the beta release of DynaMorph, a server-side HTML extension for Windows and Macintosh platforms (a Unix version is planned). Designed to ease the burden of large site construction, the product lets users embed DynaMorph commands into their HTML. These commands eliminate the need for external CGIs. The resulting combination of static and dynamic constructs is transportable between servers and platforms.

(Alexandria, VA) Using Simply $avings you can obtain comparative long distance calling costs, request a new carrier and obtain industry information all in just a few minutes. After filling out a private questionnaire, the free service analyzes the data and matches the best priced programs from among dozens offered by AT&T, MCI and Sprint to the user's specific calling profile.

(Herndon, VA) It's now easier to learn Java and Visual J++. MindQ Publishing Inc. introduced volumes 2 and 3 in their Java Programming CD-ROM tutorial series: "Hands-on Java Programming Using Microsoft Visual J++" and "Java Programming and Core Class Libraries." The new titles are for programmers and software developers familiar with the basics of Java. The first volume, "An Introduction to Programming Java Applets" was introduced in May and designed for novice programmers not familiar with Java. The three-disk series provides interactive code examples, video, simulations and hot links to Internet resources.

(McLean, VA) Online Resources & Communications Corp. has signed an agreement to provide remote banking services for the customers of Connecticut Online Computer Center, Inc. (COCC), the largest independent financial data center in the Northeast. The agreement calls for the two companies to provide complete customer account information and instant account access. PC, ScreenPhone and touch-tone phone access will come early next year. ORCC specializes in providing home banking, bill paying, investment and other financial services to financial institutions for resale. The company's clients include banks, brokerages, credit unions, ATM networks and other financial service providers.

(Herndon, VA) Network Imaging Corporation (NIC) announced that its multimedia object management software suite, 1View, has been enabled as an ActiveX Server Component for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0. Products in the 1View suite manage storage, access, and distribution of multimedia data across distributed and heterogeneous networks. They are designed for use in mission critical applications in high transaction, high volume legacy, client/server and Web-based environments.

Funding and Finance News

(Alexandria, VA) Halifax Corporation announced the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding providing for the acquisition of the ongoing business of Consolidated Computer Investors, Inc. (CCI) through an asset purchase. CCI is a private Hanover, MD-based computer network integration company with reported CY96 nine-month revenues annualized at approximately $10 million. Financial terms of the proposed asset purchase were not disclosed except that the anticipated consideration will consist of cash. Completion of the transaction, expected to occur on or about November 15, 1996, is subject to approval of a final agreement and due diligence. Halifax is a technology services and facilities company.

(Bellevue, WA) American United Global Inc. (AUGI) announced a letter of intent to acquire Broadcast Tower Sites, Spectrum Tech., Inc. and their affiliates (BTS Companies) of Bethesda, MD, for a $1 million cash payment and AUGI stock. The BTS Companies offer a variety of turnkey solutions to the wireless communications industry.

(Vienna, VA) BTG, Inc. announced that it has filed a registration statement with the SEC covering shares of its common stock for public offering. The company will offer 1,670,000 shares and 80,000 shares will be offered by a selling shareholder. The managing underwriters are Prudential Securities, Janney Montgomery Scott, and Ferris Baker Watts.

(Palo Alto, CA) While attending a conferences called "IPOs and Capital Formation on the Internet," SEC Commissioner Steven Wallman announced a legal opinion that the SEC would approve public stock trading on the Internet, circumventing traditional federal registration requirements. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Wallman made the statement reacting to a case involving Real Goods Trading, a company seeking to create a bulletin board for investors to buy and sell stock.


Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and the Internet Commerce Group are sponsoring a contest for students in Virginia colleges and universities to develop Web concepts and applications that can benefit multiple companies in any of CIT's industry sectors. First prize is $5,000. Contest entries will identify (and ideally develop) a novel application of Web technology that would enhance a Virginia company's strategic position in the new Internet economy. Entries must define the new application, explain the need for it, identify the steps for implementation, and illustrate how it would enhance jobs, companies, and competitiveness in Virginia. Entries must also identify at least 5 companies or entities in Virginia that could commercialize the concept. Registrations are due by February 3, 1997, with final submissions in by April 1.

Upcoming Events

GBC Tech Council Internet Forum
Nov. 7, 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM, Location to be announced
By invitation only, contact: John Woloszyn at 410-659-4465
"A forum discussion on business and legal issues created by the use of the Internet by business enterprises. Designed to provide CEOs and in-house general counsel with an understanding of the emerging opportunities and issues." Sponsored by McGuire Woods Battle & Boothe LLP. $100.

CyberRisk '96
Nov. 7-8, Washington, DC
Contact: 717-258-1816 x 226,
Sponsored by National Computer Security Association
"Real solutions, examples and guidelines" for dealing with liability issues surrounding connectivity.

New Media Society of Washington Meeting
Dec. 3, 6:30-8:30 PM, Pettibon's, Rosslyn
Regular meeting of the New Media Society of Washington with panel discussion on "New Media Business Models For Content Providers."

Incubator Exposition
Dec. 12, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Location to be announced
Contact: Deborah Barnett, GBC Technology Council, 410-727-2820
"Conversation and Cocktails With Venture Capitalists and Investors."
Incubator companies from across Maryland meet potential funding sources.

Internet and International Trade
Dec. 13, Washington, DC
Covering Net resources for international transactions, market research, financing, trade leads, etc.

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